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When we recite the Hanukkah blessings, we say:  ...... "SheAsa Nisim LaAvoteinu"......  Nisim are miracles ~ there were 2 Hannukah miracles.  One was the military victory of the few Maccabees over the mighty Greek army.  The second miracle was that the small pitcher of oil lasted for 8 days and nights.

In Kitah Bet we learn about the miracles through stories and songs.   Watch us learning & singing about the military victory נס המלחמה and the miracle of the oil נס פך השמן.



What Hebrew month is it now?  The year ended with the month of Elul and began again with the month of Tishrei. It is now one month after Tishrei and one month before Kislev. Just listen and find out! We'll be singing this song before every holiday to find out in which month we celebrate the holiday. Check back at Chanukah!

The Israel unit in iTaLAM  deepened our connection to Israel and to Jerusalem fake cartier bracelets
and gave us the opportunity to learn Jewish History with the help of an animated, speaking Israel map.

In the 1st part of this unit, Ariot taught us the unique Israeli, patriotic emblems which unite us all. We learned to recognize the unique characteristics of the emblems and the special music we learned in Kita Alef accompanies our learning.  We played a riddle game where we had to find the different unique patriotic items related to the state bracelet replica cartier of Israel.

The second unit helped us learn about the unique celebrations, and activities that take place in Israel during Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence Day).

We compared between our personal birthdays to Israel’s birthday and discussed what kind of special wishes are appropriate for the country we love and what is similar mens cartier bracelets
birthday wishes for a man and a country.

Students continued to work on creating sentences, using proper grammar and identifying and using roots words and family words.

In the 3rd part of this unit the students learned with the help of an animated map about the history of the land of Israel and the Jewish nation. The reading guided the students to identify the period in Jewish history on the Jewish time line, to determine if the Jewish people were in the land of Israel at that time in history and to identify the emotion felt by the land of Israel.

In the video below we are singing the famous song about the colors replica cartier love bracelets of the flag of Israel “Kachol V’Lavan”


H​appy ​Purim !!!!!!!

We are so happy, be​cause ​Purim is here !
We have been singing, playing and reviewing songs and stories we learned​ in K​ita Alef bracelets and laughing a “Lot” when we play with the concept of opposites “V​ e-N​a-Ha-foch-Hu”(ונהפוכו) with iTalAM.

We have been recording ourselves reading t​he “V​ e-Na-Ha-fo​ ch-Hu” in the K​ita Bet Book.

This year whil​e learning of the “whole M​egillah” story – we expanded our reading comprehension of the story focusing on identifying the emotions expressed by the characters in the ​Megillah and recognizing the important turning point​s in the story – “V​ e-Na-Ha-foch-Hu” moments.

As we read the​ story of Purim with iTalAM, verses cartier bracelet from the M​egillah appeared in context and we deepened ou​r understanding of the language used in the M​egillah.

We are continuing to practice our Hebrew cartier bracelets grammar and syntax via games and reflective creative writing: “What we did / How we celebrated Purim this year in class” with emphasis on past tense.


We Love to Learn with iTaLAM !!!

In the last replica cartier love bracelet  weeks in Jewish Studies, we learned about the structure of trees. We discussed the different kinds of branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Also, we talked about how trees mens cartier bracelets
can look very different during each season.We discussed the fruits that grow on various trees and the products made from those fruits. We also fake cartier bracelets
explored various seeds like  apple  and date cartier bracelet
seeds  hands-on! We talked about appreciating trees because they give us: oxygen, shade, homes for animals, places to play, beauty, etc.

It is Kislev and Chanuka is on the way! In class we have studied the story of Chanuka and hemphasized how the Jewish people felt when the Greeks came to Israel and didn't allow them to live Jewish lives. We learned about the two miracles that we celebrate: The victory of the small Maccabee army over the Syrian-Greeks, and the miracle of the oil burning for eight days.


We discussed where to place the Chanukkiah, why to place it there, when we should light candles and why, Through songs, stories, and poems.

We also practiced the brachot and discussed the correct way to light the candles in a chanukiyah.


We concluded our study of Chanukah by enjoying a school-wide party.

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Mazel Tov to our second graders! They began a new Chumash (book), B'resheet!

The last two weeks in Jewish Studies, we read a story about all of the things in the world (people, plants, animals, the oceans, the sun, the planets, etc). Then, we discussed who created all of those things - God! Next, we talked about what existed before this Creation. Things were there, but they were without form.תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ Nothing was organized.


We also  learned that God created light on the first day. He did this just by speaking the words, "Let there be light."

We read Parashat Noah, and learned that God put a rainbow in the sky, and promised that the earth would never again be destroyed. The rainbow is the symbol of that promise. You can find a summary of Parashat Noah here.


In Parasha Lech-L'cha, God promised Avraham that He would make him a great nation. We discussed that this great nation includes us, his descendants!



We also did an activity last week using the initials from our names. Using our first and last initials, we created Hebrew words. Although some of the initials were very challenging, this was still an excellent activity for our brains!