Last Day of Summer…Fall into Sukkot

Fall into Rebecca's Sukkah!

Last day of summer was exciting as Seminole Swamp did their experiment over again. Mrs. Rogo filled the cups with tons of ice and then we placed the thermometers in the cups for 5 minuets.  Could you believe the temperature dropped 38 degrees!  Then, Mrs. Rogo wanted her students to feel water at 32 degrees, so everyone stuck their fingers in the cups!  September 22nd will go down in history as the day Mrs. Rogo tried to freeze her students fingers! What did you think about our experiment?

You can see our creative sukkahs displayed in front of the sanctuary. They look awesome and please read the title of each sukkah that the students wrote. You certainly feel that you just want to “fall into Sukkot”!

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8 Responses to Last Day of Summer…Fall into Sukkot

  1. avatar ben.a says:

    I’m very excited!

  2. avatar evelyn.m says:

    OMG that was awsome!Everyone’s was great!

  3. avatar jamie.b says:

    I think the project was creative

  4. avatar zachary.s says:

    I had so much fun making my Sukkah out of legos and then some warriors (some of Zach’s lego men) destroyed it so I had to make one out of a shoe box.

  5. avatar zachary.s says:

    Setting up the Sukkah’s was so much fun! I will have my mommy post the picture with Clifford sitting in my Sukkah. Yeah!!!! Yeah for Clifford!!!

  6. avatar ethan.p says:

    The experiment was so cool! The temperature dropped 38 degrees.It was awsome:)

  7. avatar ethan.p says:

    I built my sukkah out of legos. It was really cool to see everyone’s sukkah!

  8. avatar zachary.s says:

    Clifford said I like the sukkahs . I liked sitting in Zachs sukkah. woof woof from Clifford

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