How Do You Use These Classroom Tools?

Sometimes we like to sit in the cozy Book Nook and read.  Sometimes we like to change it up and move around.  Here are two different learning spots in our room.  How do you use them, Kitah Gimmel?  Tell me specifically what you can do in these two places?  I wonder if you can come up with something that you can do in both spots?  Open for comments… 🙂

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3 Responses to How Do You Use These Classroom Tools?

  1. avatar Emily C. says:

    3rd graders:
    You are so lucky!
    I was in 3rd grade 25 years ago and we had zero computers in our room.
    We went to a computer lab once a week for 30 minutes and the computers were huge and only in black and white!
    I would have loved to video chat with other countries.
    Do you have a goal of how many countries or states or cities you want to Skype with by the end of the school year?
    If so, I’d love to follow the progress toward your goal!
    Good luck!
    Emily/ Mrs. Carpenter

  2. avatar nahilad says:

    Dear Mr.Carpenter,
    I love multiplication!
    I think I’m getting the hang of long division.
    I love multiplication and division!


  3. avatar abigailf says:

    Dear Mr.Carpenter,
    In both spots I write. On the board we write problems and on the computers we can practice problems.


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