May 11th Birkenau-Auschwitz Sami Meets a Holocaust Survivor


Team Rogo went to Birkenau Auschwitz Concentration Camp today. At first, Mrs. Rogo was going to let me stay at the Sheraton Hotel with a bearsitter, but Dr. Rogo said that I could travel today.  I was not allowed to tour this concentration camp, because the rules say that you have to be at least 17 years old. So, I was put in Mrs. Rogo’s purse and was not allowed out, except for a very special grandpa did hold me for a picture.

Mr. Gross was a 96 year old survivor from Czechoslovokia and was showing his grandchildren Auschwitz.

Then, the only other time that I had a photo taken was when Dr. Rogo lit a memorial candle in memory of all the children who passed away.  Everyone took a picture of me  posing with the candle and an Israeli flag that came from our classroom.

Mrs. Rogo and Dr. Abe left the candle and the flag at Auschwitz. Rabbi Singer said that I represent the new generation of Jewish children all over the world who hug their teddy bears everynight as they say the Shema. And on that note, I am tired so I shall go to sleep. Bear Night……Love, Sami

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