Check It Out and Tell Me Your Thoughts of 2 Classes Collaborating Across the Continent

Please check out Mrs. Yollis’s blog and tell me your thought about 2 classrooms from opposite parts of the continent learning about each other’s community. Do you realize the information that is shared between these students? Journaling after the Skype call is so important for the children to document and reflect about their experience.  This is a new learning experience for all of us and skyping just enhances the social studies lesson on the difference and similarities of communities in our country.  After viewing Mrs. Yollis’s blog, about skyping with  Florida, what are your thoughts about this educational experience?

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6 Responses to Check It Out and Tell Me Your Thoughts of 2 Classes Collaborating Across the Continent

  1. avatar rebecca.b says:

    I thought it was interesting because we learned new things like how high the mountain was. Can we skype again?

  2. avatar yoni.h says:

    I think its a wonderful experiance sharing information with other third graders about the difference and similarities of communities . both sides can benefit from that a lot! what a great educational experiance, Yoni learnd a lot about Calofornia-his birth place! 🙂

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Dear Amit, Yoni just enjoyed learning about California so much. Please make sure you come next Thursday morning at 8:30 to watch the movie. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  3. avatar Kandi says:

    I think this is an incredible experience . . . learning experience! Mrs. Yollis’s blog was very informative. I learned some new and exciting information! Do our children know how lucky they are to have this opportunity?

  4. avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

    Dear Kandi, Can you believe how cool this learning experience is. You need to spread the word for parents to check out Mrs. Yollis’s blog. I am also learning so much from all our research that we do before we skype!

  5. avatar Jamie.b says:

    My thought about this experience is that we have similarities and we all have differences!

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