General Studies Update 1-15-17

Good evening! I hope you have had a terrific weekend and are going to enjoy an extra day off tomorrow. I read students an award winning picture book about Dr. Martin Luther King on Friday called Martin’s Big Words. Students were very interested in learning about Dr. King and about the inequities that African American people faced at that time. Their discussion led to our morning meeting, and they talked about how important it is to treat all people kindly and respectfully. Remy commented that Dr. King did not give up and that it took many years for him and his supporters to make changes in the laws.

In the coming week we will continue to learn about maps and regions in the U.S. Students will learn about the physical features of the regions as well as natural and man-made landmarks. They are using the FL weekly studies reading and will bring that home this week.

Division has been a little challenging! This week I will be reinforcing those skills and continuing their multiplication tables. Homework will be two sheets to practice the skills. Please practice multiplication with your child any chance you have.  There are many apps, games, flash cards etc. available.  You can even do a little bit when you’re in the car!

Students are finishing up their writing about teaching someone how to do something. My goal is to have their work posted on their blog this week.

Beginning on Tuesday, students will bring home a planner! I am thinking about how to prepare them for fourth grade, and building organizational skills and responsibility is definitely a priority. We’ll see how this goes, but please look for their planner and sign each day.

Guess what Tuesday is…pajama day! Students have been working hard to listen to directions, be respectful to each other and to me, and get to work right away. The class voted on having a pajama day, and Rabbi Rogozen approved. Please send your child to school on Tuesday in school appropriate PJs!   It appears the weather will cooperate, and the high temperature is 79 and mostly sunny. They have PE on Tuesday, so sneakers are a must.

Have a relaxing day tomorrow, and I’ll see your sweethearts on Tuesday,

Mrs. Ross

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