Weekly Update


In Parashat B’har this week, we learned that “God tells Moses to instruct the people in the laws of the Sabbatical and Jubilee years.” We are supposed to give the land a rest every seventh year. We should allow hired laborers to go free after six years of service. Also, the 50th year is called a Jubilee year because it is sacred.

In Torah, we talked about Adam and the woman eating forbidden fruit. When God found out, they blamed one another. We discussed how we should each take responsibility for our own actions.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day) with fun stations around the school! We took a virtual trip to Israel, visiting these cities and participating in these activities:

Hertzelia/Masadah – We chopped and ate Israeli salad in a “restaurant!”

salad  salad 0

Tel Aviv – We shopped for snacks at a Shuk!

shopping 1 shopping 2 salad 2 salad 3

Eilat – We danced to Israeli music!

Dancing 1 Dancing 2

Tzfat – We made Israeli artwork!

 Art 1 Art 2 Art 3 Art 4















Haifa/Maccabiah – We ran through an obstacle course!

Jerusalem – We visited a beautiful model of the Kotel, where we wrote and placed prayers and wishes!

Western Wall 1 Western Wall 2 Western Wall 3 Western Wall 4

That afternoon, we also participated in an environmental Mitzvah, cleaning up trash from Crown Point Rd and the back of our school’s property!

Mitzvah 0 Mitzvah 00 Mitzvah 1 Mitzvah 2 Mitzvah 3 Mitzvah 4 Mitzvah End

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Crown Point Cleanup Mitzvah!

On Tuesday afternoon, Kitah Bet will be participating in a cleanup of a small section of Crown Point Road. Since we “own” part of this road and are responsible for keeping it clean, this is a special mitzvah activity. Please have your child wear good sneakers and sunscreen, if you like. We will only be outside for a maximum of 45 minutes. The 2nd graders, and 6th graders who are helping us, will each be wearing a bright safety vest. The students will be organized into small groups, and will be accompanied by either a teacher or a parent volunteer.

Also, since we’ll be celebrating Yom Ha’Atzmaut in the morning, please have your child wear BLUE AND WHITE dress-down clothes.

It should be an active and very fun-filled day!

Ms. Stein :-)

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Weekly Update


This week in Torah, we began Perek Gimmel. We learned about the conversation between the snake and the woman, regarding eating from the forbidden tree. The snake tried to convince her to eat the forbidden fruit.

In Parashat Emor, we learned about: Shabbat, Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot; and how we are not allowed to do any work during these holidays. We also talked about counting the Omer from the second day of Pesach until Shavuot.

As we’re approaching Yom Ha’Atzmaut, we’re studying the history of Eretz Israel (the land) and Am Israel (the nation). We are discussing key events, and how the land and the people felt during each of these events. The map of Israel tells the story of what the people went through, from the time of our ancestors until the United Nations voted to make Israel the homeland of the Jewish people.

In Math this week, we continued studying capacity. We practiced identifying gallons, quarts, pints, and cups. Several students helped the class estimate and measure amounts of water. By experimenting like this, we discovered that the liter has a slightly larger capacity than a quart.

Lesson 12.3a Lesson 12.3b 1-1 Lesson 12.3b 2 Capacity Drawing 1

Next, we reviewed other units of measurement that we studied in the past. Meters and centimeters measure length; kilograms and grams measure weight; and hours and minutes measure time.

On Thursday, we enjoyed a hilarious puppet show, performed by Lily and her grandmother! We thank them for all of their energy and creativity!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Dress Down Day

This is a reminder that tomorrow is a dress down day, in honor of Rosh Hodesh Iyar! :-)

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Weekly Update

Shalom, Families!

In Math this week, we began studying capacity! The students learned to estimate capacity by comparing containers of different sizes.  Then, we discussed how, just like with the measurement of length and weight, it’s important to measure capacity in standard units. The students were introduced to the liter as a standard unit of capacity. Next week, we will study: gallons, quarts, pints, and cups.

Lesson 12.1 Capacity Lesson 12.1 Capacity 2 Lesson 12.1 Capacity 3 Lesson 12.2a part 1 Lesson 12.2a part 2

 Today, we celebrated a special birthday!

Evan 1-1 Evan 2 Evan 3 Evan 4

Have a wonderful weekend! Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Weekly Update

Happy start to your Passover Break!

Yeladim, we are so proud of your performance in your Passover play! You are great actors, actresses, and singers. We know you worked very hard, rehearsing for this day, and we hope you are proud of yourselves too!

This week, we studied Earth Day, which will take place on Tuesday, April 22nd. We learned about the history of this important day, watched a short video, and sang a fun song called “What Can I Do About Pollution?” We will continue doing some fun Earth Day activities the week we return to school.

Earth Day

In math class, we finished studying fractions.

Fraction Square 1 Fraction Square 2

In Wordly Wise, our story was called Castles of Sand, and we learned about an annual sandcastle and sculpture day every August on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. Check out these great pictures of real sand creations that we found!

sand castle lit up sand fish sand Jeep sand people Sand Shark

We’ve been continuing to observe the eagles in Davenport, Iowa. We were so excited to see the mom feeding the baby this morning!

eagle 1 eagle 2 eagle 3

You can visit this site and scroll down to see a tree top view and a nest view.

Our Mystery Reader today was Jacob G.’s dad!

mr1 mr2 mr3 mr4

 Have a safe, relaxing, and delicious Passover Break!

Chag Pesach Sameach,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Weekly Update

Shalom & Happy Friday!

In Parashat Metzora, we discussed “the purification ritual for people and homes afflicted with leprosy.” Back then , the Cohen checked everyone for health. We talked about what we do today to make sure everybody is healthy.

In our study of Pesach, we reviewed the four questions and the four sons. We also discussed prepositions in Hebrew, as they helped us search for chametz: above the bookshelf, under the desk, in the trash can, etc. The students had to use charades to communicate. We also worked hard, practicing for Tuesday’s play!


Here is a Science Update from Mrs. Jaffa:

“The second graders have been observing bald eagles nesting at this website in their classes. This month the eaglets should be hatching. To help supplement their observation of the eggs, the second grade designed an experiment to remove the shell from an egg, in order to observe the internal structures. This experiment took two weeks to be completed. In the first week, we set up the chemical reaction to remove the shell from the raw egg. In the second week, we learned about all of the parts of the egg, and how these parts help the chick grow inside. The kids really loved the fact that the got to design the steps of the experiment, and they had many wonderful hypotheses. The next week, they were so inquisitive and could not wait to see their results. Many students could not believe that the eggs were transparent and they could see the insides of the egg.  This was an eggs-cellent experiment!”

Inline image 2Inline image 1
Inline image 4Inline image 3

We have been doing a lot of writing in class, working on personal narratives. After brainstorming and writing a few rough drafts, we have begun editing. The students have worked on capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and descriptive language. We were so grateful to be visited by Prince Period this week! He taught us more about periods and where they belong in sentences.

Prince 0-1 Prince 1Prince 3

In studying descriptive language, the students learned about replacing the boring word “said” with words that readers would find more interesting. Your child may have told you that “Said is dead!”

Said is Dead

Here is our Word Wall.  We are collecting better words for said and WOW words too!

word wall

In Math class, we’ve been having fun studying fractions. Here is Jett, with a homemade fraction project he created!

Jett 1 Jett 2 Jett 3

The students explored fraction pieces, using words like “greater than” and “less than.”

fraction 1 fraction 2 fraction pieces

Our Mystery Reader today was Evan’s mom! She read us Only 9 Chairs, a funny book about Passover!

Mystery Reader 1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4

There will be no hot lunch served all next week, as the kitchen staff prepares for Pesach, so please be sure to pack your child cold lunches.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Weekly Update

Shalom, Families!

During this intensive week of Standardized Testing, the students worked so hard and concentrated so well! We are really proud of them! During breaks between tests, we did brain-strengthening exercises, jumping jacks, and even took some very short naps!

1 2

As a nice break from the seriousness of testing, we explored something called “Laughter Yoga.” It was created in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, who led a group of five people through some laughter exercises to see if they would improve people’s well-being. Laughter Yoga now seems to be gaining popularity all over the world! It is a silly way of helping your body release feel-good hormones called endorphins. This seems to happen even if you are pretending to laugh, and eventually fake laughter often turns into real laughter. These are the health benefits of laughing that we discussed in class:


We watched the following video, which explained and demonstrated the process very well.  Carla Brown & Phoebe

Next, we watched this funny video, just to promote some more laughing! Laughing Baby

Then, we went outside and did some Laughter Yoga of our own! The students were very creative, in coming up with their own silly activities!

This week in Jewish Studies, we focused on Pesach. We prepared for our play and sang songs. The performance will take place on Tuesday, April 8th at 9:00 AM.

Also, please send in a white pillowcase with your child’s name written on it for a special Passover project. 

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Weekly Update

Happy Friday!

This week in Jewish Studies, the students began studying Pesach. Please mark your calendars because they will be performing in a Pesach play on Tuesday, April 8th from 9-10 AM! We studied Parashat Shemini this week. You can click on the link for a detailed summary.

In Math class this week, we took a break from telling time to review fractions!

Fractions 1 Fractions 2 Fractions 3 Fractions 4 Fractions 5 Fractions 6 Fractions 7

 Today’s Mystery Readers were Elliana’s parents!!

MR 1 MR 2 MR 2.5 MR 3 MR 4

Standardized Testing begins next week. We discussed some healthy test-taking tips, such as getting a good night’s sleep and eating a good breakfast. I also sent home some information.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka



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Weekly Update

Purim Sameach!

In Jewish Studies, we studied Parashat Tzav this week, and we learned about the different offerings that Aaron was commanded to do.

In Torah, we continued to discuss the creation of the first woman, and we finished the second chapter. Next week, we will start the third chapter.

For Purim, we had fun baking hamantashen!

Hamantashen 7 Hamantashen 6 Hamantashen 5 Hamantashen 4 Hamantashen 3 Hamantashen 1 Hamantashen 2

We also sang songs, paraded around the Main Sanctuary, played games with middle schoolers, exchanged Mishloach Manot, and enjoyed wearing costumes!

Purim Class Pic PURIM

Purim Games 1 Purim Games 2 Purim Games 3 Purim Games 4

We had a special guest speaker visit us in Jewish Studies this week. He talked about the definition of bullying, the ways to know if you’re being bullied, and what to do if you’re being bullied. He taught us that the person with the most power is the bystander!

Bullying Lesson Bullying

Our Mystery Reader today was a very old man, who claimed to be 1,999 1/2 years old!    He was Jake’s Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Uncle!

Mystery Reader 1

Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4-1 Mystery Reader 5

We hope to see you on Sunday at the Carnival!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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