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It was so wonderful to meet everyone today! For anyone that could not make it today, we will be sending home information packets with your child on Monday. This year second graders will have "planners" that will go home nightly. Mrs. Paul and I will be writing a note in the planner to parents each afternoon concerning homework and about the day in general. Please sign your child's planner nightly  and respond to one of us if you have a question. We will be having snack each morning and I do ask that you consider sending healthy snacks with your child.

We are so excited for this school year! Thank you for sharing your children with us this year! If you have any questions, please email me at

See you on Monday!

In order to honor the holiday of Shavuot, the giving of the Torah, the Martin J. Gottlieb School is issuing cartier jewelry replica our Ten Commandment challenge to all students in Kitah Bet The challenge is to memorize all Ten Commandments in Hebrew. Students will first recite them to their Hebrew teacher in class the week of May 22.

All students who demonstrate mens cartier bracelets
that they have met the challenge will be HONORED at Shavuot services at the Jacksonville Jewish Center on Wednesday, May 19th.   The students who are being discount cartier bracelet honored will be called up to the bimah. They will recite the Ten Commandments for the congregation bracelet replica cartier and receive a special reward.

The following is a video of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew to help with practicing and memorizing:

The Israel unit in iTaLAM  deepened our connection to Israel and to Jerusalem fake cartier bracelets
and gave us the opportunity to learn Jewish History with the help of an animated, speaking Israel map.

In the 1st part of this unit, Ariot taught us the unique Israeli, patriotic emblems which unite us all. We learned to recognize the unique characteristics of the emblems and the special music we learned in Kita Alef accompanies our learning.  We played a riddle game where we had to find the different unique patriotic items related to the state bracelet replica cartier of Israel.

The second unit helped us learn about the unique celebrations, and activities that take place in Israel during Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day).

We compared between our personal birthdays to Israel’s birthday and discussed what kind of special wishes are appropriate for the country we love and what is similar mens cartier bracelets
birthday wishes for a man and a country.

Students continued to work on creating sentences, using proper grammar and identifying and using roots words and family words.

In the 3rd part of this unit the students learned with the help of an animated map about the history of the land of Israel and the Jewish nation. The reading guided the students to identify the period in Jewish history on the Jewish time line, to determine if the Jewish people were in the land of Israel at that time in history and to identify the emotion felt by the land of Israel.

In the video below we are singing the famous song about the colors replica cartier love bracelets of the flag of Israel “Kachol V’Lavan”

Hello!  I apologize for missing so many posts.  All of a sudden time completely flew by.  We have been so incredibly busy here in 2nd grade as we close our year.

We are finishing up our last unit in math, Geometry.  It has been fun looking hard at our 3 dimensional solids.  We have learned about the faces, edges, and vertices of each shape.  We even attempted to make them with straws and clay.  The pyramid was the most successful while the cube kept flopping over.

We also finished up our Responding to Reading unit in writer’s workshop.  We have started our unit on learning to write like a scientist.  The children are learning how to write up a well written and precise lab report about an experiment.  So far, we have written our question, hypothesis, procedure, results and conclusion. Now, we are fine cartier bracelets tuning the experiments and our writing.

Our literature circles have ended and we embarked on our final unit of Fairy Tales.  We have been exploring many types fairy tales.  Did you know there are different versions of one story?  We have learned the components that help us identify a fairy tale and have searched for these in a Fairy Tale Scavenger Hunt.  We are exploring the many different kinds of characters that make these stories come alive.  Soon we will be assigned to a play and the children will act out a fairy tale themselves.  This gives them the opportunity to really work on fluency and expression.

Economics is exciting with our Flea mens cartier bracelets
Market in the near replica cartier ring future.  Our next cartier nail bracelet
topic of conversation will be saving money.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Don’t forget to save the date for Thursday, April 6th at 2:30!  We will be doing our famous inventor presentations that day.  It will be an informal time where cartier bracelets you walk around and learn about some famous inventors.

We will be having another in school field trip on April 7th.  Bricks for Kids is coming cartier bracelets to our school to challenge us with some STEAM activities based on legos.  The children will love this experience.

We are finishing up our unit on Time.  This week we learned to tell how much time has passed.  We also learned about the different kinds of time;  day, hour, week, month, year, etc.  This is a skill that will be taught and reinforced throughout the rest of the year.

In Daily 5, we finished up another round of literature circles where we applied all of the comprehension skills we have learned this year.  Your children are learning to think while they read mens cartier bracelets
and carry on conversations about their books.  We will be learning specific skills next week to help us read and understand non-fiction.

Our research projects are still going!  The children are anxious to get started on their presentation boards.  Thank you for sending those in to class.  I can’t wait to see the final products.

Thank you to Honey’s mom for being our mystery reader this week.


H​appy ​Purim !!!!!!!

We are so happy, be​cause ​Purim is here !
We have been singing, playing and reviewing songs and stories we learned​ in K​ita Alef bracelets and laughing a “Lot” when we play with the concept of opposites “V​ e-N​a-Ha-foch-Hu”(ונהפוכו) with iTalAM.

We have been recording ourselves reading t​he “V​ e-Na-Ha-fo​ ch-Hu” in the K​ita Bet Book.

This year whil​e learning of the “whole M​egillah” story – we expanded our reading comprehension of the story focusing on identifying the emotions expressed by the characters in the ​Megillah and recognizing the important turning point​s in the story – “V​ e-Na-Ha-foch-Hu” moments.

As we read the​ story of Purim with iTalAM, verses cartier bracelet from the M​egillah appeared in context and we deepened ou​r understanding of the language used in the M​egillah.

We are continuing to practice our Hebrew cartier bracelets grammar and syntax via games and reflective creative writing: “What we did / How we celebrated Purim this year in class” with emphasis on past tense.


We Love to Learn with iTaLAM !!!

Please don’t forget that conferences are on March 23rd and 24th.  I am looking forward to meeting with you about your child’s progress.  I sent cartier double bracelet
out conference emails with your scheduled time.  Please let me know if you need to reschedule.

We have started our unit mens cartier bracelets
on time.  We learned/reviewed how to tell time to the nearest five minutes, how many minutes past, how many minutes to/until, and half past.  Please help us out by practicing at home.  Have them randomly tell you the time on a clock or watch.

We are continuing with our unit on opinion letters.  The children were able to choose a part of the book where they replica cartier had an opinion;  favorite part, characters, pictures, title, author.  They then need to retell the part of the story that supports their opinion to give the reader a solid mental image.

The students are wrapping up another literacy circle.  I love seeing their growth and maturity with reading.  They are learning to discuss cartier love bracelet replica the books and complete their individual jobs.  Our spelling skill for the week is having er, ir, ur make the errrrrrr sound.

We almost have all of our posters for our research projects.  If you have some extra time, please print out some pictures of their famous inventor and the inventions.  This will help us with our projects here at school.

Thank you to Eli D’s mom for being the mystery reader!

It’s March!!!!  How did that happen?!!  Time is going by so quickly and we are learning so much.

We are finishing up our unit on fractions.  The very last lesson will be learning about fractions of sets and using fractions in word cartier replica problems.  Our next unit will be telling mens cartier bracelets
time.  It would be helpful if you start talking about how analogue clocks work with hours and minutes.

I am so proud of their opinion letter writing.  It’s amazing how far they cartier double bracelet
have come as writers.  We will share our letters and then place them in the books that inspired us.  Hopefully a reader next year will find them and enjoy their opinions.

We have started a new round of literature cartier love bracelet circles.  The children are able to bring their books and assignments home with them if they choose.  It is definitely not a requirement, it’s a choice.  Feel free to ask them what it’s all about.

Our research is almost complete.  Some of us have even started putting our facts into some graphic organizers.  They can’t wait to create their posters.  Please send them on into the classroom.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss with some fun Seuss inspired STEM activities.  They used different, simple, resources to see how tall they could build a tower.  What a fun time!  They worked together and problem solved until they were successful.  It was a great way to end the week.

Thank you to Vivi’s dad for being our mystery reader this week!

Please mark March 24th on your calendars.  This is the date cartier love bracelet for our parent/teacher conferences.  Please also consider coming to our Purim Carnival next weekend.  The PTA has worked very hard and it’s a super fun experience.  Please sign up to help out with our second grade booth if you haven’t done so already.

We started a new unit in Writer’s Workshop.  We are writing letters to future readers in our class about our opinions.  We are learning letter format, the difference between fact and opinion, and backing our opinion up with evidence from the text.

We are having a blast with our fractions.  We learned what a fraction is, how to make a whole, and how to order cartier love necklace fractions.  Ask us about it!

Our class has started literature circles.  We have learned how to use the various comprehension strategies and we are applying them during this time.  The children have a selection of books they can choose from and groups replica cartier are formed.  They read and do a literacy job.  Then we meet and discuss the book.  It’s a great opportunity to apply our skills and teach each other.

We started our unit on Famous Inventors.  Each child was assigned an inventor that they have to research.  This is the first step to creating mens cartier bracelets
our projects.

Thank you to our guest reader Skyler Kaplan!  A very happy birthday to Mason and Joey.