General Studies Update 2-10-17

Good afternoon! What a perfect Shabbat afternoon – blue skies and cool temperatures. Here are a few updates about things going on in third grade general studies.

First, we had a terrific field trip to Tree Hill Farm, and the photos of your children are on this blog post. They learned about animal adaptation, camouflage, and other ways of deterring predators. They touched the tail of a snake, an alligator, and the shell of a turtle. The listened for birds and saw the markings of a variety of woodpeckers, and learned that poison ivy looks like any other tree limb when it has no leaves in the winter. The students really enjoyed the trip!

You (hopefully) have heard your child talk about their passion project. Each student has selected a topic they would like to learn more about and they are using the i-pads to research in class . They have looked at Worldbook on-line and used the search engine Next week they will work in small groups with Mrs. Gutterman to add another dimension to their learning, and each student will create something unique for their project. I would like each student to find an expert to interview, if at all possible. For example, Sam is learning about tea. Mrs. Hallett suggested that he could interview someone at Teavana. He wrote questions in class and went to the mall and learned a great deal! I will e-mail parents with ideas I have about possibilities, though you may certainly select someone you already know. Our signature event is at 8:30am on March 22nd in the library. Please mark your calendars for this important event!

Continuing our journey, students will begin to learn about light, heat, and energy in class and in the science lab next week. Mrs. Jaffa and I talked about what would be most beneficial for students, and she has some terrific “hands on” projects planned.

Our math will be focused on multi-step problem solving (which we have been doing in class) in the beginning of the week. Toward the end of the week we will start to learn how to interpret data from graphs and tables. Please keep reinforcing those multiplication facts at home!

I will finish reading the book I Survived the Joplin Tornado this week. Students were very excited to listen to that, and we talked about weather patterns in the mid-west, which coordinated with the social studies topic about geography.

Have a fabulous weekend, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.




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