General Studies news from the week ending December 9

Good evening! I hope everyone had a terrific weekend. Here is an update from the week and our plans for the coming week.

Last week students continued to practice multiplication facts and they learned how to multiply numbers with regrouping. They solved word problems as well. They are really enjoying learning about the solar system, and they added to our class chart. They created lovely pictures and wrote about the solar system on large white paper. This week they will do a flip book about the solar system and organize, synthesize, and compare planets.  I am preparing them for our field trip to The Orlando Science Center on Thursday. Reading and writing are going strong, and I finished reading Fantastic Mr. Fox to them.   I would love for students to continue reading books by Roald Dahl on their own.  Students are reading books they select and working with me individually and in small groups.

I am teaching students about the importance of looking for the positive traits in each other. This week my focus will be helping them to understand the difference between reacting and responding. I gave an example on Friday of being behind an elderly driver when I was in a hurry. If I reacted I might have gotten angry and honked my horn. If I responded I might have thought that the elderly person was doing the best he could. I could simply change lanes and wish him well on his trip. It would be very helpful if you could use similar language at home and encourage positivity and empathy.

I hope to see you at our Hanukkah STEAM program tomorrow night. Our teachers have been working hard to provide an entertaining and enriching program.


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