Testing Hurts My Brain!

This week we have been taking our standardized tests, it hurts my brain! We have been testing at least an hour every day. I thought it was awesome that we don’t have any homework this week. How many chapters of testing do you think we should be doing? Does testing hurt your brain? How does the new testing (with an answer sheet) make you feel?  If you answer this post Mrs.Rogo will reward you with 3 stickers!   (Written by Jamie and Zoe)

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4 Responses to Testing Hurts My Brain!

  1. avatar Jamie.b says:

    Every day I think we should be doing 1 chapter a day, infact I wish we had 0 chapters of testing. Yes, testing hurts my brain! Oh and I hate that we have an answer sheet because we have to look back and forth between the answer and the actual test.

  2. avatar zoe.m says:

    I think we should do 3 chaptors of testing every day. I do not think testing hurts my brain. I liked the other way of testing better.

  3. avatar zachary.s says:

    I think we should be doing two chapters a day. I do not really like testing it hurts my brain. I love it with the answer sheets.

  4. avatar Kandi S. says:

    I think it’s awesome that y’all don’t have any homework this week too! We have been enjoying the extra free time in the afternoon. Since the time change the days seem to be going by faster and faster!
    About your brains hurting . . . I think if they do hurt it’s because you are showing what you have learned and you all are such a smart bunch that you all have so much knowledge to show!

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