Magnificent Monday

What a beautiful day in Seminole Swamp! It was exciting to see that some of the students already brought in their creative Sukkahs. We also worked on a project that will hang in the Center Sukkah called, “Why I am Proud that I am Jewish.” Mrs. Rogo and Morah Liat like to work on projects together.

Dining Under the Stars in Jaime's Sukkah

Ben's Mobile Sukkah

Itamar's Lego Sukkah

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2 Responses to Magnificent Monday

  1. avatar andrea.hernandez says:

    Congratulations on the creative sukkahs. I look forward to seeing them all. @Ben -I was in a mobile sukkah once.
    Love, Ms. H

    • avatar marjie.rogozinski says:

      Dear Andrea, Woudn’t that be an awesome business? The Sukkah Mobile coming to your neighborhood September 22,2010!

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