Reflection on the month of Tishrei

Now that the month of Tishrei is almost over, it is time to reflect on some of the things  we learned and experienced in our classroom during this busy month.

For Rosh HaShana we baked honey cakes and ate apples in honey for a sweet new year.  We also learned about how to do T’shuva, accept responsibility for your actions, ask for forgiveness from your family and friends and then on Yom Kippur ask God for forgiveness.  During Sukkot we learned how to determine if a sukkah is kosher and we learned how to shake the  ארבעת המינים (four species) with Dr. Mitzmacher.   We also decorated the school sukkah with a sand art picture of the four species.  Our sukkah hop was so much fun.  Thank you to Morah Mazal, Morah Etta and Dr. Mitzmacher for hosting.  If you can’t tell from the photo on the left, we are rushing out of the last sukkah before the rain storm.  In honor of Shmini Atzeret we added the line asking for rain in Israel to the Amidah.   Lastly, in honor of Simchat Torah, the students took turns carrying the Torah around in class and we did a total of 7 hakafot.   Kitah Gimmel is looking forward to the month of Cheshvan which has no Jewish holidays 🙂



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