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Want to Learn more About Pompei?

Take a listen to your schoolmates’ podcast about the book “The Magic Tree House: Vacation under the Volcano”. You will learn a lot about Pompeii. [audio:]

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Homework for the Week of February 14 to February 18

Spelling Words – Homophones are words that sound exactly like another word but have a different spelling and meaning. to too two week weak our hour stair stare flour flower write right new knew their there they’re weather whether volcano earthquakes … Continue reading

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Premiere of Quality Commenting to Parents

We had the honor of presenting the “Behind the Scenes Learning” that went on in the creation of the Quality Commenting Video to the 3rd grade parents.

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Quality Commenting Video

Our class brainstormed what we already knew about commenting on blogs. What does quality even mean? What would a “quality comment” on the third grade classroom blog mean and look like? Collaboratively the class came up with the following commenting … Continue reading

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Less Than 24 Hours To the Movie Premiere

Less than 24 hours and our video will premiere to the entire world! I wonder what people will comment about our film. I hope it really teaches people about what a quality comment should be on a blog. I’m excited, … Continue reading

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Students Who Need To Complete Their Definitions

Ben- create, audio Jamie- medium, audience Savonnie- idea, cereal Yoni- video, recreation Itamar- violin, vertebrate Drew- trio,  quotient  

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Spelling Definitions

Share your Definitions:

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Movie Premiere in 36 Hours!

After rehearsing today, I am really starting to get excited about the premiere of our 7 minute movie! I wonder how our life is going to change. Perhaps we will become a famous newscast station that people will recognize us all … Continue reading

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Can you help me find some quality 2 minute videos?

To enhance my lessons, sometimes I use videos from the internet that are 2 to 3 minutes to illustrate a lesson. For this week in Wordly Wise, we are reading a story about the Albequerque Hot Air Balloon Festival. In … Continue reading

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Cold Rainy Day in Jacksonville

Today is a rainy, cold day in Jacksonville. It is the type of cold that goes right through your bones and it is hard to keep warm. Just thinking about the story we read in class today, A Symphony of … Continue reading

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