What Are Your Collection(s)

What are you collecting these days? Lots of people are collecting things like cups, jewlery, pictures, & much more! In reading, we just finished a book called Rocks In His Head. The main character has rocks in his head because all he thinks about is finding rocks to put in his collection!  What do you collect? If you don’t collect anything, What would you like to collect? If you collect something like pictures, you have pictures in your head!

Written by: Jamie- from 3rd grade

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10 Responses to What Are Your Collection(s)

  1. avatar jamie says:

    I collect room keys from hotels, keychains, magnets, and dolls from around the world! I have Room keys & keychains & magnets & world dolls all in my head!

  2. avatar zachary.s says:

    I collect these days sports stuff. I collect football, and baseball cards. I would like to collect Weakest Link stuff

  3. avatar rebecca.b says:

    I collect nature things in my nature box. Even though I have a collection I really want to collect rocks and especially minerals. 🙂

  4. avatar jonah.w says:

    I would like to collect stamps which means, I want to have STAMPS in my head:-)

  5. avatar liam.h says:

    I collect legos and action figures.

  6. avatar zoe.m says:

    I collect stickers, keychains, pictures I draw, souivenirs, seashells, mini pictures
    I draw, seaglass, and snowglobes. I want to collect bouncy balls, but I don’t have

  7. avatar drew.w says:

    I collect rocks,stamps and baseball,football and basketball cards..

  8. avatar Kandi S. says:

    I collect Wacky packages because they make me laugh! They are funny.

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      What are Wacky packages?

      • avatar Kandi S. says:

        Wacky packages are the stickers that are the size of football or baseball cards and they make fun of products. For example Mop and Glow is called Mop Glop. Rice a roni is called rice a phoni. Crayola Crayons are Crakola Crayons. I think you gave some out at the beginning of the school year. Zachary likes to collect them too.

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