If you had a Choice……

If you had a choice to travel in a time machine, what would you do? Would you travel back to the past? Would you stay in the present, or would you travel to the future? Where would you love to travel to? If I had a chance to travel anywhere in any time, I think I would go to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 and celebrate the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims. I would want to attend the very first Thanksgiving meal with the Native Americans and the Pilgrims I would also like to eat all the yummy food! How about you?
Bonus: What animal lived in the past, that does not exist in the present ?

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33 Responses to If you had a Choice……

  1. avatar eliana.j says:

    I’d travel back in time. I want to see my moms dad. I also want to see my grandmother’s dad. I also want to see my great grandmother mom family.I also want to see the Holacost.

  2. avatar evan.l says:

    If I had a choice to travel in a time machine, I would go back in time to when Moses lived so I could eat manna.
    Bonus: the Sabertooth Tiger is an animal that doesn’t exist in the present.

  3. avatar eliana.j says:

    CORRECTION: I want to see and meet my family that died in the Holocaust.

  4. avatar elad.o says:

    If I had a time machine I would go in the 999999,888,098 Centries because thats when they invent the car that can turn to anything you want.The animals that lived in the past is dinosaurs.

  5. avatar parker.b says:

    If I had a choice to experience what was in the past I would choose to go to when they were building the Licoln Memorial, White House, and if I wanted go to the future I would go to the year 8449. I think a person who’s not an anti genius and they would have to be a A super duper genius! And the he/or the she invented the Airborne Flying Car. As for that it could go 8899889 miles per hour and there a long long road. I would love to go celebrate the Pilgrims and I there first Thanksgiving dinner and everything.

    Bonus Question Answer: The animal that used to live in the past and it does not exist in the present is the dinosaur.

  6. avatar Ariella.t says:

    If I had a chance to travel in time I would go in the past and fix a mistake that I made. Like if said something I didn’t mean to say. Then I could feel great that I did something right.
    Bonus: Dinosours

  7. avatar Victoria.t says:

    That is a very hard choice! I would want to go to the future to see what happens and after I get back use that knowledge to make the world better.
    I would also want to go back to the past and experience the life in the 1800.

  8. avatar zach.m says:

    It is a hard choice between the past, stay in the present, or to go beond this time into the future. I don’t know between them if you could go to a nother planet Mrs.Rogo what would it be? mine would be Venus.

    P.S. Dinos don’t live now. Sue from the Feild Musem is a dino to.

  9. avatar natan.s says:

    I would like to travel to the future.Beacuse I could ride a super jet, that could take me to many differnt places around the world at the speed of light.I would be able to visit my friends and family.
    Bouns; My answer is Mammoth.

  10. avatar julia.c says:

    I would like to travel in the past so I can see the dinosaurs! I would like to see what dinosaurs realy look like.
    The animal that does not live today is dinosaurs.
    P.S. I LOVE dinosaurs!

  11. avatar zacharyr says:

    If I went in a time machine I would go to the future. I would go all the way to the year 3999 and see what has changed and what has not changed. I would also travel back to the past and see Abraham Lincoln. I want to see him during the civil war. I would say to him “Mr. President, thank you for making sure all people have freedom.”

    Bonus: A prehistorical creature is a megalodon. It was the biggest type of shark ever. They can grow up to about twice the size of a house.

  12. avatar Ayden .I says:

    I’d go to the old west in the year 1709 to use those old timey cowboy words like varmit.Bonus;Wully Mamoth.

  13. avatar benjamin.c says:

    I would go to the future in Chicago because in 4599 a meteor hits the earth and destroys everything on it. I would go in one of the rocket ships and blast off into space to escape the meteor. Two animals that are extinct in Florida is the giant beaver and the Machairodontinae ( saber – toothed cat ). They were both in 11000 BC. BC. stands for Before Christ.

  14. avatar Lily says:

    If I could experience the past when the dinosaurs were alive, that would be awesome! If I was with the dinosaurs, I would slide on the neck of the Brachiosaurus.

    Dinosaurs lived in the past and not in the present.

  15. avatar joshua.m says:

    If I had a choice I would go to the past and hunt with Native Americans if my family can come of course!BONOS:A Sabertooth Tiger does not exist in the presant.

  16. avatar Samantha.z says:

    I agree with Mrs Rogo I would like to go see the Pilgrams but I don’t want the Pilgrams and the Natine Americans to fight.

    I would like to see a animal in the future called the mepoHi.

  17. avatar emily.t says:

    If I went in a time machine I would go to the future. I would go to the future because I would like to see if there are going to be flying cars,huge houses, and more. I would love to go in the future.

    Dinosaurs live in the past not the future. That’s why I want to go to the future not the past.

  18. avatar griffith.w says:

    I would stay in the present because if I went to the future or the past it would change the present.

    Bonus: the Dodo Roland Savery is extinct. In 1505 Portuguese explorers discovered the island of Mauritius and the 50 lb flightless Dodos which supplemented their food stores. Imported pigs, monkeys and rats fed on the Dodo’s eggs in their ground nests. The last Dodo was killed in 1681.

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