Learning about the Map of Israel

Today we learned about different cities in Israel by using a giant map of Israel, a book and a bus.

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The Magical Cafe

Good afternoon from the happy owner of The Magical Café! We had a very successful opening (and closing) of our restaurant. I am delighted that the staff of The Magical Café did such a wonderful job preparing the food and performing their jobs with such a high level of professionalism. After reading your reviews, it appears you had a magical experience as well.   Here are my thoughts about our morning…

Your children love to learn in meaningful, relevant, and “hands-on” ways. They were in charge of a great deal in the restaurant. They voted on the name, Kyra made the t-shirt design, they suggested recipes, applied for their jobs, and brainstormed ways to make the restaurant a success. They learned about money, teamwork, and work ethic. They each have a new appreciation for people who work in restaurants!   The money you paid will go to a charity that the students select though a vote.

Students wrote on their blog in class today about what they learned, and they posted photos. Please read them, encourage your family members to read and respond too.

I have a new level of respect for anyone in the restaurant business! It truly takes a great deal of planning, organization and collaboration to carry out all the tasks. My heartfelt gratitude to Rabbi Rogozen, Mrs. Hallett, Ms. Lewis (4th grade), Morah Liat, Rachel B., Jessica K., Marissa K., Simon S., , my daughter Julia, and everyone who helped us. There is definitely a reason for the phrase “It takes a village.”

When I get home I will post the recipes. I am so glad that you enjoyed the breakfast. Shabbat Shalom!



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Ten Commandments Challenge

In order to honor the holiday of Shavuot, the giving of the Torah, the Martin J. Gottlieb School is issuing our Ten Commandment challenge to all students in Kitah Gimmel. The challenge is to memorize all Ten Commandments in Hebrew. Students will first recite them to their Hebrew teacher in class the week of May 22.

All students who demonstrate that they have met the challenge will be HONORED at Shavuot services at the Jacksonville Jewish Center on Wednesday, May 19th.   The students who are being honored will be called up to the bimah. They will recite the Ten Commandments for the congregation and receive a special reward.

The following is a video of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew to help with practicing and memorizing:

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Celebrating a Jerusalem milestone

This week we celebrated Israel’s 69th birthday by experiencing the many faces of Jerusalem.  The theme for this year’s celebration was the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.  Between 1948 and 1967 Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan and Jews were not allowed to visit the Kotel (Western Wall).  During the 1967 6-day war, Jerusalem was returned to Israeli rule.

At the Kotel station we learned about the Western Wall from the Israeli Shlicha Dana, and then wrote a note to God and placed it in the Kotel.

The Jerusalem art rotation included learning about the famous Marc Chagal windows at Hadassah hospital and drawing our own Chagal inspired Jerusalem landscapes.







Jerusalem sports included playing soccer and basketball like the famous teams:  Beitar Yerushalaimand HaPoel Yerushalaim.

At the Street food festival, students enjoyed the traditional falafel, hummus, Tahini, cucumber, tomato & pickle in a pita.  Of course an Israeli lunch is not complete without a yummy chocolate bar.

Next at Hebrew University (aka the library), we learned about the eight gates of the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Our last rotation was music where we listened to  famous songs about Jerusalem.

During Hafsaka we played גומי which is a game that Morah Liat played in Israel when she was in Kitah Gimmel.  It is like Chinese jump rope.


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Special guests at our Torah service

Every Thursday morning we pray together with Kitah Bet in the Chapel.  Hazzan Holzer reads Torah for us every Thursday.  In the past month, we have had some guest readers – Middle school and 5th grade students.  What a special treat.

official website

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Baking Hamantachen אוזני המן

Thank you to D.J.’s mom and Sam’s dad for helping us.   Happy Purim!

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General Studies Update for week of March 6, 2017

Good afternoon! It was great to see so many families at the Purim Carnival this morning. Here are a few things coming up, and some photos of the students.

Math – On Friday we began learning about probability and the words likely, unlikely, certain, and impossible. This week we will continue that and at the end of the week we will start learning about measurement.  A few photos show students working together to create bar graphs.

Literacy – I am using some wonderful books to build social / emotional skills. I’ve read Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters and Pinduli to the students. They have been comparing main characters using a Venn Diagram, and making connections to their lives and to other stories.  Mrs. Hallett kindly ordered some additional books to go with this content, which is related to the Responsive Classroom Program.

Students are working on persuasive writing and learning how to back up their opinions with examples, how to write paragraphs that are about mostly one thing, and how to consider the audience as readers. Of course, punctuation and spelling are emphasized in this framework as well.

Students are learning about light and circuits in science and have spent some time in the science lab with Mrs. Jaffa. The photos show students using a flashlight and working together to make observations about shadows.  They noted the differences in the shadows when the light source was at various distances from their hand.  We have our field trip to MOSH and students will participate in a program called Energize Me!

Passion projects are going strong and I am very excited for you to see all the students present their research on Wednesday, March 22 at 8:30 am in the library. Invitations will be on the way shortly.

Wishing you a terrific week! Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Celebrating Tu B’Shevat one fruit at a time ……

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General Studies Update 2-10-17

Good afternoon! What a perfect Shabbat afternoon – blue skies and cool temperatures. Here are a few updates about things going on in third grade general studies.

First, we had a terrific field trip to Tree Hill Farm, and the photos of your children are on this blog post. They learned about animal adaptation, camouflage, and other ways of deterring predators. They touched the tail of a snake, an alligator, and the shell of a turtle. The listened for birds and saw the markings of a variety of woodpeckers, and learned that poison ivy looks like any other tree limb when it has no leaves in the winter. The students really enjoyed the trip!

You (hopefully) have heard your child talk about their passion project. Each student has selected a topic they would like to learn more about and they are using the i-pads to research in class . They have looked at Worldbook on-line and used the search engine Kiddle.co. Next week they will work in small groups with Mrs. Gutterman to add another dimension to their learning, and each student will create something unique for their project. I would like each student to find an expert to interview, if at all possible. For example, Sam is learning about tea. Mrs. Hallett suggested that he could interview someone at Teavana. He wrote questions in class and went to the mall and learned a great deal! I will e-mail parents with ideas I have about possibilities, though you may certainly select someone you already know. Our signature event is at 8:30am on March 22nd in the library. Please mark your calendars for this important event!

Continuing our journey, students will begin to learn about light, heat, and energy in class and in the science lab next week. Mrs. Jaffa and I talked about what would be most beneficial for students, and she has some terrific “hands on” projects planned.

Our math will be focused on multi-step problem solving (which we have been doing in class) in the beginning of the week. Toward the end of the week we will start to learn how to interpret data from graphs and tables. Please keep reinforcing those multiplication facts at home!

I will finish reading the book I Survived the Joplin Tornado this week. Students were very excited to listen to that, and we talked about weather patterns in the mid-west, which coordinated with the social studies topic about geography.

Have a fabulous weekend, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.




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General Studies Update 1-15-17

Good evening! I hope you have had a terrific weekend and are going to enjoy an extra day off tomorrow. I read students an award winning picture book about Dr. Martin Luther King on Friday called Martin’s Big Words. Students were very interested in learning about Dr. King and about the inequities that African American people faced at that time. Their discussion led to our morning meeting, and they talked about how important it is to treat all people kindly and respectfully. Remy commented that Dr. King did not give up and that it took many years for him and his supporters to make changes in the laws.

In the coming week we will continue to learn about maps and regions in the U.S. Students will learn about the physical features of the regions as well as natural and man-made landmarks. They are using the FL weekly studies reading and will bring that home this week.

Division has been a little challenging! This week I will be reinforcing those skills and continuing their multiplication tables. Homework will be two sheets to practice the skills. Please practice multiplication with your child any chance you have.  There are many apps, games, flash cards etc. available.  You can even do a little bit when you’re in the car!

Students are finishing up their writing about teaching someone how to do something. My goal is to have their work posted on their blog this week.

Beginning on Tuesday, students will bring home a planner! I am thinking about how to prepare them for fourth grade, and building organizational skills and responsibility is definitely a priority. We’ll see how this goes, but please look for their planner and sign each day.

Guess what Tuesday is…pajama day! Students have been working hard to listen to directions, be respectful to each other and to me, and get to work right away. The class voted on having a pajama day, and Rabbi Rogozen approved. Please send your child to school on Tuesday in school appropriate PJs!   It appears the weather will cooperate, and the high temperature is 79 and mostly sunny. They have PE on Tuesday, so sneakers are a must.

Have a relaxing day tomorrow, and I’ll see your sweethearts on Tuesday,

Mrs. Ross

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