Homework for the Week of September 20, 2010

Math           Monday – Rounding Numbers  page 30  1-11  /  Tuesday -Practice A   page 30    12-30

Spelling       Long Vowel Digraphs  Long a is sometimes spelled ai and ay. Long e is sometimes spelled ee and ae. Long o is sometimes spelled oa and ow.   Monday -page 13 and 14   Tuesday page 15

clean, agree, teeth, dream, grain, coach, display, window, shadow, cheese, peach, braid, Sunday, float, thrown, entertain, complain, bleachers, willow, wheat

Creative Project for the Week   Build  or create a Sukkah  from a shoebox, clay or legos. Be sure to include a table and include 2 other objects of your choice. Have fun creating your Sukkah! Project is due Wednesday.

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