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You are a Movie Star!

First of all, Mazel Tov to Ayden, Rebecca, Zachary, Eliana, and Elad for winning the “TEAM FOR THE DAY”. A group prize awaits you tomorrow. You have a chance to star in the film Tops and Bottoms. Would you rather … Continue reading

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Twenty Four Hours of Being an Animal!

Today in class we read an animal fantasy. A fantasy is a story that cannot happen in real life. The title was Tops and Bottoms. It was about the rabbit from the story The Tortoise and the Hare. If you … Continue reading

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Up, Up, and Away with My Most Prized Possession

Pack your one and only bag Seminole Swamp! You are going on a trip to the new planet called Apostrophe. Only one prized possession you will be allowed to take for the next 99 years you will be away. It … Continue reading

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Chicago is Windy!

You are right! Mrs. Rogozinski is in Chicago. The wind blowing in from Lake Michigan is so strong that I blew right up in the air to this very tall building! Where am I in Chicago? Here are your hints: … Continue reading

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Seminole Swamp Works Together to Problem Solve

Not only do we learn to problem solve in math, but welearn to co operate and solve problems during recess. Even though a majority of students said we should ban Sting, suprisingly most of the girls do not want to … Continue reading

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Should We Still Play Sting for Recess?

Today there was a problem on the playground.The game is called Sting One of our friends said he doesn’t like people fighting in Sting. Should we keep Sting? What can we do to make sure people do not argue? Written … Continue reading

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Fall Into the Swamp! This is For Wednesday! Do Not Answer This Tonight!

Share your leaf project with the class! Please answer these questions. 1. What city and state did your leaves come from? 2. What kinds of leaves did you receive? 3. How did you feel when you received your letter in … Continue reading

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