Snack for Children…. Please Help Mrs. Rogo

As a teacher, I am asking for your help with snacks. It is very difficult to teach your child if they do not have a snack consistently at school. Our snacktime is exactly at 9:50 every morning after pe and the kids can’t wait to eat after 30 minutes of running and exercising.  Those children who are coming to school with cookies, chips, candy, and crackers are eating empty calories that are full of sugar. These snacks are all empty calories with absolutely no value. It’s very hard to teach when a child is just full of sugar because they cannot concentrate. It’s a real problem in schools all over the country. If your child is packing their own snack, you need to supervise what they are taking to school.  I cannot do my job effectively with your student if we are not working together  on providing healthy alternatives for snacks.  Please , if you send a package of cookies, also send some fruit or vegetables. Thank you to Gabrielle and Kandi for your help with snacks this week. By the way, when I was absent the substitute Mrs. Kodner,  who has taught for more than 30 years,  wrote that the children’s behavior was a delight. She wants me to call her again. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am when people compliment our class. Thanks for all your support. Please comment on this post to help other parents.

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  1. avatar yoni.h says:

    Hello everyone and Ms Rogo,
    I know that the middle schoolers are selling junk snacks every Wednesday. how does this can be stop??
    We need to think about away that everyone will eat the same everyday. what do you think? this way they will learn to eat food that they don’t usually eat and know one will feel different. am i right?

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Good idea, but it would be hard for everyone to eat the same snack, unless the school just provided it. You do have a good point. I am not sure what middle schoolers are selling. I’m going to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. avatar jamie.b says:

    I am all about feeding our kids healthy snacks! I make every effort to pal a fruit and yogurt every day. Jamie loves fresh fruit. I get frustrated sometimes when we are at the store and we pass by “junk” food and I hear, “xyz eats that for snack why can’t I?” If everyone was on the same page when it comes to the type of snacks it would be “normal”to eat healthy!

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      I agree with you Carrie that everyone should be on the same page. Jamie is so physically active that it is important for her to eat healthy. You are teaching her healthy habits for life by not giving in to junk food for snack.

  3. avatar Andrea Mail says:

    Thanks Mrs Rogo for encouraging healthy eating! Let us know how else we can help besides providing our kids with healthy options for their daily snack.
    The First Lady Michelle Obama would applaud your efforts as one of her main priorities is to help decrease childhood obesity and diabetes in this country which has become an epidemic.

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