Cold Rainy Day in Jacksonville

Today is a rainy, cold day in Jacksonville. It is the type of cold that goes right through your bones and it is hard to keep warm. Just thinking about the story we read in class today, A Symphony of Whales, makes me even colder. Do you have any suggestions to keep warm on this rainy, damp day? Use a verb in your response and make sure it is a quality comment. Don’t forget to bring your books and homework back to keep your name in the drawing!!

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6 Responses to Cold Rainy Day in Jacksonville

  1. avatar rebecca.b says:

    If you are in school on a cold, rainy, damp day you can always put on your jacket.What would you do?

  2. avatar zoe says:

    My suggestion is that you can cuddle up in bed, read a book, and drink hot chocolate.

  3. avatar jonah.w says:

    You could go to your house and turn on the heat.

  4. avatar ben.a says:

    One way to stay warm is by eating or drinking warm food or drinks, like hot chocolate and chili.

  5. avatar zachary.s says:

    On a cold rainy day I like to get under my Jaguar blanket and lay on the couch and read or watch tv.
    Today I did not feel well so I got under my Jaguar blanket to stay warm.
    A suggestion on a cold rainy day is too wear lots of layers of clothes like 4 shirts and 2 pants and if you get to hot you can take some off. We did that in Chicago.

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