They Have Chickens and Tornadoes.

We Skyped with another 3rd grade classroom, and we didn’t have enough time for all our questions.  This time we had 2 of our students doing a new job we call the “Data Pilot.”  #1 looked up facts about Jacksonville on a computer, and #2 looked up facts about Pleasant Hill, Missouri – the location of the other 3rd grade class.  Even will all that information at our finger tips, the coolest part was hearing from the students, themselves, as they told us about who they were and  where they lived.  There’s a National Weather Center there that tracks tornadoes (they’ve only had one come close – so far), and about a third of the students lived on farms.  As the Skypportunity came to a close, many of our students were disappointed, since they had more questions.  We agreed to Skype again, before reluctantly signing off.

So, tell us:  – What did you learn this time, Kitah Gimmel?  Where is Pleasant Hill, anyway?  And – What are you going to ask them, the next time we connect for a Skypportunity?

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8 Responses to They Have Chickens and Tornadoes.

  1. avatar juliad says:

    Dear Mr.Carpenter,
    I would really like to know what it is like on a farm. I never knew that Pleasant Hill
    had a lot of farms.

  2. avatar juliad says:

    Dear Mr.Carpenter,
    I researched that Pleasant Hill Missouri is in the northwest corner of the state ,
    close to Kansas.

  3. avatar nahilad says:

    Dear Mr Carpenter,
    Have you been to Missouri?
    I learned that Pleasant Hill, Missouri is also close to Iowa.
    When we have our next Skypportunity, what is the name of the school?
    Shabbat Shalom!

    • avatar sethcarpenter says:

      Missouri is also close to Iowa, good observation, Nahila. What geographic features did you notice while you were looking?

      As a matter of fact, I spent several months in Missouri while I was in Basic Training. Isn’t it interesting what you might learn if you only ask?!

      I only know the name of the teacher we’re Skyping with next. Perhaps you can ask her the name of her school in person 🙂

      Mr. Carpenter

  4. avatar nahilad says:

    Dear Mr.Carpenter,
    I learned that eight states touch (share a border with) Missouri.
    How many farms are there in Florida?

    Nahila 🙂

    • avatar sethcarpenter says:

      Dear Nahila,
      Can you name all 8 states?
      I don’t know how many farms there are in Florida. Maybe someone in our class can look it up and post it on our blog!
      Mr. Carpenter

  5. avatar abigailf says:

    My Great-Grampa lived on a farm in Kansas when he was a kid, and had 20 chickens and he was in 2 serious tornadoes.


  6. avatar liala says:

    Dear Mr.Carpenter
    Did you know that Missouri’s population is 6,010,688?

    Lial 🙂

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