Educational 3rd Grade Games

Today we were all at the computer lab taking our reading tests, and Ben pointed out a fun educational game. Mrs. Rogo thought it was a good idea so she put it on the blog. I want you to tell me some fun learning games you like to play at home. Type a link from a good learning game and you will get 1 sticker. If you comment on this post you will receive 3 stickers. If your mom, dad, sister or brother comments you will get an extra  sticker.

Written by: Jamie and Zoe

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9 Responses to Educational 3rd Grade Games

  1. avatar Jamie.b says: is a great math website!

  2. avatar zoe.m says: This is a website I just found on the computer.

  3. avatar yoni.h says:

    Hello from Amit 🙂
    Here is a cool ,but, very cool site for learning games.
    when Yoni will be back home from swimming, he will share his favorite game.
    Good night!

  4. avatar yoni.h says:

    I like 3 games on funbrain one is reading,grammer,and math Baseball.

  5. avatar melissa.a says:

    I think the website is great because it has a whole list of links to educational games and videos.

  6. avatar zachary.s says:

    I go on coolmath.

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