Addition with Regrouping!

Today in math class, we began adding with regrouping!

Place Value Chart Textbook p.40-41

Mrs. Freedman and I reminded the kids how important it is to write the problems in straight columns, even if they think they can do the work mentally. Mental math is a great skill for certain situations. It is also very important to first add the ones, and then add the tens. Since regrouping is a brand new concept, I did not give any math homework tonight. We will practice a lot more in class!

Ms. Stein :-)

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Parents!

In Torah this week, we learned about the third day of Creation. On this day, God created the land.

In Parashat Toldot, we discussed the birth of twins, Esau and Jacob. We talked about the differences between them, and the struggles they went through.

Since Rosh Hodesh Kislev is approaching, we began studying the Chanukah story!

A brand new activity in our classroom is Spelling! Just like in General Studies, I give the kids a pretest by reading aloud the words (except in Hebrew). Afterward, I check each individual paper and make corrections. The kids must practice all of the words on their list by writing them three times. I test them each and every day on those words! The practicing and testing will begin next week.

We also started learning a new prayer, Ashrei. So far, we’ve studied three lines. The kids are enjoying singing this prayer!

In Math class this week, we enjoyed playing The Renaming Game and the Addition & Subtraction Dice Roll Game! The students are nicely following our Small Group Rules:

Small GroupsThese rules work well for Daily 5 activities too.

Speaking of Daily 5, we practiced “Work on Writing” this week. We built our stamina by writing for several minutes at a time, with no interruptions. When a student didn’t know how to spell a word, they sounded it out, wrote it down the best they could, underlined it with a color, and saved it for conference time. We also created a little project called The Heart of My Writing, which allowed the kids to take our general 17 writing topics and make them more specific by personalizing them.


I’m looking forward to more fun writing activities with this creative group of kids!

We’re also looking forward to Intergenerational Day on Wednesday!

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rivka & Ms. Stein

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This Week’s Spelling Skill

Happy rainy afternoon!

This week in Spelling, we are studying Contractions. Although the Pretest was challenging for many students, once we discussed the skill (the apostrophe, silent letters, and capitalizing “I”), everyone seemed much more comfortable with the lesson. Here’s the work we did together today:

List #7 a List #7 b

Our test will take place on Thursday, since there’s no school on Friday. We will practice every day in class. Good luck studying over the next three nights!

Ms. Stein

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Second Grade News

What a great week in Jewish Studies!

In Torah, we learned about the second day of Creation. God created the sky. The kids had lots of questions, and it was a lively discussion!

In Parashat Haye Sarah, we talked about the death of Sarah at age 127, and how Abraham purchased a burial plot. We also discussed how he decided to find a wife for his son, Isaac. Through the story of Rebekah, we learned to take care of our animals, and to feed them before feeding ourselves.

In the unit of Tov Bakita, we learned about the tools we use in order to study Hebrew. We use songs, stories, holiday traditions, etc. We also studied past tense verbs in grammar.

On Tuesday in General Studies, we discussed the history of Veterans’ Day. We even integrated math into our discussion by calculating the lengths of several wars.

Veterans_ Day 1 Veterans_ Day 2

In Language Arts, we studied ABC Order. We practiced the skill of alphabetizing words, first with Veterans’ Day vocabulary, and then with our own, personal spelling words! The flash cards that I’m sending home today in your child’s white folder have been put into ABC order.

Veterans_ Day ABC Order

We also put solar system words into ABC Order!

ABC Order Solar System

Before the students chose Read-to-Self or Read-to-Someone in Daily 5, we had mini lessons on Setting. It was great to see the kids searching for the settings of their own books, and then sharing the information with the class!

Setting 1 Setting 2

In Math class, we had so much fun playing The Renaming Game! This activity prepares the kids for regrouping ones and tens. When we reached our target number of 100, you should have heard the cheer! :-)

Place Value Chart 2 - Renaming Game-1

Mrs. Gutterman (Art) & Mrs. Jaffa (Science) have been collaborating on a colorful project!

Science & Art

Please check out Mrs. Gutterman’s Art Blog to see more beautiful work by our amazing second graders!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Spelling Skill & Reading Log

Today, we began our 6th spelling lesson! We are studying words with ar, or, and ore. Following our Pretest, we sorted some of the words, in order to practice this new skill.

Spelling List #6 Practice

We also discussed our exciting new Reading Log! As I showed the kids a quick example (please pardon the lack of neatness), they asked great questions, such as: “Can I read two different books tonight and write my information on two lines?” I said, “Of course!” :-)  They also asked what to do if they’re reading the same chapter book a few nights in a row. I showed them how to make those little lines, in order to make the writing simpler. I reminded the kids that although they do not have to read A.R. books each night, I am still expecting them to be reading those books in class, and to be taking quizzes as soon as they finish them. We will share tonight’s reading experiences in school tomorrow.

Reading Log Example

Thank you!

Ms. Stein

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

This week in Torah, we discussed that God created light on the first day. He did this just by speaking the words, “Let there be light.” Then, we acted out this scene in a little skit.

In Parashat Vayera, we learned about welcoming guests, just as Abraham did.

We celebrated a special birthday this week!

Sadie_s Bday 1 Sadie_s Bday 2

On Tuesday, we enjoyed “Space Stations,” in which the kids chose their activities.

Space Stations 1 SPACE STATIONSSpace Stations 2-1 Space Stations 2

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful time on our field trip! Check out this fun slideshow!

On Thursday, we all participated in solar system research!

Research 1 Research 2 Research 3

In our Daily 5 Language Arts program, we have enjoyed doing “Read to Someone!” We brainstormed how partner-reading should look, sound, and feel. If a child gets stuck on a word, their partner can ask, “Would you like time or coaching?” We’re also working on word attack skills, so that if both partners get stuck on a word, they’re able to use strategies (reread the sentence, look for prefixes/suffixes, use prior knowledge, etc). I am very proud of the kids for working so respectfully with one another!

Read to Someone 1 Read to Someone 2 Read to Someone 3 Read to Someone 4

Enjoy this cool weather and Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

This week in Jewish Studies, we read a story about all of the things in the world (people, plants, animals, the oceans, the sun, the planets, etc). Then, we discussed who created all of those things – God! Next, we talked about what existed before this Creation. Things were there, but they were without form.תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ Nothing was organized. In our classroom, we created pictures of this תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ


In Parasha Lech-L’cha, God promised Avraham that He would make him a great nation. We discussed that this great nation includes us, his descendants!

Continuing our discussion from last week, we talked more about friendship. We can read together, work together, and play together! Using an iPad app called Pic Collage, the students created images of these activities.

Pic Collage 1 Pic Collage 2 Pic Collage 3

In Math today, we played the Dice Roll game, which helped us practice our basic addition facts. We’ll practice our basic subtraction facts next week. Please continue to review these facts through twenty with your child.

Dice Roll Fact Practice Game

Today, our Guest Assistant Teacher, Coach Marla read us a really cute book called The Day the Crayons Quit!

Crayons 1 Crayons 2 Crayons 3

Our Mystery Readers today were Owen’s mom and brother, Isaac!

Mystery Reader 0 Mystery Reader 1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4 Mystery Reader 5

Have a wonderful weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Tonight’s Math Homework

Today in Math class, we reviewed the skills we’ve been studying, in order to prepare for a test tomorrow. The kids did a wonderful job of taking notes! We are sending home the work tonight, and asking them to (at least) read the problems to you. If they would like to make up extra problems, that is great, and we’re sending extra paper. If you would like to make up extra problems for them, you are more than welcome. If extra problems are written down (by either of you), your child will earn a white slip tomorrow! We’re practicing adding and subtracting two 2-digit numbers (focusing on parts & wholes), as well as story problems. The silly story problem we wrote in class had two steps. Please remind your child to look for clue words, such as: altogether, in all, how many more, and how many left. Please return the paper tomorrow, even if you don’t make up extra problems.

Here’s a picture of today’s classwork:

Unit 2 Ch.1 Review

Thank you!

Ms. Stein & Mrs. Freedman

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Second Grade News

Mazel Tov to our 2nd Graders! We have begun studying Parashat Ha’Shavuah and also Torah! This week, we read Parashat Noah, and learned that God put a rainbow in the sky, and promised that the earth would never again be destroyed. The rainbow is the symbol of that promise. You can find a summary of Parashat Noah here.

We had an introduction to the Torah by having each student talk about their knowledge of Torah. One child said he knew that “we write the Torah on the skin of a kosher animal.” Another child said he knows a song about the Torah. Another one said that we read it on Simchat Torah.

This week, we also discussed, and sang a song about, friendship. Although it can be challenging for them, it’s wonderful to watch the kids have all of these discussions in Hebrew!

In Math class, we’ve been working on adding and subtracting one-digit and two-digit numbers, without renaming (borrowing) yet. We studied several strategies, and practiced the skill using place value charts and number discs. These hands-on materials really make the learning concrete.

Strategies for Adding & Subtracting Strategies for Adding & Subtracting 2 Strategies for Adding & Subtracting 3 Strategies for Adding & Subtracting 4 Strategies for Adding & Subtracting 5

In Language Arts, we studied complete sentences, and how each one has two parts.

Subject & Predicate

We celebrated a special birthday this week!

Zach_s Bday 1 Zach_s Bday 2 Zach_s Bday 3 Zach_s Bday 4

Our Mystery Reader today was Brooke’s mom!

Mystery Reader 1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4

Mystery Reader 5

I will soon be emailing you information about the upcoming Book Fair and about a field trip! Have a wonderful weekend.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

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Second Grade News

Shalom, Families!

For the last two weeks, we’ve been studying Sukkot and Simchat Torah. We learned that there are three important mitzvot for Sukkot: dwelling in a sukkah, shaking the lulav and etrog, and being happy! We also learned the history behind why we dwell in a sukkah, and how it’s about more than just spending time there. We are supposed to eat, read, study, and even sleep in a sukkah! This helps us remember that the Jewish people had to live in sukkot for forty years while they were wandering through the desert. It also helps us appreciate what we have today.

We had a great time at our Sukkah Hop last week! The second and third graders were divided into three groups, and the middle schoolers led games and activities!

Sukkah Hop 1 Sukkah Hop

In class, we discussed that during Simchat Torah, we finish reading the Torah and start reading it again.

On Friday, we joined the synagogue minyan for an activity called “the beating of the willows!” We carefully beat willow branches against the ground as a symbol of releasing our sins. The kids enjoyed this ritual very much!

Willow Willow 1 Willow 2 Willow 3

In Math class, we have been comparing numbers, using the greater than and less than symbol.

Comparing Numbers 1 Comparing Numbers 2 Comparing Numbers 3 Comparing Numbers 4 Comparing Numbers 5 Comparing Numbers 6

If we haven’t already, we will be contacting you soon about your child’s parent/teacher conference.

We are looking forward to a full, five-day week!

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka :-)


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