What a Great Day at Mosh

Seminole Swamp had a wonderful field trip to Mosh. Do you know what Mosh is an abbreviation for? I really liked both science shows because I learned some new facts  and also witnessed some amazing experiments. I had no idea that a balloon could freeze and then can be crushed on by a  stamping foot!  Some of the antique items in the attic show really stumped me. I thought that the coffee grinder was a meat grinder! Whatnew facts did you learn? Did you correctly guess any of the old items? Also, thank you to Jonah, Ethan, Ben, Zachary, Jamie, Zoe, Yoni, and Rebecca for submitting your spelling definitions.



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6 Responses to What a Great Day at Mosh

  1. avatar zachary.s says:

    I learned alot of new things. The attic show was fun trying to guess what the things were. I guessed right on the cash register, grinder and the telephone. I learned that first item was a seed planter. I thought it was something for coffee because I saw Maxwell house on it. I know Maxwell house because it is near Everbank Stadium home of the Jaguars.

  2. avatar jonah.w says:

    The new fact I learned was that plazma is a kind of matter.

  3. avatar rebecca.b says:

    I got a few correct and I also thought that the coffee grinder was a meat grinder. I didn’t think the science show was interesting because I’ve seen the science show before at camp and I knew all of the experiments.

  4. avatar Jamie.b says:

    A new fact that I learned in ” What’s the Matter ” is: I didn’t know that you can “crush” a rubbery object such as a balloon! I thought the field trip was so much fun! The best part about it was getting the feel that I could do whatever I wanted to do. What does ” Mosh” stand for?

  5. avatar drew.w says:

    I guessed 1 of the objects right.

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