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Hello and welcome back from winter break! It didn’t feel too much like winter, but it was really great to spend time with family and friends and celebrate Hanukkah. Here is what’s happening for the next couple of weeks in general studies for third grade:

Math – Students will continue to build multiplication fluency with the times tables that are more challenging – 3, 6,7,8, & 9. They will do word problems and begin division with two and three digit dividends. They will learn about remainders and the math vocabulary that corresponds to division and multiplication. You will see two homework sheets for Mon – Thurs. One is the concept we worked on that day, and the other is to practice fact fluency.

Social studies – Students will work on map skills. They will label maps, use maps and charts to analyze information, review basic map vocabulary, identify the regions of the U.S., and identify natural and manmade landmarks in the U.S. Several students asked if they could bring in artifacts they have at home, like a small model of the white house etc. I’m glad they would like to share, so feel free to send in anything that relates to the topic. Students must be responsible for their belongings, so please don’t send anything valuable.

Science – Students completed their unit on the solar system and the field trip to the Orlando Science Center was fabulous. There are photos on the blog. Each student made a flip-book in class that contains information about our solar system, and they also made beautiful posters which are on display in the classroom.

Language Arts – Students are working on writing to teach someone how to do something. They will learn to group related information together in paragraphs, develop topics with facts, definitions and details. They are building their grammar knowledge, understanding about paragraphs, transition words, and connecting to the reader. They read in class every day and are working on paying attention to punctuation as they read aloud. Since we have been working on science content so heavily, students have focused on text features like highlighted words, table of contents, index, glossary, side-bars, and hyper-links.

Behavior – I am providing more structure for students and continuing to review expectations, rules and procedures. You will see that students brought home a sheet tonight that is a brief review of their day with me. Please initial under each day and sign at the bottom on Friday. We work on social skills throughout the day in both general studies and Jewish studies and are incorporating concepts from The Responsive Classroom. I am seeing progress already, which is fabulous. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time because we begin the day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with a morning meeting. This is a very important part of building positive relationships in school and responding kindly to one another.

Here are some photos from our field trip.

img_4243 img_4244 img_4245 img_4248 img_4254 img_4257 img_4260 img_4262 img_4263osc-gabe-dj-remy


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