Weekly Update

Happy Friday!

We sure packed a lot of learning into the last four days!

In Jewish Studies class, we reprised our Tu B’Shevat play from last year’s Haggigat HaSiddur, performing for Kitot Alef and Gimmel. Kitah Bet did a great job!


In Parashat Yitro, we learned how Yitro advised Moses on establishing the court system. We discussed the Ten Commandments, the Exodus from Egypt, and how we should appreciate our freedom today.

In studying Tu B’Shevat, we talked about the different shapes of leaves on trees, and how trees look in each season.

On the actual day of Tu B’Shevat, Kitah Bet visited Trad’s Plant Nursery! We had so much fun exploring all different kinds of plants, learning new information, and even feeding chickens! When we returned to school, we were able to taste a vegetable called bok choy. What a great day!

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful class discussion on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the society in which he lived. As the students asked thoughtful questions, Ms. Wulbern and I carefully answered them, being aware of the sensitive nature of this time in recent history. Here is a list of the ideas we discussed.


Have a wonderful, long weekend, and we will you see you on Tuesday!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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The Creation בראשית Orchestra

Last Friday we had a special visit from Jewish Theatre artist Jon Adam Ross.  With his help Kitah Bet and Kitah  Gimmel created the sounds of the creation story.  We created sounds for light, water, earth, trees, the moon and stars, birds and fish, animals and finally Shabbat.

Please enjoy our Creation orchestra with our conductor Jon Adam Ross.

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Weekly Update

Shalom, Families!

Last week in Jewish Studies, we finished learning about the sixth day of Creation in Torah. We discussed how back then, all people and animals were vegetarian. To summarize this unit on Creation, we played a game on the Smartboard.

In Parashat B’shalah, we talked about the splitting of the Sea of Reeds, and how the Jews safely crossed it. We also discussed a special food that was given by God and fell from the sky! It was called “manna,” and it tasted like anything people could imagine. On most days, people collected enough manna for just that day. On Fridays, people had to collect two portions because they could not be gathering food on Shabbat. This explains why we put two challot (loaves of challah) on the Shabbat table.

In our new unit, we discussed the members of our families. Speaking in Hebrew, we talked about mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters.

Finally, we began studying Tu B’Shevat. We reviewed the Hebrew words for the parts of the tree, and discussed how we prepare for the holiday. We studied various types of trees, and how they have different shapes.

Please have your child practice the Ashrei prayer at home. We have completed it in class, and I will test them on it soon.

In Math class last week, we began to study multiplication! We discussed and took notes on how multiplication is repeated addition, and how you must have equal groups. Later in the week, we learned about arrays, and made our own array creations, which I will send home soon.

Multiplication 1 Multiplication 2

I am very proud to report that everyone did well on our first Wordly Wise test! We had a lot of fun studying the words and doing the lessons.

Our Mystery Reader on Friday was Rabbi Lubliner! It was great to see how surprised the kids were because (from reading the clues) they really thought it was going to be someone’s father!

Rabbi clues

Rabbi 2-1 Rabbi 2 Rabbi 3 Rabbi 4

As I mentioned on Monday, there is a school-wide door decorating contest for the “4th Habit of Happy Kids – Think Win-Win!” We traced the students’ hands and had them write about and/or draw a specific example of this strategy. We also spelled out “Think Win-Win” by having the students form the letters with their bodies! Finally, I posted some quotations, relating to this topic. I would like to thank Mrs. Scharf and Mrs. Setzer for their helpful and creative assistance! The judging will take place tomorrow. Wish us luck!


There will be no school this Friday, the 17th due to our annual Professional Development Day. Therefore, we will work hard to accomplish all of our work in just four days! There will also be no school next Monday, the 20th due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka


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Welcome Back!

Today was a wonderful first day back to school! This morning, we enjoyed a Spirit Assembly, where we watched some middle schoolers act out scenes to help us study the “Think Win-Win” concept from The Seven Habits of Happy Kids. We will even be decorating our classroom door this week using this theme, as we compete for a prize!

Today, we started our Wordly Wise vocabulary program! We began to learn each word by listening to the audio description of Lesson 1. Your child can study from their workbook or online each week by visiting WordlyWise3000.com. Click on “Students,” make sure you select “Book 2″ for second grade, and then choose “Lesson 1.” Unfortunately, the kids can only play the games every 5 lessons. At least it’s something to look forward to!

Just as we practiced drawing images of vocabulary words with Mrs. Gutterman before the break, we’ll be doing the same activity with these new words during Centers this week. I am looking forward to seeing the kids’ creativity!

All written Wordly Wise work will be done in class. All that I’d like your child to do at home is to study the words and multiple definitions. It will take responsibility for your child to remember to bring the workbook back to school and home each day.

Ms. Wulbern and I are anticipating a great week of school and a wonderful 2014!

Ms. Stein :)

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Weekly Update

Happy official start of Winter Break!

This week in Jewish Studies, we studied Parashat Sh’mot. We learned about how the Jews became slaves in Egypt. We also learned about the birth of Moses, and how he cared for others as an adult.

In Torah, we studied the sixth day of Creation and how God created the human being. We had a very interesting conversation about our image, God’s image, and whether or not He has a body. One child said that yes, He does have a body because Moses saw his back. One child said that no, He does not have a body, that He is a light. Another child said that He cannot have a body because He is not in this world, He is in the sky. What do you think? Please leave us a comment, or discuss this topic with your child.

This week, we also continued discussing what we can do by ourselves in Hebrew (speaking, reading, writing, singing, etc).

In Math class, we finished Unit 3 on the measurement of weight. I sent home one test, and I’ll be sending home another when we return from break. In our next unit, we will study multiplication!

To prepare for the Wordly Wise vocabulary program, which begins the day we return, the students worked in small groups with Mrs. Gutterman. Using vocabulary words from our Reading story, Anansi Goes Fishing, she had them discuss the meanings of the words, and then draw pictures to represent those words. The students’ ideas were so creative! They will use this lesson to transition into Wordly Wise. I love watching the kids’ vocabulary grow during the winter and spring!

Our Mystery Reader this week was Maya’s Safta, Mrs. Shapiro!

Safta 1 Safta 2 Safta 3 Safta 4

Today, we watched Kitah Alef perform two plays in their classroom! They did such a great job! Kitah Bet loved being the audience, and recalling the play they performed last year with Ms. Lewis!

Alef 1 Alef 2 Alef 3 Alef 4

“School resumes on Monday, January 6th. We will have a welcome back assembly and students may dress down.

Students do not have to come to school in school uniform; however, they must still dress modestly.  They are allowed to wear jeans and t-shirts; however, all t-shirts must have appropriate writing, cover shoulders, and be of an appropriate length.  Crocks, Flip Flops, Sandals and open- toed shoes are not allowed.  Questions, please contact the Day School Office at 268-4200 ext. 148.

Future Dress Down Days – Mark Your Calendars Now!
Monday, February 3
Monday, March 3
Wednesday, April 30″

We would like to thank you all very much for contributing to our Winter Break gifts! We really appreciate the Target giftcards, the boxes of chocolates, and all of your support and involvement this year! Have a safe, relaxing, and wonderful Winter Break!


Morah Rivka, Morah Ilana, Ms. Wulbern, & Ms. Stein

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Weekly Update


On Monday, we attended a fun assembly, where we watched Israeli dancers from Ramat Gan! These 20 dancers ranged in age from 11-16 years old. Three of them visited our classroom to share information and to answer questions. Many of us felt inspired to become dancers too!

Ramat Gan

This week in Torah, we finished studying the fifth day of Creation.

In Parashat Vayehi, we discussed how on Jacob’s deathbed, he blessed his sons and grandsons. We continue this tradition today by blessing our own children every Friday night.

We also talked about what we can do by ourselves in Hebrew. For example: singing, reading, and writing on our own. We used an app called Voice Thread to practice recording our responses. This app can be used on both iPads and computers. We will be using this app periodically in class, and as a homework assignment. I am sending home a letter in your child’s white folder today with detailed information, including their username and password for logging in.

In Math this week, we learned to measure weight in kilograms (kg) and grams (g). Did you know that measuring weight could be this much fun? weight 1weight 2  weight 3 weight 4 weight 5 weight 6 weight 7 weight 8 weight 9 weight 10

As we studied our new Spelling pattern this week, we enjoyed two, short videos on the Long “o” sound: #1  and #2

We also watched a video on sign language! This tied into our reading story of the week, called Dear Juno. It was about a Korean American boy who corresponds with his Korean grandmother. They do not speak or write in the same language, yet they are able to communicate effectively through pictures.

We had a special visitor on Wednesday – Maya’s grandmother, Mrs. Shapiro! She read us a very cute book called How Pizza Came to Queens!

Mrs. Shapiro 1 Mrs. Shapiro 2 Mrs. Shapiro 3 Mrs. Shapiro 4

Our Mystery Reader today was Mauri Mizrahi! She read us three wonderful books!

Mauri 0 Mauri 1 Mauri 2 Mauri 3 Mauri 4

During Center time, the students are becoming even more independent. Look at the concentration of these hard-workers!

Centers 1 Centers 2 Centers 3 Centers 4 Centers 5 Centers 6

One new activity we’ve been doing during Center time involves using an iPad app called Explain Everything. Please be checking your child’s blogfolio in the next few days for a personalized math problem created and recorded by your child!

With only one more week until Winter Break, we are continuing to work hard and to make every moment count. In Daily 5, we call this “a sense of urgency” because we know that every moment should be devoted to learning and growing.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Weekly Update

Shalom, Parents!

This week, we studied Parashat Vayigash. We learned that we should always take care of our family, the way that Joseph did. Click on the link above to learn much more!

In Torah, we finished studying the fourth day of Creation, when God created the sun, the moon, and the stars. We read a story about why the moon is smaller than the sun. The kids really enjoyed it!

We concluded our study of Chanukah by enjoying a school-wide party. We also played a game on the Smartboard and created these riddles.

Rivka 1 Rivka 2 Rivka 3 Rivka 4 Rivka 5

PicCollage-3 PicCollage-4

In General Studies this week, we learned about the Word Work component of our Daily 5 Language Arts program.

Word Work

Here are the activities in this Center:

Rainbow words (tracing over our spelling words in several colors )

“Stamp Your Spelling Words”

 “Spelling Word Sums” (using the numbers from Scrabble tiles to add up the sums of words.)

The kids really enjoyed not only the hands-on activities, but also the freedom to choose which one to work on, and when to switch to a new one. There will be more activities coming, in order to keep the practicing of Spelling words as engaging as possible!

We also studied geography this week by: exploring a world map, discussing the seven continents, locating Israel, and locating South Africa, in honor of Mr. Nelson Mandela. We also talked about temperatures of places around the world, due to their distance from the equator. The students had so much to share, and loved coming up to the map! Since there just wasn’t enough time to hear everyone’s comments and questions, we will definitely continue this area of study. We integrate geography into every possible lesson, in order to give it relevance and meaning.


In Math class, we concluded Unit 3, and are now ready for a cumulative test. Then, we will begin Unit 4 on Measuring Weight!

Our Mystery Reader today was Jett’s grandmother, “Gagi!”

Mystery Reader 1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4 Mystery Reader 5


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Adjectives in Art!

Mrs. Gutterman and I have been working together to integrate our study of grammar!    The students used a program called Pic Collage to create pictures (nouns) and describing words (adjectives). You can find these wonderful creations on your child’s blogfolio!             Mrs. Gutterman also put together this adorable video:

For more information on this project, and to see more incredible art, please visit her Art Blog!

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Green Spelling List #10

Good Afternoon, Parents!

I wanted to let you know that if your child has Green Spelling List #10 this week, there is a special word I would like to clarify. The word is wreath, and it can be very much related to Chanukah! Please enjoy the beautiful and creative wreaths below!

Hanukkah Wreath 3-2 hanukkah wreath 2-5 Hanukkah Wreath -3 Hanukkah Wreath 4-2 Hanukkah Wreath 5-2 Hanukkah Wreath 6-2 Hanukkah Wreath 7-2 hanukkah wreath 8-2

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Happy Thanksgivukah!

Today, we celebrated both Chanukah and Thanksgiving with a special Intergenerational Day program! It was wonderful to see so many family members. Enjoy your holiday celebrations!



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