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It has been a fast week!  A reminder that Wednesday is the 100th day of school.  We will be doing some fun activities together that revolve around the number 100.  Please send in a canned or boxed good for our shopping cart in the front lobby.  The school is trying to collect 100 cans in honor of 100th day.

We have started to design our About Me page for our blog.  We will be learning how to create a new page on our blogs for this activity.  I will let you know when they are up and ready for viewing!


We have started our multiplication and division unit in math.  The children have been learning what the numbers in a multiplication and division problem mean...3x2 is actually 3 taken 2 times or two groups of 3.  They practiced using counters and whiteboards.  For those who were ready, they created their own multiplication and division number stories.

Our Famous Americans have been assigned!  The children are super excited to get started.  We will be using both non-fiction books and appropriate websites to gather our information. I am thinking our living history presentations will be ready to go at the end of March, beginning of April.

We work really hard all day, so I make sure they get a solid 30 minutes of recess mid-day.  It's their time to let off some steam and get their wiggles out.  It's also an extremely important time for their social development;  to learn some lessons about how to get along and make good choices.  Here are some pics of them having some outside fun.

Thank you to Harper's mom for being our mystery reader!


In the last two weeks in Jewish Studies, we learned about the structure of trees. We discussed the different kinds of branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Also, we talked about how trees can look very different during each season

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

In Parashot Va'eira and Bo, we studied the ten plagues (blood, frogs,lice,wild beasts, pestilence,boils,hail,locusts, darkness, and the death of the first born son). From the Parashot, we learned what the mezuzah represents, and we must not lose hope even when it is difficult for us

In Torah, we learned about the Creation of the human beings and the animals. People were created in God's image, and they are the "king" of the animal kingdom. We should appreciate and use what God has given us (intelligence, resources, etc).

photo 2-4

A brand new activity in our classroom is Spelling!  I give the kids a pretest by reading aloud the words (except in Hebrew). Afterward, I check each individual paper and make corrections. The kids must practice all of the words on their list by writing them three times. I test them each and every day on those words!

We also started learning a new prayer, Ashrei. So far, we've studied five lines. The kids are enjoying singing this prayer.


Happy New Year!!  It sounds like everyone had a wonderful break.  I enjoyed reading all about their fun experiences on their blogs.

We started our new unit in Writer's Workshop, Responding to Reading.  The students started out by choosing a character from a book they love.  They wrote a letter to 'the reader' who will pick up that book next.  The letter was their opinion on the character backed up by text evidence.  I was impressed with their writing!


DAILY 5 continues to be a literacy rich experience.  We had a treat one day when some sixth graders joined us to demonstrate fluency.  We even had the pleasure of listening to their teacher, Mrs.Teitelbaum.  The students are learning how to become fluent and expressive readers;  paying attention to punctuation, reading words smoothly, paying attention to dialogue, emphasizing important words, using volume to fit the mood.  Please reinforce these skills at home.  Everyone is working on this skill at their individual level.  We also talked about having mental images while we read....ask us about it!

The class is learning all about measurement.  The children have been measuring in meters, centimeters, yards, and feet.  It's been a fun unit.

We are wrapping up our immigration unit with a final research project.  Each child chose a country their family immigrated from (or one that interested them).  They used an online encyclopedia to find their information.  The students will be completing a wixie 'quilt patch' on their country. (I will post these on their blogs when they are finished.)

Thank you to our sweet mystery reader, Lucy Gould.



We spent this last week busy doing everything from math to mitzvahs.  Our class completed a mitzvah project for the homeless.   We collected toiletries from our class and the middle school.  On Monday, we set up stations and the children filled their bags with shampoo, soap, lotion, and toothpaste.  A special thank you to Minna and Sam for arranging the mitzvah project, organizing the supplies, and delivering them to JFCS.  The children are already planning another mitzvah project for the Spring.

We finished up our unit on addition and subtraction.  The children had a blast (literally had so much fun) starting our new unit on measurement.  The first lesson was about non-standard units of measurement.  So, we used our hands, feet, crayons, and other items as measuring tools.  We will continue this unit when we return from break.

We also finished up a large chunk of our immigration unit.  We role played a journey to Ellis Island.  There were children with first class tickets who stayed in cabins and didn't have to go through Ellis Island.  The third class passengers were cramped and had to go through the whole process at Ellis Island.   When we return from break, the children will be researching a country that their family members immigrated from.

I wanted to mix things up a bit this week before break.  Our class did Reader's Theater with the Giving Tree and Snowy Day.  They did a great job and even added to the scripts as they went along.  It was a fun break from our usual routine.

A special thanks to Minna for being our mystery reader!


Happiest 8th Birthday Kyra:)


Have a wonderful and relaxing break.  I will see everyone next year!!!

We have had a busy week!  We went on our field trip to Ft. Menendez to learn about the Native Americans of Florida.  We learned about their homes, clothing, food, games, and communication.  We even had a chance to get a 'tattoo' and our faces painted.  It was great to compare the Native Americans of Florida to the ones we studied earlier in the year.

We had a chance to blog this week.  Ms. Hernandez came into our class and taught us how to log-in and create a post.  Our first post is about our field trip.  These should be published soon.  The children are figuring out how much to write, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.  Our posts might not be perfect and that's ok.  The blog should represent their growth over the year(s).  Please continue to check our blogs for new posts and feel free to comment!  Posting a blog entry will soon become part of our weekly routine.  Your child is able to continue a post from school while they are home.  I just ask that they save the draft, rather than publish it, until I can look it over and approve it.

We have a new spelling list with long 'e' words.  Soon the children will have the opportunity to use Spelling City to practice their words at home and in school.


Thank you Hazzan for being our special mystery reader!


Happy Birthday Andrew:)


How is it December already?  Time flies when you are having fun.  Don't forget about our field trip Wednesday to St Augustine.

In Singapore Math, we have been learning about subtracting two and three digit numbers.  Sometimes we need to rename, or regroup, the tens and hundreds.  We have been learning to subtract by placing the larger number first and really thinking carefully through every step.  No rushing for us!

Last Thursday, we officially finished our first unit of Lucy Calkin's Writer's Workshop, the personal narrative.  I have been keeping you updated on how hard the children have worked on their pieces and how much they have learned about becoming writers.  I have been stressing that our writing is never done...always a work in progress.  They didn't agree at first, but almost every student had their published piece in their hands and made last minute changes they didn't see the first time.  THIS is what makes them AMAZING writers!  Seriously, I'm so proud.  We celebrated with a publishing party.  There will be a video of them reading their work up on their blogs soon.

Talking about blogs.....we had our first blogging lesson this week.  Ms. Hernandez is leading us through the steps to become master bloggers.  This past week, we learned how to 'navigate' to our blogs and check out what has been posted since kindergarten.  Next week, we will learn to log in and post our very first independent blog.  We will soon get to choose our own theme as well.

Immigration has been an incredibly fascinating unit for us.  The children have been working on their family trees and getting super excited to find out someone from their family has immigrated.  We are pretending that we have to immigrate from our country and it's time to pack.  It's a challenge because we can only bring one suitcase on the boat.  So, the children have been 'packing' what's important to them (using the shoeboxes as a suitcases).  Next week, we will 'sail' to America.

Thank you to our special mystery reader, Ayden, from the middle school!


Thanksgiving is around the corner, and I am so thankful for classroom full of bright and sweet kiddos!

In Singapore Math, we worked on double and three digit addition with renaming.  We learned how we have to regroup ones into a ten...and tens into 100...before as we add up our columns.  We played games and rolled some dice to practice this skill.

We have started our immigration unit and the children are fascinated.  We learned that the United States of America is also called 'The Great Melting Pot'.  Our class discussed why our country was named the 'Melting Pot', IMG_5110some reasons why people immigrated, and how the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island were important during the time we opened our borders.  It has been awesome watching the children making the connection between family members that immigrated to the ones we watch in the videos.  Below is one of the videos we watched in class.

Our small moments are being published!  We are proudly displaying our work on the bulletin board outside of the room.  Stop by and check it out.  Our next writer's workshop unit will be Responding to Reading.

We are becoming much deeper thinkers as we read.  Our current comprehension focus is on predictions.  Sound easy?  Not for us!  We make predictions based on our schema...and then we start to read.  As we read, we are constantly checking to see if our predictions are correct.  If they aren't correct, we re-predict based on what we have read so far and continue to monitor.  Each child is responsible to apply this skill while reading to themselves during Daily 5.  I meet with each student to discuss the skills we are applying.

Happy birthday to our November babies!

Thank you so much for making conference day so successful!  I truly enjoyed meeting with you and discussing our goals for second grade.  I'm excited for what the year will bring.  Some dates to keep in mind;  VIP Day is Tuesday, November 24th...Family Tree Project is due December 7th...Field Trip to Ft. Menendez is December 9.

We have finished our units on addition and subtraction without renaming.  The students have been practicing lining up their ones, tens, and hundreds.  Starting our problems in the ones column will set us up for success next week when we begin regrouping.  In order to prepare ourselves, we played the game Race to Zero.

Some of us are ready to publish our small moments.   Very exciting and we can't wait for our publishing party!  Below is a glance at our Daily 5 time...


 The children will get a chance to share their work and celebrate becoming a true author.  This will also be an opportunity for me to teach them to read with expression.

Our Native American presentations were amazing.  You can access your child's presentation on their blogfolios.  Please make sure you have your sound turned up.

We loved having Kyra's dad as our mystery reader this week!


We are officially into our second grade year and I have seen such a large amount of growth.  I look forward to seeing you at conferences on November 9!  We had an awesome time at our IMAX field trip.  It was amazing to learn all about the different adaptations of animals and the reasons behind the evolution of these traits.

In Singapore Math we have finished up our unit on 2 and 3 digit addition without 'renaming.'  We will be moving on to subtraction next week.  We will also celebrate the end of our Native American unit next week as we share our amazing presentations.  They will soon be posted on their blogs and you can take a look at their hard work.  The children have learned a lot of skills during this unit: how to work together, how to utilize the internet to research, finding specific research on their topics, organizing their information, and creating a presentation.

We started a new Daily 5 rotation with a fresh spelling pattern.  This week we are focusing on the long a (ay, ai, a_e,) and then of course our rule breakers.  We also learned how to use a scrabble board with our spelling words.

We are super close to planning our publishing party.  Most of us have started our second rough drafts on our small moments.  The children are circling words they think are spelled incorrectly and using the dictionary to find the correct spelling.  They are also searching for capital letters in the beginning of a sentence and punctuation at the end.  Next week we will learn how adjectives can spice up our writing even more before we move on to our final drafts.  This is their first true journey through the entire writing process.  They will get to see how their writing has improved since they started.

Thank you so much to our mystery reader Naida Gould!