A Glance into our Days…

This week in Jewish Studies, we continued to learn about Rosh Hashanah and how we prepare for the holiday. We talked about the foods that we enjoy (apples & honey, round challah, and pomegranate).

You can see our round challah (חלות עגולות), pomegranate (רימונים), fish head (ראש של דג), apples and honey (תפוחים בדבש), candles (נרות), wine (יין), and flowers (פרחים).

We discussed how the main mitzvah during Rosh Hashanah is to listen to the sound of the shofar. We learned about the four sounds of the shofar, and the kids enjoyed practicing the sounds with their hands and with real shofarot.  We also learned the other name of Rosh Hashanah יום תרועה.  Next, we read a story about a child named Shachar (שחר), who was anxious and impatient to hear the shofar. He kept asking his parents, grandparents, and friend when it would be time. Finally, when the time came and Shachar recited the blessing, he felt very happy and a part of the service!

During our discussions, we talked about how this time of the year, we ask for forgiveness from friends and family.  Our class baked honey cakes, which was a lot of fun!  Thank you so much to all of the parent volunteers who came to help us with the baking.

photo 2photo 1  photo 4 photo 3

It was a short week for us, but still filled with lots of learning.  This week we started our third Daily 5 component.  The students were introduced to the Word Work area of our room.  They were given a practice word list and off they went to work with their words.  We had window chalk words, stencils, stamps, wikki sticks, and rainbow words.  These are fun ways that the children can interact with the spelling pattern of the week.  There will be new activities added to this component every week or so.  Soon they will be able to challenge themselves by thinking of more sophisticated words using the weekly spelling pattern.  We will learn some dictionary skills this way.

Writer’s Workshop has been a success so far.  Our focus has been on revising our small moments.  We are learning that adding details and being more specific helps draw the reader into our story.  We think about what our moments feel like and try to put that into words.  The students are also learning how much they can help each other.  They have started peer conferencing and bounce ideas off of one another.  Next week, we will work on building a strong beginning.

In math, we finished another number sense chapter.  We worked with numbers up to 100.  The students learned exactly what a number means with the ones, tens, and hundreds. Soon we will be starting our Native American Social Studies research projects!

I wish we had more pictures!  We all get so engaged, and it’s usually all over before I grab the camera:)  But here are some to give you and idea of our new routines.

Window word work!

Window word work!

Our group of Shofar experts has grown!

Our group of Shofar experts has grown!

We write wherever and however we are comfortable:)

We write wherever and however we are comfortable:)

Peer revising. I wish I had recorded their conversation.

Peer revising. I wish I had recorded their conversation.

More word work with stamping.

More word work with stamping.

Read to a friend is part of our Daily 5. These kiddos are each reading a different book to each other. And discussing them:)

Read to a friend is part of our Daily 5. These kiddos are each reading a different book to each other. And discussing them:)

Our official window art:)

Our official window art:)

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Wonderful Week 2!

Wow! what a great week we have had in Kitah Bet in Jewish Studies. As we are approaching the High Holidays, we have started learning in Jewish Studies about the Jewish months of Elul and Tishri, as well as the order of the months of the year. We’ve also discussed how the Jewish year starts with Tishri and ends with Elul. We sang, danced, and played games to recognize each month.We studied all about the things we have to prepare to get ready for Rosh Hashana (new years cards-כרטיס ברכה, apples and honey-תפוח בדבש, pomegranate-רימון, machzor-מחזור, and round challahs-חלה עגולה).
We also learned that MOST IMPORTANT of all is to do תשובה and to say  “סליחה”-(forgiveness and repentance)..and read three books about asking for forgiveness and act out the stories.

photo 2photo

photo 1
On Friday, we made greeting cards for Rosh Hashanah.

The students continue to practice their reading and cursive Hebrew writing. Keep up the good work!

Our week in General Studies has been busy and productive! We are still getting used to all of the new routines and how things work in second grade.  The children have been adapting quickly and I’m so proud of how hard they have been working.

We are getting comfortable with the components of Daily 5.  We continued practicing Read to Self and I added another expectation.  They took their reading journals and books with them and chose a character to focus on.  They recorded the character traits in their journals and had to ‘prove it’ to us as we conferenced with them.  They did this by reading us the text or showing us the pictures that guided them to chose the trait.  We also started Reading to a Friend.  We talked about how we can help each other grow into stronger readers…and it is amazing at how much they truly do help each other.

The children have really caught on to the personal narrative unit in Writer’s Workshop.  Our first piece of writing is a ‘small moment’ that we nurture into something beautiful and substantial.  We have gathered ideas, sketched them, wrote them, and now we are going back to revise them.   Everyone is at a different stage and working at their own pace.

We just finished chapter 1 in Singapore math, which was a review.  Next week we will move on to working with larger numbers.

Pictures will follow over the weekend…

Have a wonderful long weekend!!!


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Off to a Great Start

This week has been all about getting to know each other and our classroom.  We are learning about our new routines, becoming familiar with expectations of classroom behavior, and starting the second grade curriculum.

In Jewish Studies, we are learning how to welcome each other in hebrew by singing songs and playing games.  We studied the different way to welcome boys and girls.  The students received a reading book in which they read a few pages in class.  Later in the week, the children began to practice their cursive Hebrew writing.  In addition to this work, the class prayed and sang songs together.

We are busy getting to know each other in General Studies.  We have been preparing our book boxes for reading, and decorating our writing journals for the new curriculum.   We are slowly but surely falling into our routine and schedule for the year.  The students are learning about the Daily 5 and the expectations of each component.  This week we learned about picking out the right book for us, three ways to read a book, and practiced our stamina for Read to Self.  They did awesome!  We also started our first unit of Singapore Math.  We explored place value and different ways to write a number.  We used paper clips, dice, and whiteboards.   Please check our Reflections sheet daily to find out how your child did in class that day.  It’s helpful if you sign so we know that you have seen the page.  Excited for week 2!

We decorated our writing journals with pictures of things that remind us of ourselves, places we have been, etc.  These will help give us ideas if we get stuck.  And they look great!



We were practicing writing numbers in different ways today.  The children worked in partners using dice.  I was amazed at how well they worked with each other.

IMG_1428 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1432


We had some guests come in and blow the shofar.  Some of us had our own and were able to join them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Welcome to Second Grade!

It was very exciting to see all of the sweet and smiling faces at the Meet and Greet.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year full of learning and fun.  Our classroom blog will be a great place to catch up on everything we will be doing throughout the year.  Check out our classroom procedures link to get an idea of what our daily routine is like and what to expect in our backpacks at the end of the day.  Let the learning begin!!!!!


Mrs. Kaplan and Morah Rivka

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

I hope you are having a great summer so far! About a week ago, the 2nd graders and 6th graders participated in a fun mitzvah project! We cleaned up trash from Crown Point Rd!

Crown Point Cleanup 1 Crown Point Cleanup 2 Crown Point Cleanup 3 Crown Point Cleanup 4 Crown Point Cleanup 10 Crown Point Cleanup - whole group

During our Morning Meeting on the last few days of school, we enjoyed singing along with these fun versions of Modeh Ani!

Last week, we celebrated the summer birthdays of Blake, Brian, and Noam! We also said goodbye to Owen and his family.

Owen 1 Owen 2 Owen 3 Owen 4 Owen 5

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Ms. Stein 🙂

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Reminder for Monday

Hello! This is a reminder to have your child wear pajamas for School Spirit and sneakers for our Crown Point Rd Cleanup on Monday! You may also want to apply sunscreen at home. We will be having a small, end-of-year celebration Monday afternoon.

Also, you do not need to return the white folder or homework folder to school. Do send your child’s backpack, because we will be sending home even more paperwork on Monday! 🙂

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein

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Second Grade News

Happy Friday!

In Jewish Studies this week, we studied Torah and learned that Adam and the woman (whose name was not yet Eve) ate fruit from the forbidden tree. God confirmed with them what they had done, and then punished the woman and the snake. We then had a great discussion about taking responsibility and not blaming others for our mistakes.

We finished studying Shavuot by singing a song about Mount Sinai and the receiving of the Torah.

We also reviewed the Hebrew names for our school supplies, and learned to use verbs to describe how we use them.

In Math this week, we studied different ways to organize data: pictures, tally charts, tables, and picture graphs. We studied lots of picture graphs, comparing and contrasting the information. We also examined real fruit, in order to create this graph.

Picture Graph - Fruit

Like last week, we caught another moment of spontaneous reading! 🙂

Hallway Reading

Today, we discussed Memorial Day, watched a short video, and had a nice discussion.

Memorial Day

We had so much fun celebrating Shavuot, with our Bikkurim Festival today!

Shavuot 1 Shavuot 2 Shavuot 3 Shavuot 4 Shavuot 5

Have a safe and fun Shavuot and Memorial Day!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Final Spelling List

For our last spelling list of the school year, we are studying the syllables -tion and -ture. The students brainstormed lots of wonderful words this morning!

Spelling List #19

There are two, special Bonus Words on this week’s list. I explained to the students that they can only help your score, not hurt it. Enjoy the challenge!

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

This week in Jewish Studies, we read two Parashot, Parashat B’har and Parashat B’hukotai. We talked about giving the land and crops a rest every seven years; the Jubilee tradition every 50 years; and the benefits and punishments of following God’s rules.

We digitally “visited” the Kotel and wrote notes about our wishes.

Shavuot is coming soon! We studied the different names for the holiday, and read a story about receiving the Torah. Remember that our Bikkurim Celebration is taking place next Friday, 5/22. Please have your child wear all white, and bring a small basket of fruits and/or veggies. If you would like the basket returned to you, please label it with your name! 

In Math class this week, we studied fractions in a group.

Fractions in a Group 1 Fractions in a Group 2 Fractions in a Group 3 Fractions in a Group 4 Fractions in a Group 5

After a math test this week, we enjoyed a spontaneous moment of reading together!

Reading Together

In Library with Mrs. Hallett and Mrs. Freedman, the kids have been doing biography research, using books and kid-friendly websites. After gathering their information, they have begun writing their reports in General Studies. Here are some of the students sharing their Biographies with their classmates.

Biography 0 Biography 1 Biography 2 Biography 3

We enjoyed meeting with you during our conferences today, and look forward to meeting with the rest of you next week!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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Second Grade News


In Jewish Studies this week, we studied places in Yerushalayim, such as: the Kotel, museums, and the Supreme Court. We discussed what we would do day-to-day, if we were living there.

In Parashat Emor, we studied holidays that are in the Torah (Sukkot, Pesach, etc), and others that are not (Chanukah, Purim, etc). During holidays that are found in the Torah, we are not allowed to do any work. During the other holidays, we can still do our normal activities.

On Thursday, we had so much fun celebrating Lag B’Omer!

Lag B_Omer 1 Lag B_Omer 2 Lag B_Omer 3 Lag B_Omer 4 Lag B_Omer 5 Lag B_Omer 6 Lag B_Omer 7 Lag B_Omer 8 Lag B_Omer 9 Lag B_Omer 10 Lag B_Omer 11 Lag B_Omer 12 Lag B_Omer 13 Lag B_Omer 14

This week, we enjoyed reading and discussing a story called Red, White, & Blue – The Story of the American Flag.

Red, White, & Blue Flags Red, White, & Blue

We studied some challenging vocabulary words, and practiced our dictionary skills too!


Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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