iPads Unleashed!

Today we used iPads to make collages that represent who we are.  The app that Mrs. Hernandez introduced us to is called Pic-Collage.  We started by taking pictures of our faces (with the iPad’s built-in camera), then we add borders, backgrounds, text, and images.  It’s really fun to play with this app, since it allows you to be creative and show who you are visually.  Want to hear from individual students?    – Me too!

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6 Responses to iPads Unleashed!

  1. avatar juliad says:

    Dear Mr.Carpenter,
    I think that it was really fun to do PicCollage. I really liked it.
    Can we do this again?


  2. avatar nahilad says:

    We did iPads with Mrs.Hernandez and used an app
    called “Pic-Collage”. We were doing a All About Me projects on the iPads.
    I love the iPads.
    You and Mrs.Bernard are the greatest general studies teachers in the world!
    I love school!

    (: Nahila 🙂

  3. avatar abigailf says:

    I think it was really fun doing our Pic-Collage it was great fun. We should do more things like the piccollage throughout the school year.

    From Abigail 🙂

  4. avatar daddy says:

    You love your ipad. One day you will have your own Website.

  5. avatar daddy fixel says:

    great job

  6. avatar sethcarpenter says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed that lesson. We’re lucky to have these iPads, and I plan to use them more often throughout the school year. What other kinds of lessons do you suppose we could do using the iPads?

    Mr. C.

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