Homework for the Week of March 21 to March 25

Spelling Words- Words with tion, sion, ture   Page 109

question, creature, furniture, division, collision, action, direction, culture, vacation, mansion, fiction, feature, sculpture, vision, celebration, fascination, legislature, manufacture, possession, declaration

The next set of spelling words is from Wordly Wise  Chapter 8

contain, container, digest, finicky, habit, hinge, marsh, marshy, nursery, rely, reliable, spine, thrive

Monday  WW- Ex. 1       SP- pg. 109 (cursive)

Tuesday  WW- Ex. 2,3, and 4       SP-pg. 110     Math- pg. 107 and 108

Wednesday  WW- Questions 1-5      SP-pg. 111      Math- pg. 109     WRITE IN CURSIVE THE FIRST 15 WORDS IN SPELLING

Thursday   WW-Questions 6-10       SP- pg. 112     Math- pg. pg.113      WRITE THE SECOND SET OF SPELLING WORDS IN CURSIVE

Friday Spelling and Wordly Wise Test

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