Last Launch of the Discovery Shuttle

Today is the last launch of the Discovery shuttle to meet up with the international space station. You are part of the history of space travel. How does that make you feel about being part of a historical day? Today I asked you for a journal entryย  if you wanted to travel to space, and most of you said NO ! I was shocked that a third grader would not want to blast into space. Can you give me one positive fact about this mission that would be attractive?ย  Answer me for a out of space prize that is in myย  backroom!

Rebecca's Space Shuttle "Sugar" Savonnie's Space Shuttle "Sassy"

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8 Responses to Last Launch of the Discovery Shuttle

  1. avatar rebecca.b says:

    I feel very, very sad because it’s the last time this shuttle will lift off.

  2. avatar jamie.b says:

    Being part of a historical day means really nothing to me because I wasn’t actually part of it. One part of this mission that could be attractive is lot of people are watching it and it can go on the news paper, popular magazines, and so much more!

  3. avatar evelyn.m says:

    I think it would be cool to see the moon. But, I said that I didn’t want
    to go.I would not take any chances. That’s true, very very TRUE!

  4. avatar jonah.w says:

    Well, since I want to be a scientist, I want to go into space.:-)

  5. avatar ethan.p says:

    I think it is so cool that we are part of a historical day! I think it would be cool to go in space because I could see the planets,and the stars.

  6. avatar yoni.h says:

    I would like to go to space. It is my favorite thing to learn about. I know there’s a planet that is 200 years away from earth.The planets name is Gliese and, its 120 trillion miles away from earth.

  7. avatar zachary.s says:

    It makes me feel so happy. That it will be the best Launch ever.

  8. avatar ethan.p says:

    I thought it was so cool to see the Dicovery shuttle launch into space ๐Ÿ™‚

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