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Second grade has had many exciting science activities in the past few months.We have learned about force and motion as well as beginning a unit on the human body.

The students had a great time planning and designing Tinker Toy cars and ramps for their STEM project which focused on motion.We started the lesson on a Monday and discussed force and motion and how it pertains to speed.The students began by planning their cars and ramps on paper then proceeded to build the cars the following day.The object of this STEM project was for students to race their cars down the ramps and measure which car went the farthest.The class was divided up into groups of two or three students.These groups worked well together planning and designing their cars and ramps.When one particular group raced their car down the ramp and discovered that the car was not going very fast~ they had to redo the entire ramp.

The anticipation of race day was especially exciting because of the competitive nature of a few of the students.We has a first and a second place winner for the car that went the farthest after traveling down the ramp.We will continue to do these types of projects throughout the year.The students really enjoyed creating their own projects and working in cooperative groups.

Our first human body activity  in response to the question, "Why do our skeletons have so many bones?"

In this experiment students consider what would happen if their body didn't have any bones.We used baby oil,Qtips,construction paper and dark colored crayons.The students traced their hands and drew their bones by opening and closing their hand in a fist.They were able to "feel" the joints when the hand was open and then when they made a fist.Then they outlined their bones on the hand that they had drawn earlier. Using a QTip, they were able to fill in the gaps and the joints with baby oil. After the oil was dry on the paper we hung up our finished pictures on the window so that when the the light shines through we can see our "bones".



What a great week in Jewish Studies!

In Torah, we learned about the second day of Creation. God created the sky. The kids had lots of questions, and it was a lively discussion!

In Parashat Haye Sarah, we talked about the death of Sarah at age 127, and how Abraham purchased a burial plot. We also discussed how he decided to find a wife for his son, Isaac. Through the story of Rebekah, we learned to take care of our animals, and to feed them before feeding ourselves.

In the unit of Tov Bakita, we learned about the tools we use in order to study Hebrew. We use songs, stories, holiday traditions, etc. We also studied past tense verbs in grammar.

On Tuesday in General Studies, we discussed the history of Veterans' Day. We even integrated math into our discussion by calculating the lengths of several wars.

Veterans_ Day 1 Veterans_ Day 2

In Language Arts, we studied ABC Order. We practiced the skill of alphabetizing words, first with Veterans' Day vocabulary, and then with our own, personal spelling words! The flash cards that I'm sending home today in your child's white folder have been put into ABC order.

Veterans_ Day ABC Order

We also put solar system words into ABC Order!

ABC Order Solar System

Before the students chose Read-to-Self or Read-to-Someone in Daily 5, we had mini lessons on Setting. It was great to see the kids searching for the settings of their own books, and then sharing the information with the class!

Setting 1 Setting 2

In Math class, we had so much fun playing The Renaming Game! This activity prepares the kids for regrouping ones and tens. When we reached our target number of 100, you should have heard the cheer! 🙂

Place Value Chart 2 - Renaming Game-1

Mrs. Gutterman (Art) & Mrs. Jaffa (Science) have been collaborating on a colorful project!

Science & Art

Please check out Mrs. Gutterman's Art Blog to see more beautiful work by our amazing second graders!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka


Shalom & Happy Friday!

In Parashat Metzora, we discussed "the purification ritual for people and homes afflicted with leprosy." Back then , the Cohen checked everyone for health. We talked about what we do today to make sure everybody is healthy.

In our study of Pesach, we reviewed the four questions and the four sons. We also discussed prepositions in Hebrew, as they helped us search for chametz: above the bookshelf, under the desk, in the trash can, etc. The students had to use charades to communicate. We also worked hard, practicing for Tuesday's play!


Here is a Science Update from Mrs. Jaffa:

"The second graders have been observing bald eagles nesting at this website in their classes. This month the eaglets should be hatching. To help supplement their observation of the eggs, the second grade designed an experiment to remove the shell from an egg, in order to observe the internal structures. This experiment took two weeks to be completed. In the first week, we set up the chemical reaction to remove the shell from the raw egg. In the second week, we learned about all of the parts of the egg, and how these parts help the chick grow inside. The kids really loved the fact that the got to design the steps of the experiment, and they had many wonderful hypotheses. The next week, they were so inquisitive and could not wait to see their results. Many students could not believe that the eggs were transparent and they could see the insides of the egg.  This was an eggs-cellent experiment!"

Inline image 2Inline image 1
Inline image 4Inline image 3

We have been doing a lot of writing in class, working on personal narratives. After brainstorming and writing a few rough drafts, we have begun editing. The students have worked on capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and descriptive language. We were so grateful to be visited by Prince Period this week! He taught us more about periods and where they belong in sentences.

Prince 0-1 Prince 1Prince 3

In studying descriptive language, the students learned about replacing the boring word "said" with words that readers would find more interesting. Your child may have told you that "Said is dead!"

Said is Dead

Here is our Word Wall.  We are collecting better words for said and WOW words too!

word wall

In Math class, we've been having fun studying fractions. Here is Jett, with a homemade fraction project he created!

Jett 1 Jett 2 Jett 3

The students explored fraction pieces, using words like "greater than" and "less than."

fraction 1 fraction 2 fraction pieces

Our Mystery Reader today was Evan's mom! She read us Only 9 Chairs, a funny book about Passover!

Mystery Reader 1 Mystery Reader 2 Mystery Reader 3 Mystery Reader 4

There will be no hot lunch served all next week, as the kitchen staff prepares for Pesach, so please be sure to pack your child cold lunches.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Stein & Morah Rivka

Mrs. Jaffa has an exciting update about Science class!

"The second graders have been observing eagles nesting. The students had lots of questions about eggs. To supplement their learning in Science class this week, we will be dissolving the shells off of store bought eggs to explore the parts of the egg in egg laying animals. It will take more than a day to dissolve the shells off of the egg. The class lesson the following Monday will be just on the parts of the egg, however some inquiring minds may have other questions about the egg and how the chick gets in the egg or why store bought eggs are chick-less.  If they arise in class, I will divert these types of questions to a "questions you should ask at home" box.  Please email me if you have any concerns."



Today, the students, Ms. Wulbern, and I had a brief and gentle talk about September 11th. I let the kids direct the discussion, based on what they already knew and questions that they had. We sang the Star Spangled Banner and listened to a patriotic march. We also focused on the idea that positive things can come from negative experiences. Here are our thoughts:

9_11In the early afternoon, at the end of our time together, we played a really fun, educational online game! It ties together our weekly theme of outer space and astronauts, along with some great nutrition data. The students learned about: the food groups (fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy), the meals of the day, the importance of physical activity, the many different ways to get exercise, and the concept of calories. The students were quite excited for me to post this link today, and to not wait until Friday's Weekly Update! Have fun, Junior Astronauts!

My Plate Spaceship

Finally, I wanted to let you know that, following an in-depth review, we will be having our Unit 1 Math Test tomorrow.

As you can see, it was a Wonderful Wednesday!

Ms. Stein

In Science class, we have been studying health and the human body. To bring this unit to life, we visited M.O.S.H. - the Museum of Science and History. We walked into a huge model of a mouth, and explored many different bodily structures and processes! Afterward, we visited the rest of the museum, enjoying a native plant and wildlife courtyard; an aquarium; an environmental exhibit; and a planetarium! What a fun-filled, first field trip!