Lone Star Skype

3rd Grade Skyped with Weatherford, Texas on Friday, and it was as if we were all in the same room.  Ms. Hallett set up the Skype date to meet some other students and chat about International Dot Day.  We introduced ourselves to one another, shared thoughts about The Dot, and our dot projects, and found out some interesting and unexpected facts.

It was a fun opportunity to make a connection, meet some new friends, and learn a tiny bit of geography – Not to mention practice our Skype etiquette!  I’ll let the class tell you more about it here in their comments (hint, hint…).  Ask them what peaches & kangaroos have to do with Weatherford, TX 🙂

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  1. avatar abigailf says:

    It was really fun skyping the class in Texas, because we all got to share about our dot project. Theirs was a decorated plate. We traced our bodies and cut them out then put dots on them.

    • avatar sethcarpenter says:

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it, Abigail. We’ll be Skyping again soon. Meanwhile, don’t forget to proofread every word in your comment. Also, don’t forget to add a closing next time!

      Mr. C.

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