What Would You Do?

What would you do? You are getting change back from purchasing a new video game. The clerk gives you an extra five dollars back by accident. Do you tell the clerk and give back the money or do you think that since they made a mistake it is not your problem ? Since it is not your fault, you decide to pocket the money instead of giving it back. What would you do? Is there a right or wrong decision?              





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19 Responses to What Would You Do?

  1. avatar Benjamin says:

    There is a right decision because if you keep the extra $5 that is like robbing the store so you should give the $5 back and the cashier will trust you more.

  2. avatar samantha.z says:

    I would tell them because I don’t want to lie.

  3. avatar evanl says:

    I would give it back if it was a lot but if it was 1 cent to 1 dollar I would keep it.

  4. avatar ayden.i says:

    I would tell them they gave me extra money and did bot count it right.

  5. avatar natan.s says:

    I would keep the money, because thats all lot of money.

  6. avatar ariella.t says:

    If that every happened to me, I would tell them that they gave me extra money.

  7. avatar joshua.m says:

    I would keep it if I couldn’t find the owner but if I could find the person I’d give it to them. That’s what I would do. What would you do Miss.Rogo?

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Josh, I would give it back, because I know the person would have to pay back the “lost” money to the owners of the shop!

  8. avatar zach.m says:

    I would give it back because even though it is his problem it is still there money.

  9. avatar zacharyr says:

    What I would do is give back the money because it would be like steeling.

  10. avatar parker.b says:

    The right decision to make is to give back the money that the cashier could’ve accidentally give you more money than the item you bought. First, you probably decide that you want to keep it but, that you really shouldn’t. It is almost like taking other people’s money without permission. It is a bad idea because taking money is like robbering somebody store.

  11. avatar griffith.w says:

    I would give the clerk the money back because if I kept the money it would be like stealing.

  12. avatar elad.o says:

    I would give them the money back because thats the right choice.

  13. avatar jasmine m. says:

    I would give it back and say “there is to much change.”

  14. avatar eliana.j says:

    I would give the money back because it is nice thing to do.

  15. avatar lilyz says:

    If that happened to me, I would tell them that you gave me too much money back.

  16. avatar jeremyz says:

    It depends like if it is 100$ I would give it back but if it is like 1$ I would keep it.:)

  17. avatar Rebecca.bu says:

    I would give the money back to the clerk and explain that he gave me 5 dollars too much. I feel that is the right thing to do. I think taking the money is stealing.

  18. avatar Ayden .I says:

    I would tell them they gave me extra money and give it back.

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