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Second grade has had many exciting science activities in the past few months.We have learned about force and motion as well as beginning a unit on the human body.

The students had a great time planning and designing Tinker Toy cars and ramps for their STEM project which focused on motion.We started the lesson on a Monday and discussed force and motion and how it pertains to speed.The students began by planning their cars and ramps on paper then proceeded to build the cars the following day.The object of this STEM project was for students to race their cars down the ramps and measure which car went the farthest.The class was divided up into groups of two or three students.These groups worked well together planning and designing their cars and ramps.When one particular group raced their car down the ramp and discovered that the car was not going very fast~ they had to redo the entire ramp.

The anticipation of race day was especially exciting because of the competitive nature of a few of the students.We has a first and a second place winner for the car that went the farthest after traveling down the ramp.We will continue to do these types of projects throughout the year.The students really enjoyed creating their own projects and working in cooperative groups.

Our first human body activity  in response to the question, "Why do our skeletons have so many bones?"

In this experiment students consider what would happen if their body didn't have any bones.We used baby oil,Qtips,construction paper and dark colored crayons.The students traced their hands and drew their bones by opening and closing their hand in a fist.They were able to "feel" the joints when the hand was open and then when they made a fist.Then they outlined their bones on the hand that they had drawn earlier. Using a QTip, they were able to fill in the gaps and the joints with baby oil. After the oil was dry on the paper we hung up our finished pictures on the window so that when the the light shines through we can see our "bones".



        Last Wednesday a special guest artist visited our classroom. The students were very excited to meet Mrs.Scharf-Anderson's mother, Roberta Scharf! Mrs. Scharf demonstrated how to bead necklaces and fastened them onto sunglasses or eyeglasses for every child. The students worked very hard on this project and were so happy to be able to take them home. Yesterday your child should have come home with a beaded eyeglass chain.

It was so wonderful to meet everyone today! For anyone that could not make it today, we will be sending home information packets with your child on Monday. This year second graders will have "planners" that will go home nightly. Mrs. Paul and I will be writing a note in the planner to parents each afternoon concerning homework and about the day in general. Please sign your child's planner nightly  and respond to one of us if you have a question. We will be having snack each morning and I do ask that you consider sending healthy snacks with your child.

We are so excited for this school year! Thank you for sharing your children with us this year! If you have any questions, please email me at

See you on Monday!

Don’t forget to save the date for Thursday, April 6th at 2:30!  We will be doing our famous inventor presentations that day.  It will be an informal time where cartier bracelets you walk around and learn about some famous inventors.

We will be having another in school field trip on April 7th.  Bricks for Kids is coming cartier bracelets to our school to challenge us with some STEAM activities based on legos.  The children will love this experience.

We are finishing up our unit on Time.  This week we learned to tell how much time has passed.  We also learned about the different kinds of time;  day, hour, week, month, year, etc.  This is a skill that will be taught and reinforced throughout the rest of the year.

In Daily 5, we finished up another round of literature circles where we applied all of the comprehension skills we have learned this year.  Your children are learning to think while they read mens cartier bracelets
and carry on conversations about their books.  We will be learning specific skills next week to help us read and understand non-fiction.

Our research projects are still going!  The children are anxious to get started on their presentation boards.  Thank you for sending those in to class.  I can’t wait to see the final products.

Thank you to Honey’s mom for being our mystery reader this week.

Please remember that the Family Trees are due this Monday on February 6th.  Each packet included a rubric that explains how the projects will be graded.  It’s been fabulous hearing about fake cartier bracelets
some of their research.  I know this is a hard project but I promise they have learned all about your families…and maybe you have even learned a little too!

Speaking of immigration, our unit is coming to a close.  They have really loved learning about how our country has grown.  We have watched videos, had a lot of discussions, and even ‘immigrated’ ourselves.  We packed up our ‘bags’, boarded the ship with our passports, endured the 90 day journey, and made mens cartier bracelets
it through Ellis Island.  Our next unit will be on biographies of Famous Inventors.  The project will be almost completely school based and end with our Inventor Museum.  I will let you know the date ASAP!

Our math unit has been on Money.  We have talked about how to write amounts, how to make change,  add money, and subtract money.  This will come in handy cartier bracelets at the end of the year bracelet replica cartier when we have our economics unit and class flea market.

We are still working on our grammar unit and how all of these rules and skills apply to our writing.  We had a publishing party and shared our awesome personal narratives.  You can check them out on their blogs.  Our next writing piece will be Responding to Reading.

The children have been continuing to blog.  Please remember their posts are authentic and will change as they grow and learn.  It is becoming a much easier process to log on and post.  Fast learners!

Thank you so much to our ‘surprise’ reader Eli Z’s mom!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break.  It was fantastic having the children for a solid week.  We were able to get so much accomplished!

We wrapped up our Native American unit and the research presentations are posted on your child's blog.  Thank you Ms. Hallett for helping us post those!  They came out super cute and the children are proud.  You will find they are authentically 2nd grade.  The children were introduced to the process of researching, choosing specific information, writing it in their own words, and creating a project.  We are starting our new unit on Maps this week.

The children have been learning about multiplication and division.  I am teaching them to understand the process of each skill before they memorize the facts.  We have also been working on solving word problems with these skills.  We draw a picture to help us understand the problems.  It's tricky!

We are on the home stretch of our personal narratives.  After multiple drafts, revisions, and conferences, some of us have hit the editing stage.  We are looking for punctuation, capitalization, and spelling in our own writing and our friends.  Almost like a detective!

Thank you to Nina's mom for being our mystery reader!

We had a busy week!  The excitement of Thanksgiving is definitely in the air.  Please remember we have VIP day on Tuesday afternoon from 1:30-3:30.  We will have some Thanksgiving crafts and a STEAM activity set up to enjoy with our very important person.  We wish you a fabulous Thanksgiving full of family and good food.

We finished up our unit on weight and started a new unit on multiplication.  We learned exactly what the numbers in our multiplication problems stand for.  The students practiced making groups, arrays, and skip counting to find the answers.  Then we practiced with some fun multiplication games.

We continued to practice making text to self and text to text connections using our 'schema' during Daily 5.  This past week was spent making text to text connections with different versions of The Three Little Pigs.  We also worked on comparing and contrasting the two versions.  A lot of the children mentioned they had different versions at home...please send them in if they would like to share them!

Our 'in-school' field trip was a success.  Jim Sawgrass and his son came to our school to educate us about how Native Americans in the south eastern region of the country lived.   We were able to see;  real animal skins, see clothing made from these skins, weapons and utensils made from all the different parts of the animal, hear authentic native american music, and watch exciting and colorful tribal dances.  At the end he showed us how the spears and arrows worked when they are shot.  We also had the chance to have native american face painting.  It was awesome!

Thank you so much to Avner's mom for being our mystery reader this week.

We have been working through regrouping with addition and subtraction.  It's especially tricky when there is a zero involved.  Please continue to practice basic addition and subtraction math facts to 20 at home.

Our writing skills continue to improve with Writer's Workshop.  We are currently working on adding more details to our writing to give the reader a good picture of what our story is about.   This week we will be working with adjectives to make our writing even better!

We have started to explore the Native Americans.  The children are getting an idea of what it was like to live as an Eastern Woodland, Pueblo, Plains, and Northwest Pacific Native American.  This week they will choose a group of Native Americans they will research.  The goal is to become the teacher and teach the class everything they learn.

The children have been awesome at managing their time during Daily 5.  Our list for this work is 'am'.  It's fantastic to see them brainstorming both small and large words with 'am' nestled inside the word.   Our current whole group comprehension skill is finding the main idea of a story.

Thank you so much to Chloe's mom for being our mystery reader this week!!

 A productive week in 2nd grade!  We are continuing to work hard, establish our routine, and get cruising on our curriculum before the holidays start in October.

We are finishing up our unit on government this week.  We are concluding the unit with a STEAM project (Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math).  The children were placed into groups and each were given a specific job.  This was intended to simulate some of our government jobs and working together as a government.  We had leaders, citizens, smaller tasks, etc.  Each student had to stick to their job, they had to follow the rules of other members of their teams, and they had to work together.  Extremely hard tasks for kids...and for adults!  A lot of confusion, arguing (just like when they made the Constitution!), breaking of rules, etc.  Most groups settled into their jobs and created an amazing final project.  Others simply gave up and did things on their own.  It was a lesson on government, cooperation, patience, respect, and many more skills.  Here are the pictures of our groups building.

In Singapore math, we worked on two and three digit addition and subtraction without renaming (regrouping).  This week we will be working on two and three digit addition with renaming.  Please continue to work on memorizing basic math facts to make the more complicated problems a bit easier.

Our personal narratives are in the first phase of the writing process.  We have made mind movies of our stories, sketched our ideas, and have written the very beginnings of what will be a long revision process.


Thank you to everyone who came out for our Back to School night.  I was only able to talk briefly about the amazing things we will do this year.  I will share on our blog as the year progresses.  Here is the link for my presentation from that night.

DAILY 5 during Read to Self and our weekly spelling pattern.

Thank you to our first mystery reader, Natalie Dayan!