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Please remember that the Family Trees are due this Monday on February 6th.  Each packet included a rubric that explains how the projects will be graded.  It’s been fabulous hearing about fake cartier bracelets
some of their research.  I know this is a hard project but I promise they have learned all about your families…and maybe you have even learned a little too!

Speaking of immigration, our unit is coming to a close.  They have really loved learning about how our country has grown.  We have watched videos, had a lot of discussions, and even ‘immigrated’ ourselves.  We packed up our ‘bags’, boarded the ship with our passports, endured the 90 day journey, and made mens cartier bracelets
it through Ellis Island.  Our next unit will be on biographies of Famous Inventors.  The project will be almost completely school based and end with our Inventor Museum.  I will let you know the date ASAP!

Our math unit has been on Money.  We have talked about how to write amounts, how to make change,  add money, and subtract money.  This will come in handy cartier bracelets at the end of the year bracelet replica cartier when we have our economics unit and class flea market.

We are still working on our grammar unit and how all of these rules and skills apply to our writing.  We had a publishing party and shared our awesome personal narratives.  You can check them out on their blogs.  Our next writing piece will be Responding to Reading.

The children have been continuing to blog.  Please remember their posts are authentic and will change as they grow and learn.  It is becoming a much easier process to log on and post.  Fast learners!

Thank you so much to our ‘surprise’ reader Eli Z’s mom!

In the last replica cartier love bracelet  weeks in Jewish Studies, we learned about the structure of trees. We discussed the different kinds of branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Also, we talked about how trees mens cartier bracelets
can look very different during each season.We discussed the fruits that grow on various trees and the products made from those fruits. We also fake cartier bracelets
explored various seeds like  apple  and date cartier bracelet
seeds  hands-on! We talked about appreciating trees because they give us: oxygen, shade, homes for animals, places to play, beauty, etc.

Here are some dates to mark down on your calendars:

January 30th:  Inservice Day/No School

January 27th:  Report cards will come home

February 20th:  President's Day

March 24th:  Conference Day

We continued to work on multiplication and division this week.  We learned our times tables up to 4 and noticed the skip counting pattern.  This will help us find the products of our problems quickly.

We have finally finished up our Small Moments.  Our publishing party will be on Tuesday, January 26th.  We will share our writing with each other and then celebrate with a little treat.  Writing should be a sweet experience!  We have also learned about possessive nouns, proper nouns, and pronouns.  Learning about the parts of speech helps make us more aware of the sentences we write.  Next week we will learn about plural nouns and then onto verbs!

Our comprehension skill has been questioning while we read.  The children should constantly be asking themselves questions as they read and searching for the answers.  This keeps them involved in the story.  We use our schema, the author's words, and pictures to help answer our questions.  Next week we will use questioning specifically for figuring out the meaning of unknown words we read.

Thank you to Aaron's mom for being our mystery reader this week!

Busy week!  Well, they are always busy weeks.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the family trees.   I will be sending home an extra copy of the questions in case the children need to re-write the answers into complete sentences.

We had our first blog experience this week.  In the past, the teachers post work that the child has completed.  As they get older, the children are able to post on their own.  The blogs represent a type of portfolio where you can see their growth.  It also serves as a platform to remember projects they have done over the years.   The children learned how to log on, write a post, and choose a theme.  They did a fantastic job!  Their first post was about the map project we did in Social Studies.  It is ok that they have spelling mistakes and missing punctuation.  They will see how much they grow as writers over the years.  Please check out their first post.  You can access their blogs through our classroom blog.

We continued to review addition and subtraction with regrouping.  Please continue practicing at home.  This week we also started practicing our multiplication and division.

We are done with our Small Moments in Writer's Workshop!  Months of work, drafting, revising, editing, and conferences.  We will celebrate soon with a publishing party where they each get to share their final draft.  This month is a focus on grammar.  We reviewed what a noun is and learned about pronouns and how they are important to our writing.  Next week we will talk about proper and possessive nouns.

We have jumped into our immigration unit by learning about why and how people immigrated.  The children learned the significance of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  We are starting our 'own' immigration journey.  We started packing for our journey to America.  It almost came to a quick end when I told them electronics weren't part of our lives back then.  Next week we will get our passports and ship tickets and embark on our trip!

Thank you so much to Joey's mom for being our mystery reader this week!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful break and a Happy New Year!  We jumped right back into all of our learning.  Please note the following dates:

January 17:  Box Top Celebration/Pajama and Game Day

February 6:  Family Trees are Due (Please make sure the interview is written in complete sentences.  Let me know if you  need an extra copy for a 'final draft'.)

We spent our week in math reviewing addition and subtraction with regrouping.  It is still tricky for a lot of us.  We will take a few more days to practice.  The tricky part is remembering what steps are for addition and what steps are for subtraction.  Please continue to practice at home as well.

We are learning grammar in depth over the next few weeks and how it is important for our writing.  We are going into detail about nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  Of course we started this unit off with some videos of School House Rocks...classics!  Next week we will talk about pronouns and verb tense.

We finished up our unit on Maps.  The children created their own 3 dimensional maps.  We learned about the compass rose, map legend, symbols, and titles.  These will be posted soon on their blogs.  Some maps were made out of paper, while others used legos.  They had a blast!  We started our next unit on Immigration.  We discussed the reasons why people immigrate/immigrated to the United States.

In DAILY 5 we were introduced to Mental Images.  A fancy way of saying that we make pictures in our minds while we are reading.  We rely heavily on the author's words and our 'schema', background knowledge.  Our spelling pattern for the week is 'oke'.  We also learned that you can make the 'oke' sound by spelling it 'oak'.

Thank you so much to Leo's dad for being the mystery reader this week.  We love our CSX safety bracelets!

It is Kislev and Chanuka is on the way! In class we have studied the story of Chanuka and hemphasized how the Jewish people felt when the Greeks came to Israel and didn't allow them to live Jewish lives. We learned about the two miracles that we celebrate: The victory of the small Maccabee army over the Syrian-Greeks, and the miracle of the oil burning for eight days.


We discussed where to place the Chanukkiah, why to place it there, when we should light candles and why, Through songs, stories, and poems.

We also practiced the brachot and discussed the correct way to light the candles in a chanukiyah.


We concluded our study of Chanukah by enjoying a school-wide party.

img_1466 img_1467 img_1465 img_1464 img_1463


It is time for winter break and we have had a wonderful first half of second grade.  The children have already grown so much with all of their academics.  I can't wait to see what the next half of our year will bring!

We are almost finished with our personal narratives.  Four months of work!  Revisions, conferences, and editing.  Who knew it took so much work to create a solid piece of writing?  Well, 2nd grade knows now!  I'm so pleased with the way their small moments have come out.  We will be celebrating with a publishing party after our winter break and moving onward to our next unit in Writer's Workshop.

Our current comprehension skill is predicting.  Sounds simple, right?  We have taken it a step further by making predictions and then reading to see if we are correct.  We look for the evidence of whether we are correct or not and then change our predictions based on what we know.  Some of us have up to 5 or 6 prediction changes by the time we are done!

We are back to working on different strategies for addition and subtraction.  I will teach them all different ways to look at a problem and they will choose the method that is most successful.  It is amazing how their brains all work differently.  Please continue to practice basic addition and subtraction math facts to make things easier when it becomes a little more sophisticated.

We have been working on our unit in Maps.  We have learned that there are 7 continents,  many different types of maps, legends, symbols, and compass roses.  They are currently putting their knowledge to use by creating three dimensional maps that include these elements.  Some are using construction paper while others are using legos.  It has been a great way to channel our energy before break.

Thank you so much to our mystery readers...Hank's dad from last week and Moriah's dad from this week.

Have a fabulous winter break!!!!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break.  It was fantastic having the children for a solid week.  We were able to get so much accomplished!

We wrapped up our Native American unit and the research presentations are posted on your child's blog.  Thank you Ms. Hallett for helping us post those!  They came out super cute and the children are proud.  You will find they are authentically 2nd grade.  The children were introduced to the process of researching, choosing specific information, writing it in their own words, and creating a project.  We are starting our new unit on Maps this week.

The children have been learning about multiplication and division.  I am teaching them to understand the process of each skill before they memorize the facts.  We have also been working on solving word problems with these skills.  We draw a picture to help us understand the problems.  It's tricky!

We are on the home stretch of our personal narratives.  After multiple drafts, revisions, and conferences, some of us have hit the editing stage.  We are looking for punctuation, capitalization, and spelling in our own writing and our friends.  Almost like a detective!

Thank you to Nina's mom for being our mystery reader!

We had a busy week!  The excitement of Thanksgiving is definitely in the air.  Please remember we have VIP day on Tuesday afternoon from 1:30-3:30.  We will have some Thanksgiving crafts and a STEAM activity set up to enjoy with our very important person.  We wish you a fabulous Thanksgiving full of family and good food.

We finished up our unit on weight and started a new unit on multiplication.  We learned exactly what the numbers in our multiplication problems stand for.  The students practiced making groups, arrays, and skip counting to find the answers.  Then we practiced with some fun multiplication games.

We continued to practice making text to self and text to text connections using our 'schema' during Daily 5.  This past week was spent making text to text connections with different versions of The Three Little Pigs.  We also worked on comparing and contrasting the two versions.  A lot of the children mentioned they had different versions at home...please send them in if they would like to share them!

Our 'in-school' field trip was a success.  Jim Sawgrass and his son came to our school to educate us about how Native Americans in the south eastern region of the country lived.   We were able to see;  real animal skins, see clothing made from these skins, weapons and utensils made from all the different parts of the animal, hear authentic native american music, and watch exciting and colorful tribal dances.  At the end he showed us how the spears and arrows worked when they are shot.  We also had the chance to have native american face painting.  It was awesome!

Thank you so much to Avner's mom for being our mystery reader this week.

Thank you so much for joining me during conferences.  It is an excellent opportunity to share ways to make 2nd grade the most positive and productive year for your child.  Don't forget VIP Day on November 22 from 1:30-3:30.

We are continuing to make connections during DAILY 5 this week.  We have practiced making text to self connections using our schema.  This week we also started to learn about text to text connections.  Our class read The Gingerbread Girl and made connections to the story, The Gingerbread Boy.  What a fun book!


We finished up our unit on weight this week.  The children were able to use scales and balances to weigh objects in kilograms, grams, pounds, and ounces.  Did you know the abbreviation for pounds comes from the latin word libra?

In writing we started to learn that synonyms are very helpful in our personal narrative writing.  We came up with multiple words for 'happy' that we can incorporate into our writing.  Our goal is to have a final draft of our personal narrative before winter break.

We are finishing up our Native American presentations.  This week will will also touch on the contributions that Native Americans of the Northeast were responsible for when the Mayflower landed.  Soon we will be doing a Native American STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) project with Ms. Gutterman.

Ms. Burkhart was our science substitute this week.  The children were able to see water in the three main states of matter.  Did you know there is a fourth state of matter?  Ask your kiddos about it!  They also learned how the atoms in matter move by moving their own bodies.

Thank you to Mason's mom for being our mystery reader this week!