Homework for the Week of February 22 to February 25

Wordly Wise Lesson 4      Frankie’s blue eyes are not the average color of a cockapoo’s eyes.

average-  the usual amount,  not special or unusual

border-  A dividing line,  to be next to

cocoon- a silky case that a butterfly makes to protect itself

flutter- to wave or flap

moisture- a small amount of water

moist-  damp or slightly wet

nectar- a sweet liquid produced by flowers

process- a number of steps that one takes to do or make something

span- distance between 2 objects, to stretch from one side to another

suitable- fit or right for something

timber- trees that can be used for wood products

SPELLING LIST – The vowel sound in ball can be spelled a, au, and aw  …..    Zoe already had an awesome birthday in Seminole Swamp.  Almost altogether, the class gave her an applause when she received a small bunch of  flowers!

1. Ben small,  almost 2. Jamie always,  because  3. Rebecca straw,  drawn 4. Savonnie, also,  author 5. Liam false,  already  6. Yoni flaw,  sausage 7. Elior applause,  walnut 8.  Itamar lawn,  awesome 9. Zoe altogether,  awning  10. Evie faucet,  laundry  11. Ethan swoop,  loop 12. Zachary attention,  drift 13. Drew glare,  complain 14. Jonah giggle,  struggle

Tuesday Homework- Wordly  Wise  ex. 1 and 2      Spelling page 90   Submit your spelling definition on the blog   Math  workbook page 44

Wednesday Homework- Wordly Wise ex. 3 and 4       Spelling -page 91  write the first 14 words 3 times in cursive     Math workbook page 45

Thursday Homework- Wordly Wise Answer your assigned question on page 36 in complete sentences  Test on definitions  Friday       Spelling page 92  write the second set of spelling words in cursive 3 times      Math workbook   page 46

Itamar always wanted to be friends with a horse, because he loves animals. He also wants his parents to surprise him with a small, awesome, walnut ,colored, puppy!

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One Response to Homework for the Week of February 22 to February 25

  1. avatar evelyn.m says:

    I didn’t bring my spelling book so here are the spelling words……….

    1. small small small
    2. almost almost almost
    3. always always always
    4. because because because
    5. straw straw straw
    6. drawn drawn drawn
    7. also also also
    8. author author author
    9. false false false
    10. already already already
    11. flaw flaw flaw
    12. sausage sausage sausage
    13. applause applause applause
    14. walnut walnut walnut
    15. lawn lawn lawn
    16. awesome awesome awesome
    17. altogether altogether altogether
    18. awning awning awning
    19. faucet faucet faucet
    20.laundry laundry laundry

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