I Had No Idea

Today was Grandfriend’s Day at school and I had a chance to interview my grandparent or a classmate’s grandparents. Some of us even interviewed other classmate’s parents. Then we switched and we were even interviewed. Wow, I sure did learn some new facts that I never ever knew before. One fact that I think is awesome to share is….
Bonus: Do you think your Grandfriends in third grade knew how to blog on a post? Why or why not?
Extra Bonus: If your Grandfriend was born in 1947, how old are they?

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  1. avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

    Even though I did not have a chance to interview someone, I did read the interviews. I never knew that there were several grandparents that were born in another country. Some of the countries were Germany,Australia, Holland, and Russia. Our roots are from all over the world! How cool is that!

  2. avatar natan.s says:

    I did not know that Mrs.Chafetz loved the movie Gone With The Wind.And that her least favorite subject was English.Yes I do think that Mrs.Chafetz does know how to write a comment.Last I have know idea.I thought I knew but maybe I frogot.Oh well.Plus I found a good video about Sarah here it is Garfield’s Thanksgiving Special Part 1/2.P.S. Search it up on youtube.

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Dear Natan, Thanks for the movie link. Guess what? My favorite movie in the entire world is Gone With the Wind ! What a co wink a dink!

  3. avatar zach.m says:

    1 fact is that my grand parent told me is she was born in savannah.Yes because she is not technologically challenged.Yes actually she was born in 1947.

  4. avatar Arin.n says:

    I did not know that my cousin was born on July 8th. That’s 7 days before my birthday! My cousin Tricia was born in 1950,so she is 61 years old. Guess what, her house is blue including her toilet. Her favorite color is blue so that’s why her house is blue. I don’t think my cousin knew how to go on a blog in 3rd grade because there were no computers when she was in 3rd grade. She was in 3rd grade in 1958 and computers weren’t made until many years later.

  5. avatar jeremy.z says:

    I never knew before grandparents day that my grandma visited so many places.

    bonus:I think my Bubbie didn’t know how to comment on the blog because I don’t think she has ever learned how to.

    Extra Bonus: If my Grandfriend was born in 1947, they would be 64.

  6. avatar emily.t says:

    I love Grandparents day because I love spending time with my grandparents. My Grammie, Papa, Grandma, and my Grandpa came. I had my Grammie with me. I learned that when my Grammie was a baby she moved here.

    When my grandparents were in 3rd grade they knew how to blog on a blog post.

    If my grandparent was born in 1947 they would be 64. I know that because my Grammie was born in 1947 and she is 64.

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Dear Emily, Wow! Your Grandma blogged on a post in 3rd grade? I bet your Grandma will be so happy that the whole wide world now knows that she is 64!

  7. avatar parker.b says:

    Here’s some unexpected facts about our grandparents: My facts are: She was born in Manhattan New York, NY, and I didn’t know that she traveled to France, Spain, and D.C. And here’s Zachary’s facts are: I didn’t know that a famous person was born on the same date of my grandparent, and had 14 pets. Cool huh 🙂

    Bonus Question Answer: Do you think your Grandfriends in third grade knew how to blog on a post? Why or why not? No, because electronics didn’t exist!

    Extra Extra Bonus Answer: If your Grandfriend was born in 1947, how old are they? Even though our grandparents wasn’t born in 1967 we will still answer it because we know what it would be if they were born in 1967. They would’ve been 64 years old.

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Dear Parker and Zachary, Do you think that there were no electronics at all? What do you think your grandparents did for fun?

  8. avatar Samantha.z says:

    Well I’m not there but my grandma was born in 1948 so close she is 63 I have a noter grandma that was born in 1943.

    P.S. Can I skype yall Tomorrow I have Mrs.B or you can find at samanthaz. It is 5:56 here.

  9. avatar ariella.t says:

    I interviewed my grandma and my mom. One fact that I think is awesome is that my grandma is from Russia and she has been to Miami. One fact that I think is awesome is that my mom was born in Russia and she’s been to Washington and Miami.
    Bonus: No, I do not think our Grandfriends knew how to blog on a post because there were no computers when our Grandfriends were born.
    Extra Bonus: 64

  10. avatar Lily says:

    My grandparents were out of town so I interviewed Eliana’s grandmother. Irene Jaffa was born during the Holocaust in Germany at a DP camp.

    I don’t think our grandparents blogged when they were in third grade because there were no computers back then.

    If you were born in 1947, you are now 64 years old.

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Dear Lily, When your grandparents come hopme from Spain, I would like you to interview them and then they can interview you!

  11. avatar benjamin.c says:

    One fact that I think is awesome to share is that my nana likes the movie Casablanca.
    I do not think that my nana knows how to blog because she never been on a blog before and she never commented on one.
    The math problem you have to do is 2011 -1947 = 64. So if your grandfriend is born in 1947 he/she will be 64 years old.
    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving.
    P.P.S. I hope that Tom is not getting a cold in the flooded cellar.

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Dear Ben, Casablanca is a very famous movie. Ask your mom if she ever saw it. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tom and your family!

  12. avatar eliana.j says:

    I knew everything about my grandmother.They had no computers back then,so they couldn’t post on a blog.

  13. avatar eliana.j says:

    I think that it is amazing that my grandmother was born in Germany.

  14. avatar Ayden .I says:

    I have a grandfriend that was born in 1947. He would be 64 this year. I do not think my grandma knew how to blog because there were no computers back then. I did not know my grandma lived in Europe for 3 years.

  15. avatar julia.c says:

    I did not even know that my grandma loved ” Fiddler On The Roof”. But whats awesome is she was born in San Franciso!

    P.S. I DO NOT like “Fiddler On The Roof”!

  16. avatar griffith.w says:

    One fact that I would like to share is that my grandfriends least favorite food is turnips.

    If my grandfriend was born in 1947 he or she would be 64.

    I think they would not know how to comment or post on a blog because they did not have computers back then and aren’t experienced enough to know how to use them really well.

  17. avatar joshua.m says:

    One awsome fact about my Mom is she went to England! An awesome fact about my Dad is that he loves spending time with me when he is not at work!

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