Skype Zone

We filled our brand new positions today, while Skyping with Ms. Tolisano.  She was at her home office as we made our classroom into our Skype Office.  Each student had a  specific job, from Ambassador to Timekeeper to Google Doc info tracker (and many more).  Kitah Gimmel did an excellent job of focusing on individual assignments to make the most of our Skypportunity.  Tomorrow we connect live with California, right after lunch!

Julia & Jake keep track of facts on a shared Google Doc, while glancing up to catch the live Skype action on the SmartBoard.

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  1. avatar jacobl says:

    Wow, that is a great photo! Although google doc is fun, sadly Julia and I did not get to do the google doc chat. It was still fun being the google doc person.
    Sincerely, Jake

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