Homework for the Week of April 11, 2011

Spelling Words

leadership, gracefully, refreshment, uncomfortable, overdoing, remarkable, carefully, unbearably, ownership, unacceptable, impossibly, reappeared, unprepared, oncoming, misbehaving, outrageous, incomprehensible, undoubtedly, independence, disadvantage, cable, cathedral, convey, device, freight, landmark, method, rod, shaft, structure

MONDAY  SPELLING–  Copy each word in CURSIVE two times     WW– ex. 1    MATH– page front page 113

Tuesday  Write the Definitions of the Challenge Words outrageous, incomprehensible, undoubtedly, independence, disadvantageWW-  exercise 2 and 3 MATH page 116 front only Finish your fraction picture

Wednesday   WW- page 95 Answer the questions  6-10  in complete sentences  MATH– page 118 front only

Thursday Spelling- page 115 and 116 WW handout   MATH page 119 front only

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2 Responses to Homework for the Week of April 11, 2011

  1. avatar evelyn.m says:

    outrageous = Extremely offensive, insulting, or shameful.
    incomprehensible = Impossible to understand.
    undoubtedly = Not called into question.
    independence = Not being controlled by a larger unit.
    disadvantage = An unfavorable condition. 🙂

  2. avatar jonah.w says:

    outrageous: Exceeding all bounds of what is right or proper; immortal or offensive.
    incomprehensible: Difficult or impossible to understand.
    undoubtedly: certainly or definitelty; unquestionably
    independence: The quality or condition of being independent.
    disadvantage An unfavorable condition or circumstance.

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