Weekly Update


On Monday, we attended a fun assembly, where we watched Israeli dancers from Ramat Gan! These 20 dancers ranged in age from 11-16 years old. Three of them visited our classroom to share information and to answer questions. Many of us felt inspired to become dancers too!

Ramat Gan

This week in Torah, we finished studying the fifth day of Creation.

In Parashat Vayehi, we discussed how on Jacob’s deathbed, he blessed his sons and grandsons. We continue this tradition today by blessing our own children every Friday night.

We also talked about what we can do by ourselves in Hebrew. For example: singing, reading, and writing on our own. We used an app called Voice Thread to practice recording our responses. This app can be used on both iPads and computers. We will be using this app periodically in class, and as a homework assignment. I am sending home a letter in your child’s white folder today with detailed information, including their username and password for logging in.

In Math this week, we learned to measure weight in kilograms (kg) and grams (g). Did you know that measuring weight could be this much fun? weight 1weight 2  weight 3 weight 4 weight 5 weight 6 weight 7 weight 8 weight 9 weight 10

As we studied our new Spelling pattern this week, we enjoyed two, short videos on the Long “o” sound: #1  and #2

We also watched a video on sign language! This tied into our reading story of the week, called Dear Juno. It was about a Korean American boy who corresponds with his Korean grandmother. They do not speak or write in the same language, yet they are able to communicate effectively through pictures.

We had a special visitor on Wednesday – Maya’s grandmother, Mrs. Shapiro! She read us a very cute book called How Pizza Came to Queens!

Mrs. Shapiro 1 Mrs. Shapiro 2 Mrs. Shapiro 3 Mrs. Shapiro 4

Our Mystery Reader today was Mauri Mizrahi! She read us three wonderful books!

Mauri 0 Mauri 1 Mauri 2 Mauri 3 Mauri 4

During Center time, the students are becoming even more independent. Look at the concentration of these hard-workers!

Centers 1 Centers 2 Centers 3 Centers 4 Centers 5 Centers 6

One new activity we’ve been doing during Center time involves using an iPad app called Explain Everything. Please be checking your child’s blogfolio in the next few days for a personalized math problem created and recorded by your child!

With only one more week until Winter Break, we are continuing to work hard and to make every moment count. In Daily 5, we call this “a sense of urgency” because we know that every moment should be devoted to learning and growing.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Weekly Update

Shalom, Parents!

This week, we studied Parashat Vayigash. We learned that we should always take care of our family, the way that Joseph did. Click on the link above to learn much more!

In Torah, we finished studying the fourth day of Creation, when God created the sun, the moon, and the stars. We read a story about why the moon is smaller than the sun. The kids really enjoyed it!

We concluded our study of Chanukah by enjoying a school-wide party. We also played a game on the Smartboard and created these riddles.

Rivka 1 Rivka 2 Rivka 3 Rivka 4 Rivka 5

PicCollage-3 PicCollage-4

In General Studies this week, we learned about the Word Work component of our Daily 5 Language Arts program.

Word Work

Here are the activities in this Center:

Rainbow words (tracing over our spelling words in several colors )

“Stamp Your Spelling Words”

 “Spelling Word Sums” (using the numbers from Scrabble tiles to add up the sums of words.)

The kids really enjoyed not only the hands-on activities, but also the freedom to choose which one to work on, and when to switch to a new one. There will be more activities coming, in order to keep the practicing of Spelling words as engaging as possible!

We also studied geography this week by: exploring a world map, discussing the seven continents, locating Israel, and locating South Africa, in honor of Mr. Nelson Mandela. We also talked about temperatures of places around the world, due to their distance from the equator. The students had so much to share, and loved coming up to the map! Since there just wasn’t enough time to hear everyone’s comments and questions, we will definitely continue this area of study. We integrate geography into every possible lesson, in order to give it relevance and meaning.


In Math class, we concluded Unit 3, and are now ready for a cumulative test. Then, we will begin Unit 4 on Measuring Weight!

Our Mystery Reader today was Jett’s grandmother, “Gagi!”

Mystery Reader 1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4 Mystery Reader 5


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Adjectives in Art!

Mrs. Gutterman and I have been working together to integrate our study of grammar!    The students used a program called Pic Collage to create pictures (nouns) and describing words (adjectives). You can find these wonderful creations on your child’s blogfolio!             Mrs. Gutterman also put together this adorable video:

For more information on this project, and to see more incredible art, please visit her Art Blog!

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Green Spelling List #10

Good Afternoon, Parents!

I wanted to let you know that if your child has Green Spelling List #10 this week, there is a special word I would like to clarify. The word is wreath, and it can be very much related to Chanukah! Please enjoy the beautiful and creative wreaths below!

Hanukkah Wreath 3-2 hanukkah wreath 2-5 Hanukkah Wreath -3 Hanukkah Wreath 4-2 Hanukkah Wreath 5-2 Hanukkah Wreath 6-2 Hanukkah Wreath 7-2 hanukkah wreath 8-2

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Happy Thanksgivukah!

Today, we celebrated both Chanukah and Thanksgiving with a special Intergenerational Day program! It was wonderful to see so many family members. Enjoy your holiday celebrations!



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Weekly Update

This week in Jewish Studies, we finished studying the story of Chanukah. To help us study, we read stories and played on the Smartboard. We learned about the two miracles: the oil lasting for 8 days, and the victory of the Jews against the Greeks.

We are continuing to progress in the Ashrei prayer.

For the last two weeks, we have been doing spelling tests in class. The kids have been very excited! First, I give a pretest, in which the students have not had a chance to study. Then, Morah Ilana corrects the tests. Next, the students copy the list at home. Finally, the students take a final test on Friday. Please encourage your child to study their words at home.

On Wednesday, Morah Eta read us the book “Molly’s Pilgrim,”  and we discussed how there are different kinds of pilgrims, even today! These modern-day pilgrims still move to new countries for religious freedom and other reasons. We connected this story with the story of Chanukah. In both, people fought for the right to practice their own religion. Next week, we will watch the movie, “Molly’s Pilgrim!”

In Parashat Vayeshev, we talked about Joseph’s dream. We discussed each other’s dreams as well. In Torah, we are continuing to study the third day of Creation.

In Math this week, we practiced measuring in standard units, rather than the nonstandard units of last week. We began with the Metric System, studying meters and centimeters. We also added and subtracted lengths.

Lesson 3.2a

After taking notes, we had some hands-on experience measuring our shoes!

Shoe 1 Shoe 2 Shoe 3 Shoe 4 Shoe 5 Shoe 6

Next, we learned to measure curved lines! I first demonstrated by measuring a curved line on the board with a piece of string, taping it down as I went. Next, I measured the piece of string with a ruler. Instead of string, the students used pipe cleaners to slowly trace curved lines. Then, they measured the pipe cleaners with rulers. The students also practiced using tape measures, which saved a step in the process. This work took concentration and teamwork!

Lines 1 Lines 2 Lines 3 Lines 4 Lines 5 Lines 6

The kids are doing very well working in Centers. They have learned to work quietly and independently, which allows Ms. Wulbern and I to focus on groups and individuals. In one of the Centers, the kids read a story called “The Bremen Town Musicians.” Here is the vocabulary for that story, which I introduced to everyone on Monday.

Bremen Town Musicians 1

Our Mystery Reader this week was Dr. Mitzmacher!

mitz 1 mitz 2 mitz 3

Next week will be a fun 2 1/2 days of integrating our regular work with our celebration of Chanukah and Thanksgiving! We’re looking forward to Intergenerational Day on Wednesday as well! There will be a 12:00 dismissal and no lunch served on that day.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka





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Weekly Update

Shalom, Families!

In General Studies last Monday, we discussed the special holiday of Veteran’s Day. We learned about some of the yearly traditions, such as flying the American flag at half-mast and attending parades. We also stood up and proudly sang the Star Spangled Banner. Here is some of the information we discussed:

Veterans_ Day

We also worked on a Veteran’s Day packet during Centers this week. It included historical information, as well as reading comprehension stories. The students worked in groups, helping one another, and we began to go over the packet together on Friday.

In Math class, we had two reviews and took two tests. Then, we began our unit on Length. Elliana helped me introduce the very first lesson!

Measuring 1 Measuring 2 Measuring 3 Measuring 4 Measuring 5 Measuring 6

We learned about measuring in nonstandard units.

Lesson 3.1a

The next day, we continued to explore nonstandard units. The students measured things in and around the room, using: footsteps, forearms, ribbon, and small & large paper clips. They were quite creative!

Measuring 7 Measuring 8 Measuring 9 Measuring 10 Measuring 11 Measuring 12 Measuring 13 Measuring 14 Measuring 15 Measuring 16 Measuring 17 Measuring 18

On Thursday, we watched a cute, little video, which reminded us to capitalize at the beginning of each sentence, and to put punctuation at the end. While most students are remembering these conventions, it’s always good to have reminders.

Science Update from Mrs. Jaffa!

“This week we continued to explore matter and how matter can change when we make mixtures and solutions.  We experimented separating a heterogeneous mixture and making a homogeneous solution.  The kids loved their separating and eating the Thanksgiving Mixture and drinking the  Pumpkin Punch Solution.  Soon we will finish discussing and experimenting with matter and move on to energy.”

2nd Grade Mixture and Solutions

This week in Jewish Studies, we continued to study the Chanukah story. On Thursday, Kitah Gimmel visited us, and shared Chanukah-related items, such as: Chanukiot, decorations, oil, and dreidels.

Chanukah 1 Chanukah 2 Chanukah 3

In Torah, we began learning about the third day of Creation. We are progressing nicely through the Ashrei prayer, letter by letter. In Parasha, we explored Parashat Vayishlah. Twenty years after Jacob left his family, he returned home. Along the way, he met his brother, Esau. Jacob was afraid that Esau still wanted revenge, so he brought Esau gifts. However, Esau had forgiven him, and the brothers made peace. After wrestling with God’s angel, Jacob’s named was changed to Israel.

We are looking forward to our Thanksgiving/Chanukkah celebration at Intergenerational Day, next Wednesday the 27th! There will be a 12:00 dismissal on that day. Have a wonderful week ahead!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Spelling This Week


We will most likely not be using SpellingCity.com to practice our words in class this week. Therefore, I wanted to encourage your child to play the games and take the practice test at home, if they don’t already. I just finished posting the words for List #8, so have fun!

: ) Ms. Stein

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Weekly Update

Last week in Torah, we finished learning about the second day of Creation. In Parasha, we studied Parashat Vayetze, which talks about Jacob’s dream and the promise that God gave him. We also studied the Hebrew names of the items inside our pencil boxes, and how to say what we do with each item. It was fun playing a card game, in order to practice our singular and plural nouns. Although it seems too early, we began to study the story of Chanukah! As part of the Daily 5 literacy program, we practiced Read-to-Someone!

1 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Last week in Math, we completed our study of subtraction with regrouping. We did a fun activity where each child received 6 random playing cards, which were numbered 0-9. They had to decide how best to create two 3-digit numbers, which were then subtracted. We did this four kids at a time. The player with the lowest number won that round. The kids really enjoyed the game!

Lesson 2.5e Activity part 1 Lesson 2.5e Activity part 2

We also played a game in our three groups, called the “You Decide” Regrouping Game. Each group began with 950 points, and the object was to get down to zero, or as close as possible. One group member rolled a die, and then together as a team, the group decided if that number should represent ones, tens, or hundreds. That value was then subtracted. The tricky part was that each team had to roll the die exactly 7 times, so as they got closer to the end of the game, it really took some strategy and teamwork!

Regrouping Game

Speaking of teamwork, our Reading story last week was called Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat. We began by brainstorming the qualities of a good team.

Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat

Then, we learned some new Vocabulary words.

Ronald Morgan Vocab

In addition to reading that cute story, and taking the S.T.A.R. test for the second time this year, we also worked on Read-to-Self in Daily 5. We have now built our stamina of silent reading time up to 20 minutes!

In Grammar, we studied how nouns name: people, places, things, animals, and even ideas. Then, we studied how adjectives describe nouns. We used several interactive lessons on our Smartboard, which allowed students to take more ownership in the activity. With the wonderful help of Mrs. Gutterman, we began creating Adjective projects using an iPad app called Pic Collage. One group has created theirs so far, and the rest will do so this coming week. I felt extremely proud of those first projects because of the students’ excitement and the deep, authentic learning that was taking place! I can’t wait to see the other three groups’ projects!

Friday’s Mystery Reader was Andrea’s grandmother, “Yaya!” She was visiting from California, and it was a pleasure having her here.

Yaya 1 Yaya 2 Yaya 3 Yaya 4

We are looking forward to another wonderful week of learning and fun!

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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Weekly Update

In Torah last week, we started learning about the second day of Creation. On Thursday, the kids decorated an electrical outlet cover. Since God said, “Let there be light,” the kids colored their projects yellow and wrote, “יהי אור”

Sam Sophia classIn class, we also talked about the items that help us to learn: books, cards, posters, games, etc (ספרים, כרטיסים, לוחות, משחקים). We played matching games on the Smartboard, using a site called Quizlet.

In Parashat Toldot, we discussed how twins can look the same, but be very different people. They can also not be identical, like Esau and Jacob, and also have very different qualities.

Last week, we had a different routine in General Studies, due to the field trip on Monday and no Spelling lists. We journaled on many topics, and enjoyed sharing our writing with the class. We also did a writing activity called “How Do I Learn?” It addressed several different learning styles, and helped kids think about: words, numbers, pictures, “body” (kinesthetic learning), music, people (interpersonal), and “myself” (intra-personal). The kids wrote a check mark for sentences that were true for them, left the line blank for sentences that were not true for them, and highlighted the ones they were still deciding on. I believe that when kids think about their thinking (metacognition), they start to understand how they best learn, and they develop more self-awareness in general. Take a look at the activity:

In Math, we continued to study the regrouping of tens and hundreds. We also watched a math video on subtraction with grouping. We’ll be finishing up Unit 2 soon, and then moving on to a fun unit on length!

It was nice to see many of you today at the Game On event today! The PTA and volunteers did an amazing job of organizing and running everything – thank you!

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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