Can’t Wait Until Friday

I can’t wait until Friday ! After our spelling and Wordly Wise tests, we will share our collections. I am really interested in seeing what interests you have and how much you know about your collections. Did you know that every morning I drink from my favorite Wizard of Oz mug? Did you know that I love the color red because Dorothy had red sparkly shoes? Do you have a favorite item in your collection that you just love the best? Answer my blog and you will be awarded something that is red!

Mrs. Rogo's Favorite RED Dress

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7 Responses to Can’t Wait Until Friday

  1. avatar zoe says:

    I had no idea that every morning you drank from your favorite Wizard of Oz
    mug. I also didn’t know that you loved the color red because Dorothy had red
    sparkly shoes. I didn’t even know you liked the color red! I do not have a
    favorite item in any of my collections that I love the best, though I may have
    a couple of items that I don’t like as much as the others in my collections.

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      I would only wear red shoes when I was your age. Red patent leather shoes! Red is the color of power! Girl Power!

  2. avatar rebecca.b says:

    I agree with Zoe about you Mrs.Rogo. My favorite part of my nature collection is my geode.

  3. avatar yoni.h says:

    I have a favorite of my collection, it is my Sharks player puck – Joe Thornton the captain of Sharks.

  4. avatar zachary.s says:

    I had no idea that you drank from a Wizard of Oz Mug everyday. What do you drink? Do you drink it before or after school? One of my collections I have a favorite puppy named Clifford.

  5. avatar zachary.s says:

    My favorite puppy Clifford is RED! He’s the best Red Dog ever invented on the planet earth!

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