How Can You Improve Your Time?

As of today Ayden was able to complete 50 addition problems in 60 seconds. He was awarded with the enormous , “Cat in the Hat” math award. What do you suggest to your classmates to do to improve their time in completing at least 45 problems in 60 seconds?

Bonus: What is the the name of these letters? pre? un? dis? mis? They are ?

Bonus: What is the math name of an answer to a division problem? This must be spelled correctly for your name to go in a drawing for your own personal “credit card” !

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18 Responses to How Can You Improve Your Time?

  1. avatar evan.l says:

    I don’t really have any advise,so um try your best.
    Bonus:They are prefixes.
    Bonus#2:The name is a quotient.

  2. avatar emily.t says:

    I think my classmates should be awarded by getting 5 points, but if you don’t like that idea, just keep it to ”The Cat in The Hat” hat.

    Pre, un, dis, and mis are all examples of prefixes.

    The answer in a division problem is called the quotient.

  3. avatar zachary.r says:

    I suggest that my classmates should get a piece of paper after school and write some of the problems that you didn’t get and solve them.Otherwise you could write all of the problems that they remember and solve them and check your answers then study them.

  4. avatar Arin.n says:

    Maybe they should study more. What I do at my house is my mom makes up problems and I solve them. The word for pre, un, dis, mis is prefix. The word for a division answer is quotient. Ayden is really good at math. I think he deserved that hat.

  5. avatar elad.o says:

    To get the classmates better and faster in math. I would give the drill the day before we take the next test so we could study. Pre dis mis are all prefixes The ansewer to a division problem is called Quotient.

  6. avatar Lily says:

    I suggest that you study hard with any math games like flash cards and web sites.

    BONUS: These words are prefixes.

    BONUS: The answer to a division problem is called a quotient.

  7. avatar benjamin.c says:

    I would recomend Some of the games are addition.
    The name of the those letters are prefixes.
    The answer of the division problem is the quotient.
    P.S. Why didn’t you write on the second bonus “extra bonus”?

  8. avatar parker.b says:

    My honest suggestion’s for the math tests are keep the “The Cat in The Hat”, or just reward the classmate something with 5 options of awards to choose one of them for the day and they’d have to return the reward back to you which is the last time they see you or Mrs.B. I suggest let them take there math sheet bak from Mrs.B after she’s finished grading the math sheets they can study the lines that they missed on the test and try to pass the test again whoever made it doesn’t have to take it again.

    Bonus Question Answer: What is the the name of these letters? pre? un? dis? mis? They are? These names of these letters are called prefixes.

    Extra Bonus Question: What is the math name of an answer to a division problem? It is called a quotient.

  9. avatar griffith.w says:

    my advice is to practice your addition problems every night until you to take Ayden’s crown. Bonus: they are all great examples of prefixes. Big Bonus: the answer to a division problem is called a quotient here is an example: 10-2=5

    minus=division sign. Because there is no division sign.

  10. avatar ariella.t says:

    If you were going so fast on the sprint and you have only two more problems left, 7 + 6 and 5 + 8 and your brain freezes and there are only five seconds left. What I would do is take 7 + 6 and change the 7 to a 6 then it would be 6 + 6 and that equals 12 and then just and 1 which is 13. So now your on the last problem, 5 + 8, so I suggest you to take the 8 and change it to a five then it’s 5 + 5 witch is 10 and then add 3 which equals 13.
    Bonus: prefixes
    Bonus: Quotient

  11. avatar victoria.t says:

    Great job Ayden!
    I suggest that you practice, because practice makes perfect 🙂

  12. avatar eliana.j says:

    My classmates should learn the addition problems by memorizing them. Then they will be faster.
    Bonus: They are prefixes. A quotient is the math name of an answer to a division problem.

  13. avatar joshua.m says:

    I think that my class mates should just STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, and do there best!

    BONUS:They are called prefixes.

    EXTRA BONUS:The anwser in a division problem is called a quotient.

  14. avatar Rebecca.bu says:

    I think the classmate should get a prize.Bonus:they are prefixes .
    The answer is a quotient!

  15. avatar Ayden .I says:

    I suggest that before the math sprint, you ask your classmates to please be quieter so you can think. Bonus #1: They are prefixes. Bonus #2: The answer is quotient.

  16. avatar Samantha.z says:

    I agree with Emily 5 points good idea.(:

    There prefixes.

    The answer is a quotient.

  17. avatar zach.m says:

    I relly don’t have any advice, just don’t give up.
    Bonus they are prefixes.
    Bonus quotient

  18. avatar jeremy.z says:

    I suggest my classmates practice at home to improve their time in completing at least 45 problems in 60 seconds.

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