Spelling This Week


We will most likely not be using SpellingCity.com to practice our words in class this week. Therefore, I wanted to encourage your child to play the games and take the practice test at home, if they don’t already. I just finished posting the words for List #8, so have fun!

: ) Ms. Stein

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Weekly Update

Last week in Torah, we finished learning about the second day of Creation. In Parasha, we studied Parashat Vayetze, which talks about Jacob’s dream and the promise that God gave him. We also studied the Hebrew names of the items inside our pencil boxes, and how to say what we do with each item. It was fun playing a card game, in order to practice our singular and plural nouns. Although it seems too early, we began to study the story of Chanukah! As part of the Daily 5 literacy program, we practiced Read-to-Someone!

1 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Last week in Math, we completed our study of subtraction with regrouping. We did a fun activity where each child received 6 random playing cards, which were numbered 0-9. They had to decide how best to create two 3-digit numbers, which were then subtracted. We did this four kids at a time. The player with the lowest number won that round. The kids really enjoyed the game!

Lesson 2.5e Activity part 1 Lesson 2.5e Activity part 2

We also played a game in our three groups, called the “You Decide” Regrouping Game. Each group began with 950 points, and the object was to get down to zero, or as close as possible. One group member rolled a die, and then together as a team, the group decided if that number should represent ones, tens, or hundreds. That value was then subtracted. The tricky part was that each team had to roll the die exactly 7 times, so as they got closer to the end of the game, it really took some strategy and teamwork!

Regrouping Game

Speaking of teamwork, our Reading story last week was called Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat. We began by brainstorming the qualities of a good team.

Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat

Then, we learned some new Vocabulary words.

Ronald Morgan Vocab

In addition to reading that cute story, and taking the S.T.A.R. test for the second time this year, we also worked on Read-to-Self in Daily 5. We have now built our stamina of silent reading time up to 20 minutes!

In Grammar, we studied how nouns name: people, places, things, animals, and even ideas. Then, we studied how adjectives describe nouns. We used several interactive lessons on our Smartboard, which allowed students to take more ownership in the activity. With the wonderful help of Mrs. Gutterman, we began creating Adjective projects using an iPad app called Pic Collage. One group has created theirs so far, and the rest will do so this coming week. I felt extremely proud of those first projects because of the students’ excitement and the deep, authentic learning that was taking place! I can’t wait to see the other three groups’ projects!

Friday’s Mystery Reader was Andrea’s grandmother, “Yaya!” She was visiting from California, and it was a pleasure having her here.

Yaya 1 Yaya 2 Yaya 3 Yaya 4

We are looking forward to another wonderful week of learning and fun!

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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Weekly Update

In Torah last week, we started learning about the second day of Creation. On Thursday, the kids decorated an electrical outlet cover. Since God said, “Let there be light,” the kids colored their projects yellow and wrote, “יהי אור”

Sam Sophia classIn class, we also talked about the items that help us to learn: books, cards, posters, games, etc (ספרים, כרטיסים, לוחות, משחקים). We played matching games on the Smartboard, using a site called Quizlet.

In Parashat Toldot, we discussed how twins can look the same, but be very different people. They can also not be identical, like Esau and Jacob, and also have very different qualities.

Last week, we had a different routine in General Studies, due to the field trip on Monday and no Spelling lists. We journaled on many topics, and enjoyed sharing our writing with the class. We also did a writing activity called “How Do I Learn?” It addressed several different learning styles, and helped kids think about: words, numbers, pictures, “body” (kinesthetic learning), music, people (interpersonal), and “myself” (intra-personal). The kids wrote a check mark for sentences that were true for them, left the line blank for sentences that were not true for them, and highlighted the ones they were still deciding on. I believe that when kids think about their thinking (metacognition), they start to understand how they best learn, and they develop more self-awareness in general. Take a look at the activity:

In Math, we continued to study the regrouping of tens and hundreds. We also watched a math video on subtraction with grouping. We’ll be finishing up Unit 2 soon, and then moving on to a fun unit on length!

It was nice to see many of you today at the Game On event today! The PTA and volunteers did an amazing job of organizing and running everything – thank you!

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Tonight’s Math Homework


Today in Math class, we worked on subtraction with renaming in the tens place.               We practiced step-by-step as a whole class, and modeled problems on the Smartboard, using pictures. However, this skill is still brand new to most of the kids, and it will probably take a lot more practice for them to feel comfortable with it. Kids often get confused about how the numbers change (one less, one more, ten less, ten more), but as we practice in class, the concept becomes more clear. I told the kids to use whatever strategy works for them, such as counting up from the smaller number to the larger number, or using their hundreds chart. Here is the work we did today. I demonstrated how to go from the textbook page to another page (their Math Notebook) in order to line up the problems in straight columns and show their “brainwork.”

Textbook p.48-49 Textbook p.48-49 brainwork Textbook p.48-49 picturesPlease tell your child not to worry if this skill is challenging. We will keep practicing!

Have a good evening,

Ms. Stein

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Fantastic Field Trip #1!

Since we did not get to go on the Sukkah Hop, today was our first, official field trip! We had so much fun at the Florida Theatre, seeing Teacher From the Black Lagoon! Several stories were performed: Dogzilla, Grumpy Bird, I Want My Hat Back, Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, Splat the Cat, and The Grasshopper & the Ant. We are so happy that Mrs. Rosen, Mrs. Davis, and Mrs. Scharf could join us for the fun outing! Enjoy this slideshow.

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Weekly Update

Hello, Families!

This week in Jewish Studies, we learned about friendship. We studied verbs that go along with friendship, such as: helping, talking, playing, reading (together), etc. Playing Charades, we acted out friendship scenes, and of course, all in Hebrew!

JS 1 JS 2 JS 3 JS 4 JS 5 JS 6

The message of Parashat Haye Sarah is to take care of animals. We learned about this from the caring actions of Rebekah. She gave water not only to Avraham’s servant, but also to his camels.

In Torah (Chumash B’resheet – Genesis), we studied what there was BEFORE God began creating the world. We also learned about what God created on the first day. Next week, we will be studying the second day of creation.

General Studies

I’d like to say “Slicha!” for not posting the Mystery Reader information from a week and a half ago. It was a wonderful surprise to have George’s grandmother visit our classroom!

Mystery Reader 1-1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4 Mystery Reader 5It was also wonderful this past Friday to have Lily’s mom as our special Mystery Reader!

MR 1 MR 2 MR 3 MR 4 MR 5Last week, we began the Daily 5, which is our comprehensive literacy program. We are easing into the 5 components of this program, beginning with “Read to Self.” We created a chart to carefully introduce the procedures and expectations. Then, two students modeled the inappropriate ways to behave during “Read to Self,” followed by the appropriate ways. It was very silly!

On Friday, we celebrated a special birthday!

Birthday 1 Birthday 2 Birthday 3 Birthday 4 Birthday 5We are so excited for tomorrow’s field trip! Pictures to follow. Due to the short week for the kids (with Conference Day on Friday), there will be no Spelling lists this week.


Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka


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Weekly Update

Shalom, Families!

This week in Jewish Studies, we continued the activity from last week, where we used the initials from our names to create riddles using Hebrew words. For example, with the letters “lamed” and “vet,” we created the word “lev,” which means “heart.” Another example is using “shin” and “koof,” to create the Hebrew word “sak,” which also means “a sack” in English.

The students were excited to look through an album that they created in Kitah Alef. It was an introduction to the new material that they are learning now, in Kitah Bet.

In Parashat Vayera, we learned about Avraham welcoming guests to his tent. We discussed how we welcome guests to our houses in these modern times.

In Reading this week, we enjoyed a fun story called The Strongest One. Unlike the stories we’ve read so far in the category of Realism, this one was a Fantasy. It was about a brave ant named Little Red Ant, who went in search of the strongest creature or element in the world.

Realism, FantasyThis fantasy story was in the form of a play, and we had fun reading the parts! It was ironic that there were exactly 17 roles since there are 17 kids in class!

The Strongest One roles

We also studied some challenging vocabulary words that went along with this story.

The Strongest One Vocabulary, part 1 The Strongest One Vocabulary, part 2

On Wednesday, we discovered a new way of thanking God each morning! Here we are, watching the video for the first time, and here is a link to the video itself.

Modeh Ani Texas Style!

Watch the whole song here!

We’re excited to browse through Mrs. Hallett’s Book Fair on Monday, and to make our Wish Lists! Feel free to send your child with money (kept in a safe place) to purchase books on Tues, Wed, or Thurs.

On Thursday, Oct 24th, we will be acknowledging a “Stomp Out Bullying” day here at school by wearing the color blue. Your child may wear any blue shirt, along with uniform bottoms.

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Tonight’s Math Homework

Today in Math class, we began renaming with addition problems! We focused on a basic fact, such as 7 + 5 = 12, and identified the 2 in the ones place. Next, we solved 67 + 5 = 72, noticing the basic fact of 7 + 5 in the ones places. One strategy is to break apart 67 into 60 and 7, add 7 and 5, and then add 60 + 12. Another strategy is rewrite the problem in straight columns, which I strongly encouraged. This helps the kids clearly see the place value positions. We also talked about what would happen if you were 67 years old and grew 5 years older. You wouldn’t be in your 60’s anymore, you would be in your 70’s. That’s why the tens place changes. We also modeled problems like this, using a place value chart and circles representing ones and tens. When there were 10 or more ones, it was time to “make an exchange,” trading 10 ones for a ten.

Next, we worked on the more challenging problem of 367 + 5 = 372. We referred back to what we already knew (67 + 5), and simply added 3 hundreds. I am fine with the students using whichever strategy they are the most comfortable with (mental math, adding in straight columns, using a hundred chart, etc). If your child is struggling with this work, please don’t worry. Having hands-on experience this week should make the concept more concrete. You can also review the place value positions (ones, tens, hundreds) to make sure that skill is mastered.

Math 1 Math 2

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Weekly Update

Mazel Tov to our second graders! They began a new Chumash (book), B’resheet! We also brainstormed what we know about the Torah, and each student shared their ideas.

In Jewish Studies last week, we also read two stories about children who were new in their classrooms. One of the children had just moved to America from Israel. He felt sad and did not want to go to school because he didn’t have any friends. The other child moved from a public school to a Jewish school, here in America. She felt happy because she already had a friend in her new school. We connected these stories with our newest student to see how she felt and now feels about school.

We also did an activity last week using the initials from our names. Using our first and last initials, we created Hebrew words. Although some of the initials were very challenging, this was still an excellent activity for our brains!

In Parashat Lech L’cha, we learned about the promise that God gave Abraham, that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Then, we made paper stars, decorated with our names, which we hung from the ceiling. This is a visual representation of God’s promise.

stars1 stars stars 1Please ask your child to share with you what they learned in Parashat Lech L’cha.

Last week in General Studies, we explored the desert habitat. First, we listened to a story on CD while following along in our reading books. Next, we watched a Magic School Bus episode called All Dried Up. Afterward, we discussed animals and plants that live in the desert. Take a look:

Desert Animals & Plants

We also drew a picture of desert plants and animals, and then wrote descriptions of our pictures.

Here is a Science summary from Mrs. Jaffa!

“We have been having lots of fun exploring the states of matter.  Last week we tested solid ice, water, and air balloons with a Balloon Poke experiment. This week we modeled the molecules of solid, liquids, and gases using Fruit Loops.  Here are some pictures of us in action.”

Science 1   Science 2   Science 3 Science 4 Science 5

In Math last week, we practiced adding two-digit numbers without renaming. First, we used a place value chart and number discs, in order to really visualize what’s happening. Then, we used the standard algorithm of adding in “straight columns.” The students are getting better and better at verbalizing their strategies. This is a necessary skill because since math is its own language, it’s important to be able to explain your thinking.

We’ve been enjoying the full, five-day weeks of school and the consistency of working in small groups. Between working on reading comprehension skills with Ms. Wulbern, practicing Spelling on laptops, practicing Math on iPads, developing independent work habits, and being video-recorded for blogfolio documentation, we have been productive and busy!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday,

Morah Rivka and Ms. Stein

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Spelling Update

Hello, Families!

I just wanted to touch base mid-week to give you a Spelling update. Although this is a challenging list, we are working hard to learn the rules (and many exceptions!) each day. During “Center” time, one of the groups is working with me to practice adding endings to the words. We are noticing whether or not the base word changes.


Another group is using SpellingCity.com to reinforce these skills. We are also practicing the words in context, using these resources:

Reading 1 Reading 2

I usually don’t send home these materials because they’re simply classwork that I use as an informal assessment, and I try to send home as  little paper as possible. But rest assured, your child is strengthening their skills every day in a variety of ways.

Thank you!

Ms. Stein

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