Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

This week in Jewish Studies, we learned about the Israeli flag, symbols, and national anthem (Hatikva). On Thursday, the whole school celebrated Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s 67th Birthday)!

Here is a Yom Ha’Atzmaut video for your enjoyment!

We studied Parashat Tazria and Parashat Metzora this week. They both discussed leprosy and purification rituals. The lesson we learned is about Brit Milah and keeping ourselves healthy.

In Math class, we began studying fractions!

Lesson 10.1 Halves & Quarters Lesson 10.1 Halves and Quarters

Here, the students were folding rectangles and circles into halves and quarters.

Fractions 1 Fractions 2

Samantha and Zoe, from middle school, taught us two, fun lessons this week! We learned more about Synonyms and Making Predictions. Thank you, Samantha and Zoe!

Samantha 1 Samantha 2 Samantha 3 Samantha 4

Zoe 1 Zoe 2 Zoe 3 Zoe 4

Our Mystery Reader today was Rabbi Tilman! He read us The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss, and then we had a great discussion!

Mystery Reader 1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4 Mystery Reader 5

 We hope to see all of you at Community University on Sunday!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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Happy Earth Day!

Today, we discussed the history of Earth Day, and reviewed the mechanics of writing.      All week long, we are studying this important holiday, as we work in small groups.         The kids are reading stories, answering comprehension questions, and writing poems about our very special planet!

Earth Day 1 Earth Day 2 Earth Day 3

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Second Grade News


We hope you had a wonderful Passover! This was a very productive week of school.

In Jewish Studies, we prepared for Yom Ha’Atzmaut, by studying the date and traditions of the holiday. We compared and contrasted the birthday of Israel with our own birthdays.

We will be celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut next Thursday. Please have your child wear blue and white.

In Parashat Shemini, we discussed kosher and non-kosher animals. We also talked about the kosher symbols.

In Math class, we continued working on multiplication and division. The kids are doing a wonderful job of seeing the relationship between “families of numbers!” The students took a test, which is coming home today in their white folders.

Today, we discussed another way to write a division problem, and I explained that they will use that form in the future for long division. Then, we created a silly representation of that form, by having students become the divisordividend, and quotient!

division DIVISION-1

In Reading class, we learned about Helen Keller, and had a “word hunt,” searching for vocabulary words in the story.


We also studied poetry this week! Since it is National Poetry Month, we’ll continue to read, write, and enjoy poems throughout April.


Since there is no school on Monday, we look forward to seeing the students on Tuesday. If your child is in the Talent Show, please remember to send in any music they’ll be using on Tuesday! 

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

We were all so proud of the kids’ performance at the Passover Play on Tuesday! They worked so hard; and spoke and sang so beautifully in Hebrew! We hope you enjoy these video clips.

Passover Play Video 3

In Reading class this week, we read a nonfiction story called “Frogs.” We studied vocabulary words, learned about baby animal and adult animal names, and had a fun discussion about frog facts.

Frogs Vocab Frogs Intro 1 Frogs Intro 2 Frogs Intro 3

We also watched a fascinating video about the Glass Frog, which the students showed interest in, the day before. We discussed the words: transparent (able to be seen through), translucent (mostly clear), and camouflage (blending into the environment). We also shared facts about Benjamin Franklin, who invented (among many things) the “glass armonica,” which is a musical instrument featured in the video. You can enjoy the Glass Frog video here.

Have a wonderful Passover Break! Chag Pesach Sameach!

Ms. Stein

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Second Grade News


This week in Parashat Tzav, we learned about the different laws of sacrifices. We discussed who teaches us laws in our lives today: our parents, Rabbis, teachers, the Torah, etc.

In Torah, we had already learned about Adam’s Creation. This week, we learned that Adam named the animals, and we studied the Creation of the first woman, whose name was not yet Eve.

The students studied the order of a seder and the foods on a seder plate. They have also been practicing very well for the upcoming Passover play! We hope you can be here this coming Tuesday, 3/31 from 9-10 am!

Passover play

In Reading this week, we enjoyed a nonfiction story called Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. We studied vocabulary words and Fact & Opinion. The students searched for facts and opinions in their own, personal books. We also reviewed capitalization & punctuation.

Word Study Skills Fact and Opinion

In Math, we continued to study multiplication and division. In our Centers, we enjoyed playing the games Multiplication War and Monsters of the Deep! You’ll see a multiplication test in your child’s white folder today.

Please remember to pack your child a cold lunch Mon-Thurs next week! The kitchen will be closed in preparation for Passover, and there is no school on Friday. Todah!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Today’s Spelling Lesson

Today, we studied short “u” words, and discussed the two sounds that are made from them. For example: jump and push both have a short “u,” but their sounds are different. Also, textbook makes a short “u” sound from its oo. The students are great at brainstorming words, based on the skill we’re studying, and we always seem to have more ideas than time in which to share them! 🙂

Short u Words

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

This has been a very productive week of testing! We are so proud of the students for working so diligently. We had a lot of fun recess time this week, both outdoor and indoor.


On Wednesday, we enjoyed reading a Scholastic News magazine about The Pony Express. We had a very nice discussion about different forms of communication and the geography of America.

Scholastic News 2 Scholastic News 3

Scholastic News

In math class, we continued to study multiplication. We discussed turn-around facts, and how important it is to start memorizing the times tables.


The students each received a multiplication table to study, and then quizzed each other on the facts.

Multiplication Table 1-1 Multiplication Table 2-1 Multiplication Table 3-1 Multiplication Table 4-1

 On Thursday, we celebrated Charlie’s special birthday!

Charlie 1 Charlie 2-1 Charlie 3 Charlie 4

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein

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A Terrific Day of Testing!

The second graders did a terrific job taking the standardized tests today! They worked hard, stayed focused, and had a confident, positive attitude! We’re looking forward to a wonderful rest of the week.

Ms. Stein 🙂

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

This week, we studied two Parashot: Parashat Vayakhel and Parashat Pekude. We learned about the completion of the Mishkan and all of the things that were stored in it. Moses gave a report on the gifts that were given for the Mishkan, and how those gifts were used. We realized that when we do something, we need to follow the appropriate steps and double-check ourselves.

photo 2-12 copy photo 4-2 copy 2 photo 3-3 copy photo 1-10 copy 2photo-20 copy

We also began studying Pesach. Please mark your calendars because the students will be performing in a Pesach play on Tuesday, March 31st from 9-10 AM! 

In Torah, the kids learned that after God created the human being, He told them what to eat and what not to eat. They were allowed to eat every fruit or vegetable, except from the Tree of Knowledge.

In Art class, the students have been studying Vincent Van Gogh. Enjoy this slideshow and Pic Collage, created by Mrs. Gutterman!

Vincent Van Gogh

Today, the students strengthened their digital skills by choosing their own activities! Mrs. Freedman and I gave them five websites, covering four different topics (typing skills, math games, National Geographic info, and read aloud books)! Although they worked independently for most of the time, they had so much fun sharing and laughing at the end!

Digital 1 Digital 2

As you know, standardized testing begins next week. We discussed the 7 Top Test-Taking Tips. The main things to remember are: “Get a good night’s sleep. Eat a healthy breakfast. Read all answer choices before choosing one. Be confident and stay relaxed.” There will be no homework, and lots of fun next week!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

This week in Jewish Studies, we studied the mitzvot of Purim. All of the mitzvot begin with a “Mem.” The following video is about those mitzvot.

In Parashat Tetzaveh, we learned that Moshe anointed the Cohen Gadol (high priests). We talked about the special clothing the Cohanim wore, and made comparisons to the different things that we wear today. For example, there are: regular clothes, Shabbat clothes, wedding attire, uniforms, and costumes.

In Torah, we studied the Creation of the human being. God created us from dust, and then breathed life into us.

As a reminder, if you would like to help us bake hamantashen on Monday, please contact Morah Rivka at

For Purim, we are going to fulfill the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot (exchanging gift baskets.) Please send in 13 identical items for the baskets we will create. You can send things such as: pencils, erasers, kosher candy or cookies, dried fruit, etc. Please send in these items by this coming Tuesday, March 3rd. 

Our special Mystery Reader today was Rabbi Rogozen!

Mystery Reader 1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4

Mystery Reader 5

We hope you can make it to our Purim Festival on Sunday! We’re also looking forward to seeing the kids dressed up in their Purim costumes next Thursday! Have a great weekend.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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