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Look What’s Happening in 2nd Grade Math

      Second grade has been very busy with learning exciting and creative ways to add and subtract. We are using the Singapore Math curriculum which is new to me this year. I spent two days in math training and learned all about strategies that help all students compute and really understand math concepts. Singapore Math focuses on mastery instead of memorization. The small island country of Singapore ranked in the top three in fourth and eighth grade math scores, while the United States ranked ninth and eleventh respectively. The goal is for children to perform well because they have a deeper understanding of the concept instead of studying to pass a test. 

      In our second grade class, the students are playing with different types of manipulatives each day in order to strengthen their math skills. For instance, this past week they used "VersaTiles" which involve solving problems with puzzle pieces. If their answers are not correct, then the puzzle pieces will not fit and the answers need to be recalculated. They have really enjoyed the challenge and some look for more difficult puzzles immediately after finishing their classwork. 

     As for homework, I usually send two pages of math or grammar home each night. Your children should be reading out loud to an adult or to themselves for at least 20 minutes each night. I encourage you to listen to them read every night and ask a few comprehension questions. 
     Please email me with any concerns about your child and I look forward to seeing you at Open House at 7:00 pm on Oct. 24 and also at parent-teacher conferences on November 1st. I will email you that schedule as soon as it is available.