Skypeing Coast to Coast

Friday we Skyped with a 3rd grade in a suburb of Los Angeles.  This was our second Skype call with another 3rd grade, but our first where each student had  assigned jobs (you can see them wearing their jobs around their necks).   Some of the jobs include:  Ambassador, Videographer, Skypey Mascot Escort, Timekeeper, Google Doc Info Recorder, etc.  Every single student has a job for every Skype call we do.

The more we Skype, the more we will operate as smoothly as NASA’s Mission Control.  It quickly became clear that we were Skypeing with pros.  Each person in the California class knew their job, spoke clearly, and NEVER interrupted.  Wow!

We will be reviewing the recording of the entire Skype call in class and discussing how we excelled and where we need improvement.  Meanwhile, here is a small glimpse.

Now it’s your turn 3rd graders.  Let’s hear some specific comments on how we succeeded and how we can improve.  California students— we’d love to hear from you.  Parents— please share your impressions.

Video shot entirely by our Videographer for this call, Gabe:

Photos all taken by our Photographer on this call, Isa:  (More photos here.)

This is where the two speakers (Jack & Nahila) sat to answer questions.

Jake & Julia update the information on the shared Google Doc— a sneak peek of that here:

Here’s where we connected with to meet another 3rd grade class in California.


A small section of the shared Google Doc all 4 students worked on while we Skyped. (2 in FL, 2 in CA)

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4 Responses to Skypeing Coast to Coast

  1. avatar Emily C. says:

    I am so impressed that 3rd graders are doing this!
    I love that each student has a job so it isn’t a big mish-mash.
    I showed this to my Kindergartener and it made her want to Skype with her cousins.
    Good luck on your next chat!

    Emily C.

  2. Dear Mr. Carpenter and class,

    We loved the Skype call with your class in Jacksonville, Florida.

    There were many things that we enjoyed about the call. First of all, it was interesting to learn all about your school. We were shocked to learn that you have an Olympic-sized pool! What are the dimensions (how long / how wide ) of the pool?

    Second, we were surprised to hear that you have hurricanes and alligators. We looked at the photo of the alligator that you sent us. It looks like the reptile was inside the gate. Was it? How did it get in the gate and how did it get out? About how long was the alligator? How many alligators has the class seen in all? We were relieved to read that the two year old was inside at the time of the alligator’s arrival.

    Finally, your class was very friendly and easy to communicate with. Everyone smiled and spoke clearly.

    Some of the things that we are going to try to improve are: writing more neatly on the boards, standing still so the Skype window can clearly be seen from the other side, waiting for the other person to stop talking before we start talking, and introducing ourselves before we talk.

    Mrs. Yollis’ class
    Los Angeles, California

    • avatar abigailf says:

      Dear Mrs.Yollis
      It was in someone’s backyard. I do not know how many alligators the whole class has seen but i have seen 5.

      From Abigail, Mr.Carpenters class

    • avatar sethcarpenter says:

      Dear Mrs. Yollis’ class,

      We had a lot of fun Skypeing with you, and we were very interested with what you had to say.

      It was interesting to hear that some of your students had experienced an earthquake.

      We will find out the exact dimensions of our swimming pool and get back to you.

      The alligator was inside the fence. It must have squeezed between the bars somehow. The alligator was 3 to 5 feet long. Because we live in Florida, there are many opportunities to see alligators. There is a zoo here in Jacksonville, as well as an Alligator farm near St. Augustine (where there is an albino alligator!). We couldn’t figure an exact number because we’ve seen so many.

      We have improved our Skypeing technique. We look forward to Skyping with you again in the future.

      Mr. Carpenter’s Class

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