Multiply… and then divide!

Here it is… The premiere of our 3rd grade music video parody!


A few of the things we learned/ worked on with this project:

  • Working together as a team (cooperation, not competition was the name of the game for this art form)

  • Learning choreography & stage combat– performing arts

  • Practicing self-expression, we can be frustrated and validate that and then overcome it through a creative outlet

  • Learned what a parody is, including how and why they “work”

Here is a bit from our presentation this morning:

Here it is–  Watch, enjoy, and SHARE!  

We will be tracking on a map which cities and countries it has reached.


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One Response to Multiply… and then divide!

  1. avatar Morah Liat says:

    Dear Kitah Gimmel,
    I love your video. I shared it with Morah Talia in Israel. All of the schools in Israel were closed for 18 days in celebration of Passover. Hopefully now that the break is over, she will be able to show it to her students in Hadera, and Israel will show up on your tracking map.

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