Spelling Homework Info

Good Afternoon!

This morning, we took our first Spelling Pretest. Based on the kids’ performance, I assigned them to either the Blue List or the Green List. I reviewed each list with each group, and explained the homework. While I still need to give the Math homework day by day, I am giving the Spelling homework as a packet, which is due back by Friday. I don’t need the list or the pretest returned, just assignments 1, 2, & 3. I hope that having a packet makes it easier with your busy schedule. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ms. Stein

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Our First Weekly Update!

Hello, Families!

This was such a fun-filled, first week of school! In Jewish Studies and General Studies, we have enjoyed getting to know your children and starting our school routine.

On Monday in General Studies, we made a bar graph to learn how many syllables are in our names.

Bar Graph

Here we are, exploring our new classroom, and getting to know one another better.

Exploring 1 Exploring 2 Exploring 3 Exploring 4

In Math class, we reviewed place value by grouping objects into tens and ones; writing two-digit number words; and skip counting by ones and tens. We played a dice game as a whole class, and also studied number bonds.

Lesson 1.1b Dice Activity Math class Number Bonds

We even began working in small groups. One group worked with Ms. Wulbern, who taught students to play a fun card game called Turnover Ten. Another group worked with Ms. Stein, building numbers using base-10 blocks. A third group did independent practice work.

In Reading class, we read a story called “Iris and Walter.” We learned about urban and rural environments, and created this Venn Diagram.

Iris and Walter Venn Diagram

Here, we’re just having fun during some free time!

Group Work

The students have weekly behavior charts taped to their desks. This helps them keep track of their behavior in both General Studies and Jewish Studies. I put these behavior charts into their Friday folders today so that you will know how their week went. If a student ever flips their card to red, Morah Rivka and I will send home a note that day to be signed and returned the next day. We’ll talk more about this at Back-to-School Night.

We celebrated two special birthdays this week!

Bday 1 Bday 2

Bday 3 Bday 4

In Jewish Studies this week, Morah Rivka emphasized ברוכים הבאים וברוכות הבאות (Welcome, boys and girls). Here are the students singing a welcoming song.

The students received a reading book in which they read a few pages in class, and practiced them again at home that night. This reinforces the day’s reading skills. Please sign the card each night to show that your child accomplished their assignment.

The students learned about the Hebrew months, and when they begin and end (Tishrei and Elul). They also prayed with Kitah Gimmel in the Chapel.

Kitah Bet will be baking honey cakes on Wed, 8/28 at 1:30pm. If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Morah Rivka at rivka.cohen@mjgds.org.

As you can see, it was a busy and productive week! We’re looking forward to many more.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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A super first day of school!

Good Afternoon, Families!

We had such a great first day in second grade! In General Studies, we began by discussing the classroom rules, hand signals, our behavior chart, and the Great Behavior Jar. In Science class with Mrs. Jaffa, the kids did some scientific exploration outside! We continued this idea of exploration by doing a get-to-know-you activity in our classroom. Even though most of these kids have been in school together for years, some of them discovered new things about one another! As a whole school this morning, we enjoyed a Havdalah assembly. During snack time, Ms. Wulbern read aloud a funny book called My New Teacher and Me.

In Jewish Studies (just as in General Studies), we went over classroom rules and consequences for poor choices. Next, we learned to welcome each other, using the singular/plural and male/female grammar. We listened to a welcome song and played a game too. Then, we talked about classroom supplies, and played a game to name them in Hebrew. There is no homework tonight.

The only homework in General Studies tonight is to read anything your child chooses for at least 15 minutes. In their backpack, there is a homework folder with an assignment sheet. Beginning tomorrow, the students will be responsible for writing down some of their nightly work, so please keep this sheet in their homework folder so that it returns to school each day. I post homework assignments here on our Kitah Bet (Second Grade) blog, where you will also find lots of information, including the classroom procedures. Please check this blog at least every Friday for the General Studies/Jewish Studies weekly update. Have a great night!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka : )

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Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Welcome and ברוכים הבאים!

Hello, Second Graders & Families!

This is Ms. Stein, Ms. Wulbern, Morah Rivka, and Morah Ilana. We welcome you to a new and exciting Second Grade school year! This is our first blog post of the year, and we will be using this communication platform to let you know what’s happening in each of our classrooms.  Please remember to bring a kosher morning snack and your Shabbat Siddur for Jewish Studies class.

We would like to let you know that our weekly schedule has changed this year! Here is a simplified version of the schedule. We will post and send home on Monday a more detailed version.

Mon, Wed, & Fri – General Studies in the morning, Jewish Studies in the afternoon

Tues & Thurs –  Jewish Studies in the morning, General Studies in the afternoon

It was very nice to see you at “Meet and Greet” yesterday. We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces on Monday! Please remember that our school-wide pool party will take place this Sunday at 2:00.

Shabbat Shalom!

Kitah Bet Teachers

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For the Fantastic Fathers!

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Our End-of-Year Rap Song!

We are proud to present our special performance, which summarizes most of the things we’ve studied and experienced this school year! You will find the lyrics underneath. Enjoy your little rappers!

Second Grade Rap!

Second grade has been a blast!

I can’t believe it went by so fast!

We learned many things, too many to say,

And we worked really hard each and every day.

With Morot Rivkas, Ilana, and Eta,

We learned about Jewish Studies in our Kitah.

We studied Torah, and each Parasha,

Shared our love of Israel by singing Hatikva!

                           B R E A K

 We also did a project, early in the year –

Picking up litter, right near here.

This was a mitzvah, a really good deed.

Isn’t that what the world really needs?

Other mitzvot are: tzedakah, kashrut, and derech eretz.

They help us live a life filled with ethical merits.

Jewish Studies is really FUN too,

With tefillah and all the singing that we do!

We’ve been learning Hebrew every day & every night.

Now we are better when we speak, read, & write.

                           B R E A K

And we can’t forget about General Studies,

Mrs. McVearry and Ms. Stein are buddies!

In class, we read stories and analyzed them too.

With every single week, our vocabulary grew!

When English seemed tricky and made us feel tense,

We used our problem solving skills to make it make sense!

We studied Grammar and we learned to spell.

We communicate our thoughts by writing very well.

15 lessons of Wordly Wise –

So much knowledge before our eyes!

We’ve learned to think scientifically,

And Social Studies showed us that we’re blessed to be free.

Patterns and counting, and place value,

We practiced telling time on a clock, that’s true.

Adding, subtracting, and fractions of a whole,

Math has taught us to set and reach a goal!

                     L O N G   B R E A K

School’s not always filled with excitement & thrills,

But it’s been awesome learning 21st Century skills!!

We had fun with Daily 5 in Language Arts,

Now our stamina and fluency are soaring off the charts!

This year, we’ve learned to work together,

And that is called collaboration.

Second Grade has been an AMAZING EDUCATION!


Copyright Ms. Stein 2013

* The fun music came from:  http://www.shadowville.com/s=through+the+looking+glass&cat=0&submit=Search+Beats+»


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Weekly Update


In Torah last week, we finished Perek Dalet. We learned that Adam and Eve had another son, named Seth. We also studied the generation that came after Adam and Eve.

In Parashat Korah, Korah and his followers accused Moses and his brother, Aaron of taking power for themselves. Moses defended himself against the rebels by saying that the God will make the decision about who the leaders will be. Then, God punished them by opening up the ground, which swallowed Korah and his followers. The lesson here is to always surround yourself with people who are good influences.

In Hebrew, we discussed different types of clothing and uniforms that we wear for different occasions. We read a story and then watched a video about why the zebra wears pajamas! We also enjoyed another movie called “Mitz Toot,” which was also about animals.

This week’s Bloggers:

Reading Blogger (Isaac) - On Wednesday we read a book named A birthday basket for Tia  It was a book   about a girl named Tia . It was about a girl named Cecilia that gives her Great Aunt a basket. They celebrated  her ninetieth birthday . Cecilia  gave her Great Aunt a birthday  basket filled with flowers, a red ball , a teacup , a flowerpot ,a bowl ,and a book. Cecilia put these object in the basket because they were speacal  to her Great Aunt. On Friday we had a mystery reader and it was Courtney mother. Bye!

Bday Basket

Spelling Blogger (May) - on  Monday  we  went to spellingcity.com. Than we  went  the spelling word.on Tuesday we cheeked spelling homework. on Wednesday  we studied  both list . On Thursday  we had spelling story for homework.on Friday we took a test.

Community of Kindness Blogger (Eva) - On Monday Eliana remembered that Aleeya was not here, and that she would  like cookies and cream! Eliana reminded  Ms.Stein. On Thursday when Moe was in the bathroom Aleeya cheeked his work.

On Monday, we had fun in Music class!

Music class 1 Music class 2 Music class 3

After Music class, we celebrated Moti’s special birthday!

Moti 1 Moti 3 Moti 4 Moti 5

On Wednesday, we celebrated Eva’s summer birthday!

Eva 1 Eva 2 Eva 3 Eva 4

We had a great time signing each others’ yearbooks on Thursday!


On Friday, we celebrated Eliana’s summer birthday!

 Eliana 1 Eliana 2 Eliana 3

Our Mystery Reader this week was Courtney’s mom!

Courtney 2 Courtney 3 Courtney 4

We’re looking forward to a fabulous, last four days of Second Grade!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Weekly Update

Shalom, Families!

Last week in Torah, we talked about the punishment that God gave to Cain. For the rest of his life, Cain had to wander everywhere. Also, the Earth would no longer give him crops easily.

In Parashat Shlah, we learned that Moses sent spies to explore the Land of Israel. Ten of them told the people that it would be too hard to conquer the land, and two of those spies told the people that the land was flowing with milk and honey. God responded to their lack of trust by punishing them with 40 years of wandering in the desert. The lesson we learned from this was that we should see the good things in all people and places. We then turned to the person next to us in class, and said something nice about them!

We continued to study the Hebrew words for daily routines: foods, activities, and school subjects.

Math Blogger (Ariel) - This week we took a test  on Fractions. I got a 100 percent on my test because I am really good at Math. We also started a new subject, Time! I am really good at telling time.

Spelling Blogger (Daisy) - On Tuesday we did a spelling pretest,even though we usually  do it on Monday. We were going to do two tests, the words that we were going to  do  we’re contractions.Luckily  Miss.Stein said that we didn’t have two.So if we were on green list last week we are on green list this week,and if we were on blue list last week we are on blue list this week.the words that we are doing are sobbed, sobbing, smiled, smiling, traveled, traveling, distilled, distilling, equaled, equaling, admitted, referring, referred, tapped, tapping and the bonus words are inherited, inheriting, committed, committing, targeted, targeting. Did you notice that we had 22 words? For  homework on Tuesday we had to put our spelling words  in A.B.C. order.On Wednesday we checked it.On Wednesday we also got spelling story for fun! For homework on Wednesday we rote our spelling words 3x each On Thursday for homework we just had to study.On Friday we took a spelling test!

Your Friend

Wordly Wise Blogger (Yisrael) -  On Monday we did our words. Our words this week are: adult, clump, curious, gratitude, herd, newcomer, plain, stalk, and tusk.On Wednesday we did page 109 to page 110. On Friday we did page 111 to page 113.

Our Mystery Reader today was Eva’s mom! She read us two very cute books.

Eva 1 Eva 2 Eva 3

As a fun change to the morning songs we sing, we enjoyed this special version of Modeh Ani!

This will be our last, full week of Second Grade, and it’s hard to believe! It will be a great week!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Weekly Update

In Torah last week, we learned about the first two children of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. When they grew up, each of them had their own occupation. Cain was a farmer, and Abel was a shepherd. We also learned that God accepted Abel’s offering, but not Cain’s. This is why Cain killed Abel. Since the Bible does not tell us exactly what the brothers argued about, we read a story that gave a possible interpretation of what may have happened. Finally, we discussed what to do when we feel angry.

In Parashat B’ha’alotkha, we learned that when the Israelites were traveling in the desert, they were given signs from God about when to stop and when to continue. Clouds and the sound of a horn were two of those signs. We also learned that the Jewish people were given a food called manna, which tasted like anything they could imagine. Yet, they still complained about not having meat. Therefore, God sent them a special bird for them to hunt and eat.

Last week, we also learned the Hebrew words for family members and morning routines.

Spelling Blogger (Anna) -  On Monday we did a pretest. After we looked over the blue list and green list. We also got homework it was spelling colors. On Tuesday we checked it and I for got the rest. On Wednesday we got homework it was Mach it up. On Thursday in Daily 5 May and I went on spelling city and on spelling city we took a test then we played hang mouse. For homework it was study spelling. On Friday we did a spelling city packet. Then we took a test.

We celebrated a special birthday on Monday!

Beth 1-1      Beth 2      Beth 3    Beth 4

Our Mystery Reader on Friday was Saylor’s grandmother, “Gagy!”

Gagy 1 Gagy 2 Gagy 3 Gagy 4

We’ve been having a lot of fun at recess lately!


 Pokemon at recess More Pokemon!

Poem Writing:

Poem Writing at recess

Pretzel Buddies:

Pretzel Buddies

We’re looking forward to a great four-day week,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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Today’s Fraction Lesson

Shalom, Families!

Yesterday in Math class, we began to identify fractions in a group. Today, we found fractions by first dividing a number of objects into equal groups. Then, we wrote the fractions of those sets. For example, we looked at 12 apples on the Smartboard.

Lesson 10.3b

A student helper arranged them into 3 equal groups. Next, I drew cute, little worms in the apples of one group. It did not matter that there were 4 apples in a group. We needed to see the fraction as 1/3, rather than 4/12. The kids and I talked about how 1/3 and 4/12 are equivalent, and that when we see the picture as 1 group out of 3 groups, 1/3 is the right answer here.

We repeated this procedure with 15 stars.

Lesson 10.3b #2

Another student helper arranged the stars equally into 5 groups. At this point, the kids were seeing this as division! Next, I drew hearts in the stars of two groups. It did not matter that there were 3 stars in a group, or that 6 stars had hearts inside them. We needed to see the fraction as 2 groups out of all 5 (2/5), rather than 6/15.

As we completed problems in our Textbook and Workbook, we paid very close attention to how the problems were written. Were we supposed to find the number of sandwiches, or the fraction of sandwiches? Were we figuring out the number of boys at the concert, or the fraction of boys at the concert? Please pay close attention on the homework tonight!

Today in class, we also learned the big words for the two parts of a fraction.

Lesson 10.3b #3

Although some of the work lately is tricky, the students are doing a fantastic job of studying fractions!

: ) Ms. Stein

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