Shabbat Shalom from Seminole Swamp……Goal Accomplished Today!

Shabbat Shalom from Seminole Swamp! We had a very busy Friday since Mrs. Rogo had a goal to accomplish. Our class finished the first book of our reading series with a non- fiction story about volcanoes.   We have been using this textbook since August and now we will be ready for our new series on Tuesday. What was your favorite story in the reading textbook? I  really enjoyed teaching the stories about nature, such as The Symphony of Whales. When we come back to school on Tuesday, we will begin our video on Jacksonville. After I read your requests that you wrote to me in your journal, I tried to honor most requests. Just remember that you will have an opportunity to experience all the jobs, so for now this is the current list.

1. Ben- Cornmaze reporter

2. Jamie- Mosh reporter

3. Rebecca- Zoo reporter

4. Savonnie-  Sally Industries reporter

5. Liam- Commercial writer

6. Yonie- Cornmaze Interviewee

7.  Elior- Commercial writer

8. Itamar- Sally Industries Interviewee

9. Zoe- Anchor

10. Evi- Zoo reporter

11. Ethan- Beach reporter

12. Zach-  Mosh interviewee

13. Drew- Anchor

14. Jonah -Beach interviewee

Please bring in any props or special clothes by Wednesday that you would like to wear for your role in our Jacksonville video. (we need to name this second production) This movie will be highlight places to visit in Jacksonville especially for children. What can you wear for your role in the video? What kinds of props or objects  can you use ? Keep on commenting!

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2 Responses to Shabbat Shalom from Seminole Swamp……Goal Accomplished Today!

  1. avatar rebecca.b says:

    My favorite story was about the volcanoes and The Symphony of Whales.

  2. avatar evie.m says:

    I’m going to wear a white shirt with a Jacksonville Zoo sign.
    I’m also going to wear backpacking pants.

    SEE YA

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