Got a Problem? Draw a Picture!

All year we’ve been working on model drawing to solve math problems.  Check out this one, & see what information you can gather:


Can you come up with a question we answered using this model?  (Please comment & post your answers/questions)


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4 Responses to Got a Problem? Draw a Picture!

  1. avatar Lauren says:

    I think that you found out that there are 155 red flags and 775 blue flags, altogether there are 930 flags. Great job!

    • avatar sethcarpenter says:

      Good! – We knew that there were 930 flags altogether, AND that there were 5 times as many Blue flags as Red flags…

  2. avatar Nana/Jaquie Resnick says:

    What an exciting way to solve this problem! In your model, does one part red flags and five parts blue flags make up the six parts all together? Is that why you used six?

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