Do You Have the Good Fortune Power?

Do you have the good fortune power like your Seminole Swamp teacher? Liam’s fortune became TRUE today, even before he picked his magical fortune! I am mystified that this act happened.  Write a fortune for a classmate and I will put it in a transparent cylinder to be used for “Pick a Lucky Shabbat Fortune”. You must use at least one  word from your spelling list  OR  one Wordly Wise Word from Chapter 7 when you write your fortune.  Also, in order to have good luck, you must leave your fortune on this blog in order to be approved!  You must follow these directions to get a LUCKY fortune that could make you be a very happy third grader!  

You will pause and be mystified of the beauty of a golden sunrise at the beach which will make you vanish on a magical trip!

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8 Responses to Do You Have the Good Fortune Power?

  1. avatar jonah.w says:

    “On Tuesday, you will get anything you want.”

  2. avatar zachary.s says:

    My fortune is you will be the best fan of any you want sport. Yes, I think I have the power of fortunes for football. I will make the Jaguars win as many Super Bowls as I want them to win.

  3. avatar yoni.h says:

    Zachary:The Jacksonvill Jaguars will win the Super Bowl,because the goose mystifyed the Phoenix Cardinal.

  4. avatar Itamar.l says:

    I am not sure if I have amazing fortunes.But Mrs.Rogo sure does!Last year the third grade was studying volcanoes and one erupted.A couple days ago we were talking about geese and we saw two geese walking on the roof of the school.The same day we studied giant spiders the next morning a big spider was in the class room!

  5. avatar Elior.l says:

    I think I might have the power of fortune telling. I don’t think I can think of fortune fast enough because I am going to bed in a few minutes.I am sure of one thing though at least one person will have come up with a really good fortune. I think it will be very fun to tell your fortune!It is really cool that everytime Mrs. Rogo teaches an interesting lesson it happens. I hope I get picked and win the fortune. I gotta go. Bye!
    P.S, I hope I have some good luck tomorrow!

  6. avatar ethan.p says:

    My fortune did not come true. If I could make a fortune for a friend it would be you will walk in a desert barefoot & be mystified by what rocks you find. 🙂

  7. avatar Jamie.b says:

    Here is my fortune. Today your mom will rub your feet every Tuesday night.
    Happy Purim,

  8. avatar ben.a says:

    You will mystify someone by predicting the future on a Tuesday.

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