Quality Commenting Video

Our class brainstormed what we already knew about commenting on blogs. What does quality even mean? What would a “quality comment” on the third grade classroom blog mean and look like? Collaboratively the class came up with the following commenting guidelines.

Quality Commenting Brainstorming

The idea of The Seminole Swamp Morning Show was born in an effort to reach out and teach others about blog commenting. Enjoy watching our movie and please take what you have learned and leave us a comment. 🙂


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32 Responses to Quality Commenting Video

  1. GREAt video! Way to go kids! Way to go teacher!

  2. Loved this show. I’m going to share it with the teachers with whom I work that are beginning to use blogging in their classrooms. Expanding on a post or comment, and paying attention to spelling and punctuation. The anchors, reporters and production crew should be commended. I especially loved the “out takes” at the end…

  3. avatar Ms. Ashley says:

    You guys are so awesome!!!!! I am so inpsired by you I may hand over a camera to my 3rd graders and see what we can do!! I think we will do character trait videos. What do you think of that idea?

  4. avatar btxusa says:

    Great video! I leave comments often on blogs or in spaces provided following newspaper articles. I am going to post your link on some of of those places to show the adult bloggers how they should be making quality comments! (“btxusa” is my nom de blog) Since I prefer that my comments remain anonymous, I always use “btxusa” (I live in Texas.)

  5. avatar Ms. Brannock says:

    What a well-done video with such wonderful advice for young bloggers! You’ve made me think about what I’m typing right now — I remember that I need to use correct spelling and punctuation. Here’s a way I plan to continue the conversation: I want to post the link from this blog page to my own blog for North Carolina school librarians. I know that they will enjoy your video and many of them might even want to show it to their students who are also bloggers. Keep up the good work!
    Ms. Brannock

  6. avatar Ms. Rangel says:

    Terrific way to get students thinking about blogs and responses to them. Job well done!

  7. avatar Janet Reid says:

    I’m a librarian in Santa Barbara, California. What a wonderful job on your video! It was both informative and very entertaining. I especially liked the “bloopers.” Keep up the great work. You have inspired me and my students.

  8. avatar June Parrilli says:

    Wow, I am impressed not only with the content of the video, but the filming and movie making aspect, too! I certainly agree with the comments, especially using punctuation:) Keep up the great work kids.

  9. avatar Kristen says:

    I just received the link to your video through LM_NET, and I’m so glad I clicked it! What a great set of tips for commenting on blogs! I am glad I used them, too, because I originally typed, “What are great set of tips…” Proofreading IS important!

    Your tips come just in time, too, because the students I am working with now have been exploring a folklore site (http://americanfolklore.net/) that allows visitors to comment on the stories. I will definitely share your video with them. Thanks!

  10. avatar Zinnia says:

    What a GREAT show! And what an important message you are sharing with all of our student bloggers. If you don’t, may I share this with my students as well?

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Yes, of course you can show it to your students! Maybe they can show it to their parents to teach them about quality commenting. We showed OUR parents the video and they loved it.

  11. avatar Mrs. K says:

    What a great tutorial for commenting on blogs for ALL ages. With your permission, I would like to add your wonderful video to our library wiki for middle school students.

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Yes, you may add our video to your library wiki so your Middle Schoolers can learn about quality commenting. It makes us feel very smart that we are teaching Middle School. Have your students made a video yet?
      Mrs. Rogo’s 3rd grade class.

  12. avatar Andrea Mail says:

    Wow – what a terrific video! I am the proud parent of one of the 3rd graders who created this video. Not only do I appreciate the quality of the finished product, but also the energy and enthusiasm that my daughter and her classmates had for the entire learning process. Thank you to the dedicated faculty at our fabulous school MJGDS!

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Dear Mrs. Mail,

      We are happy you enjoyed our video. Thank you for your compliment. You daughter played a very big part in doing the video. She did a wonderful job. She only had one blooper.

  13. avatar zachary.s says:

    The definition of quality is of or having superior quality: quality comment or quality paper. I loved the video. It will have correct spelling the right punctation it will be unique.

  14. avatar Kandi S says:

    I just saw the video/movie on quality blogging & commenting and I am so impressed. I learned there is a lot more to blogging. It’s not as easy as it appears to be. The 3rd grade class has done a wonderful job for modeling how quality comments should be written. Everyone should watch this video! I am going to post it on my facebook page

  15. Dear Reporters,

    We loved your new video about quality commenting. We would like to buy your Quality Comment CD and Handbook! All of us think that you acted like professionals! Have you done a video before?

    You inspired us to leave more qualitycomments on blogs!

    The funniest part was the bloopers, especially Mrs. Rogo’s bloopers. It was funny to see her different outfits every day! We loved the flower in her hair!

    When ending a quality comment, it is nice to add whose class you are from. That way, you’ll know who the commenter is!

    How many days did it take to make the movie? Where did you get the idea for the CD and handbook?

    🙂 Happy blogging!

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Yollis and class

  16. avatar Shirley Bielski (proud Bubbe) says:

    Absolutely loved this quality work. Congratulations to third graders, Mrs. Rogo, Andrea Hernandez and Silvia Tolisano for teaching outside the box and making learning such fun. Wish I was back in school. Am so proud, have shared the finished quality presentation with Israel and Australia.

  17. avatar Sara W. says:

    What a great video, third graders!!! You all worked really hard and should be very proud of yourselves! You have created a wonderful and educational movie that others can learn from. Job well done!

  18. All I can say is, “Wow!” I am so impressed with your video. It’s clear that you put a lot of thought into the story you wanted to tell. So many other students will benefit from your hard work.

    I am a librarian who is “itching” to help some classroom teacher begin blogging with her students. Your video might be just the inspiration I need. Keep blogging! Oh, and…please have your librarian let us know when you produce additional episodes!

  19. avatar ethan.p says:

    I thought it was so cool thet we made a video in class and showed it to our parents. It also was fun to make up a script in our head and make a film that we also showed to our parents. Today I showed my grandparents the video about quality comments. They loved the video. I liked the bloopers the best out of them all:)

  20. avatar evelyn.m says:

    That was so fun! I didn’t want it to end. I was so nervous that I forgot my line.

  21. avatar Lauren Rosenberg says:

    I love being in 7th Grade!!!!!! We learned this stuff in like 1st grade at Beth yeshurun!!!! Cool video everyone! Love you ZACH!!!!!

  22. Loved your video, Year 3s. I was so impressed that I’ve shared it with other teachers and teacher librarians in Perth, Western Australia. They will probably show their students. You’re world famous!

  23. avatar Ms. Maureen Devlin, Fourth Grade Teacher says:

    Thank you Seminole Swamp Morning Show anchors and guests. You’ve tackled a very important 21st century subject: quality commenting. I learned a lot. I can’t wait to share your video with my students in Wayland, Massachusetts. I hope you’ll continue to share your wonderful work with students and educators throughout the world. Have a great day. – Ms. Devlin

  24. avatar Ms. McFadyen says:

    You’ve done a really nice job with this “show”. I think you’ll help lots of kids learn about making good comments. Well done!

  25. avatar Michelle Howell-Martin says:

    This is wonderful! I’ll be sharing what you are doing with my students as we are just beginning to blog. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

  26. avatar Mike Fisher says:

    This was wonderful! Can’t wait to see more episodes!

  27. Thank you for the wonderful information on writing quality comments.
    Our Grade 3 class has just started blogging so I have linked your Seminole Swamp Morning Show video to our blog so that we can think about how we want to comment on our blogs. Thank you again!

  28. avatar Louis says:

    I’m so impressed with the professionalism of these third graders. Their production was very enlightening. Things have come a long way since I was in the third grade. This is so valuable in teaching the students important communication skills.
    (A student’s grandfather from Texas)

  29. avatar Ori Afek says:

    WOW!! Well done.
    I wonder, if this is you start with what will be in the coming years.
    You are our hope and future, GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
    Saba Ori

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