What Makes You Unique?

Today Seminole Swamp read the story, Wings which was about a little boy that could fly. He was lonely and the students poked fun at him, because he was so different than anyone else in the class. But, he was very unique , since he had beautiful wings so he could soar and loop through the bright, blue, sky. What makes you unique? What makes you different in a positive way? Answer my blog with a unique answer and you will receive a unique surprise!  Our classroom is unique because Seminole Swamp was the first blog post to be global in our school.  So far, almost 700 people have visited our post from around the world .

Unique Classroom

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3 Responses to What Makes You Unique?

  1. avatar zachary.s says:

    I’m a kind, and empathetic person. I’m interrested in many subjects.

  2. avatar rebecca.b says:

    What makes me unique is when I was younger I had blond hair and I had grayish blue eyes.

  3. avatar liam.h says:

    What makes me unique is I have red hair and green blueish eyes. I also like blue.

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