Who is Responsible for Making Sure Your Student’s Homework is Complete?

So, who is responsible for making sure your child’s homework is complete? Is it your student, or should it be the parent? Or, should it be both ? This is a question that is up for debate. I feel that especially the second half of third grade, your student should be responsible for remembering to do their homework. I feel that there is a time that we need to teach children to take self responsibility especially while they are still in elementary school.. It is better to start now, then wait to when they are older. It’s ok to let your student learn from their mistakes if they forget their work. If your constantly checking and “hovering” then your child will always be counting on you to be responsible for their work to be completed.  The ultimate goal should be for your child to be independent and responsible for their own choices. It’s hard being a parent, but at we have to  teach that there are consequences to choices. Lets share some thoughts on this subject to help each other with suggestions.


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6 Responses to Who is Responsible for Making Sure Your Student’s Homework is Complete?

  1. avatar gabrielle.b says:

    I think at this age, it should be both. In later years, I think the responsibility should lie solely with Becca but at this point, I am teaching her that school is her job and homework is a part of that job. I don’t hover but when she says she’s done her homework, I will review your homework post on the blog with her to make sure she didn’t forget anything.

  2. avatar yoni.h says:

    Yoni is doing his homework right after school everyday. i trust him most of the times that he is doing his job. i know he is working hard.
    I think that the responsibility falls on the child and parents at this age. now that we have the homework posted on the blog it will be easier to supervised and for them to know whats need to be done. we will check it everyday now. Thank you!!

  3. avatar zoe says:

    In my view, it depends on the child and her/his level of maturity and self-motivation. Zoe is quite responsible with getting her work done, but on occasion needs a reminder to get her work done in a timely fashion. I do agree that the more we encourage children to take responsibility with their school work and household chores, the more self sufficient they become and the more relaxed we become.

  4. avatar jen says:

    I think this is the perfect time for children to start to learn responsibilty and to learn the consequences of not being responsible. As long as parents are aware of what is being asked of their children and aware of what homework is required, the children should take on the task of completeing their work and turning it in on time.

  5. avatar Aunt Leslie, Morgantown, WV says:

    My eldest is in 1st grade, so I can only speak from that perspective. Although I tell him school/homework, is his responsibility, I remind him to do so. I also don’t think it is a bad thing for him to experience consequences at school for not doing his work.

    He had a project due on Monday that simply could not be done without a parent helping. I am not a fan of these projects.

    The project entailed making a time line of 5 events in his life. He needed real pictures to illustrate the events (that is where the parent was needed). Well, he told me what events he wanted. I spent more than an hour gonig through pictures on the computer. My husband printed and cut it out. I sat down with him to describe the pictures on the time line….

    Well, he gave a presentation at school. He felt his classmates did not enjoy his presentation of the time line. I asked him, “why.” He thought the pictures were not exciting enough. We talked about his experience and the reasons why he felt his project was not as good as it could have been (e.g., he could have helped pick out pictures, reviewing pictures may have reminded him of more exciting life events for the time line). I think he learned a lesson that I hope there is carryover when the next big project is assigned!

  6. avatar jamie.b says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I tell jamie this all the time that it is her responsibility to not only do her homework, but also put it back in her backpack. I have to admit when it comes to reading for a book report on a book she has no interest reading, I do get on her. At the same time I try to help her set realistic goals, so she can learn to budget her time so it’s not left until it is due.

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