What is Your Hypothesis?

So, if water does travel up through the stem of the leaf, do you think the leaf on the celery stalk will change color? Do you really think it’s possible for leaves to turn RED? If water did travel, don’t you think that water would NOT go into the leaves? If you have just a stalk, do you think that we stopped the water from going up the tubes or stem by cutting off the leaves? What do you think will happen? What is your educated guess or hypothesis?  By the way, if you find this experiment on line, please send me the website. Answer this blog, for a chance in a lifetime to eat celery!  Should we eat our experiment after we write our conclusion?  PS. Before I left school, I added more red food coloring to all the celery stalks! YUMMY!        

How to Do the Colored Celery Science ExperimentthumbnailThe xylem — or the tiny tubes that carry water up through a plant — are easily observed in celery.

This easy celery science experiment demonstrates how plants absorb water out of the soil with their root system, then send it up into the rest of the plant. By using colored water you can track the movement of water through the celery stalk. This experiment is appropriate for grade school children learning about plant growth and plant anatomy. Allow the children to do as many of the steps as possible on their own, within reason.

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30 Responses to What is Your Hypothesis?

  1. avatar jasmine.m says:

    I think the leaf on the celery stalk would turn red. I think it is possible for the top of the celery to turn red. If water didn’t travel, I would not think the water would go into the leaves. If I just have a stalk, I still think the celery would turn red like the food coloring. My guess of what is going to happen to the celery is that it will turn red. I think the one with the leaves and the one that is cut will turn red. But I only think the top half will turn red. I can not wait to see what happens to the celery!

  2. avatar ariella.t says:

    My hypothesis is that the celery will turn red no matter if it had leaves or not. I think that mine will turn red because it will travel through the tobs and make it to the top.
    P.S. I do not think we sh ould it our experament because the celery was not watched.

  3. avatar julia.c says:

    I don`t think the leaf will turn red but I think the stem might. But the leaves could turn red. I think the red water will go up to the stem.

  4. avatar Ayden .I says:

    I think the stalk with leaves will change colors . Mrs Rogo I think we should eat it.

  5. avatar Rebecca.bu says:

    I think my celery will turn red.p.s.after lunch all of the paper was red!!!

  6. avatar zach.m says:

    My hypothesis is that it will go half way on the celery with no leaves and go to the top on the ones with leaves.

  7. avatar eliana.j says:

    Mrs. Rogo I did some thing in paper cups and the next day the cups were ruined. I think the food dye is going to go up. I would want to eat the celery with food dye but I’m allergic to food dye!

  8. avatar parker.b says:

    My hypothesis is the the ones with the leaves may just go up close to the leaves, but if it doesn’t go up there my other hypothesis is that it will go up half and be dark red.

  9. avatar natan.s says:

    My hypothesis is that it will travel all the way. 🙂

  10. avatar evan.l says:

    I think that some leaves will be red.I also think that we should eat it.I wonder how it would taste.

  11. avatar Arin.n says:

    I think the leaves will not change color if they are in water. I only think the celery will turn red if there is food coloring in it.

  12. avatar Lily says:

    I do not think the leaves will turn red.
    If you only have the stalk I think the water will go up the tubes.
    I would like to eat the celery stalk.

  13. avatar elad says:

    My hypothesis is that hal will be red. I think we should eat the celery for fun.

  14. avatar griffith.w says:

    My hypothesis is that all of the leaves will turn bright red. I think it is possible for the leaves to turn RED. I think that cutting it had no effect at all,I think that it matters if you put the tubes in the food coloring or not. I found this website for the class http://www.sciencefairadventure.com/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectID=162

  15. avatar emily.t says:

    My hypothesis is I do think the leaves will change to red.

    P.S. I don’t think we should eat our experiment because food coloring tastes gross.

  16. avatar benjamin.c says:

    My hypothesis is that if you had the celery that has a leaf, it will not make the leaves bright red because it will be in the leaf. If you had the celery without the leaves, you will see that the tubes will be red.
    P.S. You should not put peanut butter on your celery stick because Ellie is allergic to any product that has peanuts in it and peanut butter has peanuts in it. It is part of the name!

  17. avatar samantha.z says:

    My hypothesis is that the celory will turn red bot all the way but half way. The ones with the leavs will probaly have about 1 laef turn.

  18. avatar jeremy.z says:

    My hypothesis is that it will go half way up the stem.

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