Ready to Leave

Today when I came home, my parents told me that the Jewish people were secretly going to flee from Egypt. Moses did not tell us where and when  we are going, but we are to have all of our belongings together and ready to leave at a moments notice. As a nine year old, I can only take one item that I can carry. It is so hard to make this decision, even in the year 1400 BCE.  I decided to take my  pet bird Tookie and she can ride on my shoulder while I walk through the hot desert.  I could not imagine leaving her behind, and besides that would make me very sad. I decided to take her so she can sing sweet songs as I leave Egypt forever.

For homework tonight, you are to post on your blog what you will bring on your journey.  You can even take a picture of your item!  Remember that children at that time had wooden toys, games, dice, and even a yoyo!  You cannot take any modern day devices ! You need to write at least 5 sentences! Do not forget to do your math homework.





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